Lydia Mulkey
January 9, 2018

Today I have stared and stared at the computer screen waiting for brilliant words to slip from my brain, down my arms, through my fingertips and onto that vacant, white page. Well, it never happened. I thought to myself, “Self, what has inspired you lately?” Nothing leapt to mind. I said, “What is a great trouble in the world right now to which I have a meaningful response?” I drew a blank. I thought, “What about books I’ve read from which I could draw a topic?” Nothing excited me.

I have so many of these days where I struggle with the identity of being a “spiritual” person when I feel so ordinary and uninspired. You see, today is just an ordinary day of ordinary things. I woke up, drank my coffee, warmed my breakfast, tidied up the apartment, went to a meeting, and carried on with my work. Given my dilemma, I decided to search the internet for “God in the ordinary.” I found a lovely little article from Fr. Peter-Michael Preble in which he said, “The spiritual life is not that difficult. We make it difficult. All we need do is to look at the ordinary in our lives and see how we can make this an offering to God.”
So as my ordinary day continues, I will make dinner with my partner as an offering of gratitude for the life God has given me with her. I will go to a meeting about the church, which I do out of love of God’s people. I will go home and make myself tea, and I will sip it as I offer my gratitude to God for all the beauty of this ordinary day.

Oh God, for the simple, ordinary pleasures of morning coffee, weekly routines, and evening commutes we give you thanks. We offer our moments to you in gratitude and praise. Amen.