Networking is one of the biggest keys to success for all business owners. Having a comprehensive business plan and a storefront are important, but without an established network of potential investors, marketers and consumers, getting that business started might present a challenge. Luckily making new connections today is much faster and easier with the help of online platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But which is best suited for business owners?

LinkedIn, the most popular professional networking site, connects employers to a wide variety of job candidates. Although it is helpful, LinkedIn struggles with filtering out some of its content to its users who don’t necessarily use if for employment purposes. Like LinkedIn, Alignable is a free service that allows you to create a profile containing graphics/pictures, a short description of your company, and the products/services offered. However, the main difference is that you can connect with local small business owners and recommend one another to users on the network. This site seeks to be a place that business owners can find support and unbiased advice to help overcome the isolation that often accompanies running a small business. 

Giving other businesses referrals is beneficial to all parties involved, creating overall economic prosperity; and it only takes a few simple clicks. Alignable also allows business owners to post blogs about changes in services/products, upcoming events, or memorable daily interactions with customers. In the Havertown area alone, there are currently 65 businesses using Alignable with over 370 connections made. For more information, visit