Monday's are great days to take advantage of unique and exclusive specials.  This Monday, we have Hawaiian Kanpachi Collar Off Fillets for $12.95/lb along with Whole Weight Fillet Jumbo Black Sea Bass for $4.99/lb and Dried Plums, buy 1 case get 1 free.
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Hawaiian Kanpachi
Raised in Kona, Hawaii
Sashimi Quality
Collar off Fillets

Tonight's Price: $12.95/lb

Wild Alaska 
Sockeye Salmon
Skin on Fillets
Tonight's Price: $9.99/lb
Green "Best Choice" Rating
Oncorhynchus nerka
Wild, USA
Gillnet,Troll Caught
Skin off FIllets
Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative" Rating
Pollachius virens
Wild, Massachusetts
Bottom Trawl Caught

Black Sea Bass
Whole Weight Fillet
Tonight's Price: $4.99/lb
Green "Best Choice" Rating
Centropristis striata
Wild, Massachusetts
Pot Trap Caught


Baby Italian Octopus
Fresh "Pulpo"
From the Mediterranean

Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Italian Spearing
Wild Caught
Tiny Silver Fish

Tonight's Price:  $13.99/lb

Wild Alaska 
King Salmon

Whole Fish: $11.99/lb
Skin On Fillets: $17.99/lb
Silk Pargo Snapper
Fillets Cut from 
6 lb and Up Fish

Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb

Orange Roughy
Caught Off New Zealand
Skin Off Fillets

Tonight's Price: $9.95/lb
Dried Plums
Buy 1 Case, Get 1 Free
Grown in Spain

Tonight's Price: $19.99/case
Fresh Lamb Racks
Border Springs Farm Lamb
From Virginia

Tonight's Price: $21.75/lb
South African 
Lobster Tails
5-6 oz G Tails

Tonight's Price: $27.99/lb
Spanish Turbot
Whole 4-6 lb Fish

Tonight's Price: $11.49/lb
Premium Sturgeon 
8 oz. Units

Tonight's Price: $185.00/each
Fish Filleting Knives
Wide Blade, 8 Inch Length
Showcase Your Skills!

Tonight's Price: $22.99/ea
California Uni
210 Gram Unit
Buttery & Smooth
Tonight's Price: $56.99/each
Oyster of the Evening
Sea Sirens
From Massachusetts
Tonight's Price: $0.99/each
Petite Jumbo Crabmeat
Blu Brand
Pasteurized Chinese Crabmeat

Tonight's Price: $12.99/lb
Mako Loins
Caught off New England Coast
Get Ready for Shark Week!
Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb
Brazilian Fish Ribs
"Pacu Ribs"
15 lb Frozen Case
Tonight's Price: $9.95/lb
Shima Aji
Whole Fish from Japan
Sashimi Quality
Tonight's Price: $12.99/lb

Fresh Trim
Boneless, House Cut

Salmon Trim: $1.00/lb
Chowderfish:  $.10/lb
Baby Peeled Shrimp
150/Up, Undeveined
USA Shrimp.  5 lb Units

Tonight's Price: $1.99/lb

Shishito Peppers
Hints of Heat
1/2 Bushel Case
Tonight's Price: $37.99/case
Abalone Mushrooms
Velvety & Buttery
3 lb Units

Tonight's Price: $11.99/lb
Enoki Mushrooms
Mild with a Nice Crunch
3 lb Units

Tonight's Price: $3.59/lb

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