If you're concerned about finishing the show season as strong and healthy as you started, consider these on-farm and on-site maintenance options from TEVA. We bring you the most technologically-advanced treatment options of any Northern Virginia equine veterinary practice, including hospital and other mobile practices.

Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator: Preserve soundness throughout the show season with objective baseline computerized gait analysis compared seasonally to detect problems before they happen. Accurate mapping of gait patterns allows for minor adjustments to improve performance. Recommended 1-2 times a year. $105 for baseline evaluation.

Gastroscopy: The only way to definitively diagnose gastric ulcers. With often elusive symptoms, gastric ulcers remain a significant threat to performance. Don't medicate on a whim when we can scope and know for sure. Introductory price of $375 includes sedation and scoping on the farm.

StableLab Serum Amyloid A (SAA): Outstanding stall-side blood test for detecting infection before body temperature rises. Able to discriminate between leg infection or stocking-up, lung infection or heaves. Never compete when you have doubts. 
$48 per test.

PRO-STRIDE ACP or PRP:  Peak performance without steroids. On-site, one-step treatment for joint inflammation. Natural and better than steroids, your horse's blood is centrifuged on-site, super concentrated, and administered directly into inflamed joints. Clinically demonstrated pain relief with a single injection. Not limited like steroids for total body dose or number of joints treated. Approximately $550 for 1-2 joints, $900 for 3-4 joints. 

Gluteal and Hamstring Injections:  Blend of Pentosan and Insulin to relieve pain and promote local healing. $70 per injection site.

VersaTron Shockwave: Non-invasive, high-energy pressure wave treatment to help relieve pain, speed healing, and improve the quality of healing. Sore backs, proximal suspensories, tendon and ligament strains, non-healing wounds, and hocks are all common mid-season maintenance sites. $325-$525 depending on sites selected and pulses used.

Therapeutic Laser and Ultrasound: The ultimate in portable therapy. Rent a laser or wearable ultrasound for a week or two during your toughest events. Cordless, portable, and rentable to be kept on-farm for daily use. This laser optimizes the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate healing and reduce pain. $125 per week rental.

Acupuncture: For immediate pain relief, mobility, and healing. Starts at $120.

Pentosan, Adequan, Equioxx, Legend, Polyglycan, and Osphos.
Competitive prices vary.

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