District STEAM Team in Action
STEAM Presenters Kerri Palmer & Eddie Nemec
Dr. Kerri Palmer and Mr. Eddie Nemec recently presented at the Georgia STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Conference in Athens, Georgia.  The duo discussed how to implement 3D printing and K-12 project-based learning.  Dr. Palmer, who is a STEAM teacher at Gainesville Exploration Academy, shared her experiences and success with implementing 3D modeling and explained how to integrate STEAM-based lessons and 3D printing projects within a curriculum. Dr. Palmer also provided training on how to utilize Tinkercad, a free online 3D modeling program. Eddie Nemec, GCSS Director of STEAM, shared information on operating 3D printers and  explained how to correlate standards in all subject areas to 3D printing.  Mr. Nemec and Dr. Palmer have both been instrumental in the success of the STEAM program implemented within the Gainesville City school district.
The district is leading the way with the implementation of STEAM-based classrooms and strives to incorporate interdisciplinary and real world connections in math and science.  Our STEAM program provides rigorous, integrated academic achievement tailored to fostering critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.  Students engage in challenging activities designed to enhance cognitive proficiency through the use of state-of -the-art technology, project-based learning, and group collaboration. Students are empowered to think "outside of the box" and are challenged to  utilize their vivid imaginations.
Through the district's STEAM program, students are becoming innovators of the future by engaging in opportunities such as K-12 robotics programs, After-school Lego Robotics and Engineering Clubs, Makerspace classroom in the Ninth Grade Center, and VEX Robotics courses at Gainesville High School.





NJROTC Annual Military Inspection
Gainesville High School NJROTC
The GHS NJROTC completed its Annual Military Inspection on Friday, October 23rd at the GHS Ninth Grade Center gymnasium.  141 cadets participated in the annual inspection to showcase their personal pride and collective teamwork developed throughout the year.  The inspection included areas such as Uniform Personnel Inspection, Performing and Marching in the Pass In Review as well as an inspection of all spaces such as the Supply Section, Administration Section, Financials and Armory.

The cadets and their instructors LCDR. Ray Hatfield and MSgt. Jack Reese sacrificed  a lot of time and effort in preparation for the inspection which was conducted by Area-12 Manager Commander Rustie Hibbard.  For several weeks, the cadets worked diligently in perfecting every detail of their inspection which involved two stages.  Stage 1 involved the Key Personnel learning the ceremonial script and included the Battalion Commanding Officer (Michelle Nguyen), Commander of Troops (Ambar Villatoro), Company Commander (Aline Vazquez), Platoon Commanders (Claudia Velazquez, Jack Lam, Fernando DeLa Vega, Tyler Truong), Guide-On bearers, (Phong Giang, Luz Acosta, Luis Osorio, Steven Ong, Talisa Soto), Squad Leaders, and the Armed and Unarmed Exhibition Drill Teams.  During this stage, cadets practiced after school every day for two weeks to perfect conducting the ceremony and to showcase their skills and precision.  Stage 2 involved every cadet in the unit preparing their uniforms and shining their shoes (and brass) to perfection. 

LCDR. Ray Hatfield stated, "These cadets work extremely hard to make this program successful.  This includes personal physical athletics, school and ROTC academics, team sports within the ROTC and for the school as well as all the pressures of their home lives.  These are students who have stood out in all facets within this program, Gainesville City School System, and the community."   

The time and effort spent preparing for the event was well worth it.  Area-12 Manager Commander Hibbard said that it was the best Overall Inspection and Pass In Review Ceremony that he had seen all year and that he doubted if anyone could outshine Gainesville.  Several cadets earned 16 Personal Appearance Awards, and those earning awards were William Turcios, Uyen Huynh, Anahi Sesmas, Yesil Romero, Mirta Jimenez, Atzryi Ramirez, Juan Alfaro, Tavia Lord, Claudia Velazquez, Melissa Ahedo, Elias Alfaro, Sandy Reyes, Tyra Newton, Kristina Le, Steven Ong, and Fernando De La Vega.

MSgt. Jack Reese stated. "I am so proud of each and every one of these young adults and cadets.  The work they have put into this program is second to none and it showed during the Annual Military Inspection.  As always, it feels good to be apart of the Big Red Family." 

There is no doubt that this outstanding group of cadets will utilize their skills and work ethics after graduating high school and entering into the real world.  LCDR. Hatfield stated, "Their accomplishments are highly regarded and will ensure their work ethic and leadership carry into their future such as the military, college, or job market. "  He concluded by stating, "I am deeply honored to be in their presence every day.  They understand what it takes to be successful.  The BIG RED MACHINE will continue progressing, and I am glad to be a part of it."

  Elementary Schools begin First Tee Program
Students participate in First Tee Program
The school district has implemented its first elementary physical education program, integrating high school sports into elementary physical education curriculum.  Billy Kirk, Director of Athletics and Student Activities, has communicated the program's initiatives with all elementary principals and physical education teachers and will provide resources and support to the schools in this new venture. 

Students will have the opportunity to learn various sports that would typically be unfamiliar to them. Sport introductions are already scheduled during the upcoming months to allow students to learn about winter and spring sports. Mr. Kirk stated, "I am excited for our kids and our sports programs to immerse our students in a different experience than the usual routines." 

During the week of October 26th - 30th, elementary schools introduced golf instruction to students utilizing the First Tee curriculum and equipment provided for each of the schools. All elementary physical education teachers participated in the First Tee training this past summer and have been provided with a course introduction and a planning guide for the program. Gainesville High School golf coaches Bryson Worley and Clay McDonald visited schools throughout the week to assist physical education teachers and to work with students on understanding game rules and techniques.

The goal of the First Tee Program is to immerse students into an unfamiliar area of sport (golf), while also teaching the students about fine/gross motor skills, lifetime sporting opportunities, and living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.

     GHS Homecoming Highlights
GHS Homecoming 2015

Gainesville High School was brimming with excitement during Homecoming Week.  Throughout the week, GHS students dressed according to specific themes each day to show their school spirit.  As part of the festivities, students created floats for the annual homecoming parade which included the homecoming court representatives, cheerleaders, football players, the band,  and club representatives.  At the pep rally, the cheerleaders led the student body in chants and cheers, and the Red Elephant football team went on to defeat Cedar Shoals in the homecoming game which featured a halftime show highlighting the homecoming court class representatives. To conclude the week's festivities, students attended the homecoming dance with the theme entitled "Roll Out the Red Carpet".  Overall, it was a fun-filled week, and students proudly showed their Big Red Pride! 

ESPLOST (Educational Special-purpose Local Option Sales Tax) is a financing method for funding capital outlay projects in the state of Georgia.  It is an optional 1% sales tax levied by any city/county for the purpose of funding the building of schools and other projects.  ESPLOST has provided the Gainesville City School System with over $100 million for new schools and renovations and has funded the following projects: Ninth Grade Center Renovation, New Fair Street IB World School, New Gainesville Middle School, Gainesville Exploration Academy, New Holland Knowledge Academy, Gainesville High Main Building, Gainesville High New Gym, Gainesville High Performing Arts Center, new gym floors and roofs at Centennial Arts Academy and Enota MI Academy, and a new roof at the former Wood's Mill facility.  The continuation of ESPLOST would provide many benefits for students in Gainesville. Proposed projects include:
  • Construction of New Schools
  • Additional Classrooms and Instructional Support Space
  • Instructional and Administrative Technology
  • New School Buses
  • New Textbooks and Instructional, Vocational, and Physical Education Equipment
  • New Safety and Security Equipment
  • Incurred Bond Debt Payments
What are the FAQs about ESPLOST?
  • No new sales tax
  • An extension of the current sales tax, not an additional tax
  • Renewal Education Sales Tax starts after current sales tax ends
  • Sales tax is paid by everyone who shops in Gainesville/Hall County including visitors
  • Provide modern, safe and secure school facilities for Gainesville/Hall County children
  • Quality schools promote a better future for our students and economic growth for our community.

The ESPLOST referendum will be on the November 3rd ballot. Click  on the ESPLOST video to view additional information regarding how the 1% sales tax  has benefitted Gainesville City School System.


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