Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church

5:15-6:30 PM All Church Meal (Chicken Noodle Casserole, Salad, Bread, Dessert; Adults/Teens: $3.50, Kids Older Than 3: $2.50, $12.00 Fam Max) - Bldg D- FH
6:00 PM Kids' Choirs (Bldg A/C), Breakaway (fine arts class for middle school)
6:45-8:05 PM
AWANA (6:45-8:10) (A/C/D), Rite of Passage (for 6th graders) (D), Men's Bible Study (E), Women's Bible Studies(E), Celebration Choir (D) Newly-wed/Nearly-wed Bible Life Class (E)
6:45-8:30 PM 7th - 12th Grade Bible Study and Worship
Living Life from a New Source
Personal Growth Conference

Bill Loveless will lead men and women in this conference on how we are deeply resourced to live the life marked out for us.  This conference is free, but a love offering basket will be available.  Child care available but must register by Thursday, Jan 25 at 2 PM !  
Continental breakfast items and coffee available starting at 8:30 AM.  Come even if you can't stay until 11:30 AM.

More info: david@hayshills.com              Register today !
Begins February 11.
An overview to understand the flow of the Old Testament, and a sampling to unlock the treasures of God's Word. (13 weeks) Childcare available if registered.  No cost.

Details at hayshills.com/pinewood
Adult Bible Life Class for late risers - meets at noon on Sundays in Building E - join us!

Lunch with Pastor Aaron 
January 28, Noon, Bldg D, Fellowship Hall (down the hall from the Sanctuary)
RSVPs are needed, please email  jennifer@hayshills.com

Core Beliefs Class for New Members with Pastor Aaron
January 31, 6:45 pm, Building E, Classroom E-2 (Building E is located at the back of the campus, behind Building D - Worship Center)
RSVPs are not needed, but please email  aaron@hayshills.com if you need more information or have questions.
Baptisms will be Sunday, January 28, in both services.  If you are interested in being baptized, please contact Pastor Aaron or David - aaron@hayshills.com - david@hayshills.com
Super Basics class starts this Sunday, January28 at 10:45 a.m. in E-3

Super Basics is a four week class for beginners in the faith on how we got the Bible and the basics of the faith.  david@hayshills.com for info.
Skate Party - RSVP here! rop@hayshills.com

Parents' Night Out! -- Sign up here! tinyurl.com/hhbcpno2018

Women's Ministry will be serving other ministries in February - plan to join us! 
Contact Kris at undmotis@gmail.com to find out how you can help.

Mark your calendar for the Women's Spa Night on March 24, from 7-9 p.m.  Sign up here!

Discipleship and Education
David Sweet

Some is better than none!
If you have to leave early from the conference this Saturday, you will still gain a lot!  So still please come anyway!  I'll fill you in on what you missed.   (It starts at  9 AM  and ends at  11:30 AM. We must have registration by tomorrow at 2 PM if you need child care.  
Also, if you get here a little hungry, we'll have some continental breakfast items and "Duane Pfluger-specialty" coffee starting at 8:30 and available all morning.
Many of you heard Bill Loveless speak briefly in the services last Sunday.  He barely touched on his testimony and you will get to hear it all this Saturday and be introduced to THE life offered to us, as opposed to A life.
Our Noon class taught by Cameron and Gilda Moore is growing but still has room for more.  14 were present last Sunday!  It meets in Bldg. E.
If you and your family aren't in Bible Study on a weekly basis-there are eternal goods that you are missing.  Contact me now if you need a list and description of the classes we offer on Sunday mornings: david@hayshills.com  512-295-3132, ext. 23.

THANKS to Carpenter's Helpers: Gerald Shirey, Duane Pfluger, Blaine Fehrenbacher, Ralph Edwards and Tony Norris for helping me move a widow into a home.
Children's Ministry News
Shelley McDaid

The highlight of my week last week was AWANA. Despite low attendance from weather and sickness, we gave out many awards. One of our Sparks girls earned her Sparky award, which means she has completed all 3 Sparks handbooks.  One of our T&T boys who just began attending last year completed his 2nd book, earning him the Excellence award. He is working toward the goal of completing his 3rd book by the end of the year. Many of our other T&T kids earned awards as well and are motivated to continue to complete sections in their books. 

I am thankful for the leaders who invest their time connecting with and coaching the kids during handbook time.  I am thankful for the ministry of AWANA that helps kids get Scripture in their heads and hearts, allowing them to recall God's truth when they need it.

We have other fun things coming up in Children's Ministry! Be sure to visit  hayshills.com/childrensevents to see all the upcoming events!

Tim Snowden

CLC News
Mitzi Hudgins

What a beautiful day today is!    We thank God for allowing the children at CLC have the opportunity to be able to run outside and play while they are at CLC!    It is so important to get that fresh air in their lungs!    This week I would like to introduce you to the teachers of our Giraffes class, Bonnie Rohde and Denise Thornton!    They have been teaching together in Pre-K for 12 years!    This week the children have been learning about the Arctic and polar animals.    They had fun "ice fishing", building with "ice blocks, playing in an igloo, and learning about penguins!    In chapel they learned about Jesus's 12 disciples and also about the fruit of the spirit.    May you be blessed this week!  
Student Ministry
Greg Burney

Student ministry has had a great few weeks! Our winter retreat was a great time together as we had a total of 62 students sign up to attend! Kudos to our students for taking the challenge to invite friends to join us and hear the Gospel throughout the weekend! We had a great weekend laughing and playing together as well as spending 4 sessions in God's word!

Thanks to everyone who supported the HHSM Taco Lunch this past Sunday! It was a huge success and we very much appreciate you all! Our students did a great job preparing and serving food to well over 200 people! We are blessed to have a great church family!

Please continue to pray for HHSM as we continue to seek to spread the Gospel message to students in our community!

Upcoming HHSM Events:
February 4 th - High School Super Bowl Party
February 9 th -10 th - Buda Ninja Warrior
March 12 th -16 th - Super Sports Camp! (Formerly Super Hoops)
From Pastor Aaron

I was nervous boarding my flight. I knew that shortly after it landed I'd be engaged in one of the most difficult conversations in my life. I tucked my bag in the overhead compartment and began reading my bible. My reading was more out of anxious energy than spiritual discipline. As one of the stewardesses made her pass through the cabin she bent down and whispered in my ear, "My favorite verse is Exodus 14:14." Now, I'm anxious and have a bible in my hands, so what else am I going to do? I turn to Exodus 14:14 and read, "The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent."

That word was spoken by God to Moses, but in that moment, God spoke that word through a stewardess to my anxious heart. In an instant my perspective had changed with the gentle reminder that God was with me. He cared about the conversation that was about to take place and instead of sending an angel to remind me, he sent a stewardess.

She could have easily kept walking up the aisle without pausing to encourage me with a verse of Scripture. If she had, I wonder how different my life might be. But she took 15 seconds to whisper in my ear and God used that simple act of obedience to calm my anxious heart.

It's my prayer that each of us would be looking this week for windows, even just 15 second windows, to encourage others with God's word. You never know what God might do. Instead of sending an angel, God may be sending you.

Prayer Updates

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Jason Reeves in the birth of their son, Maxwell Alexander Reeves, on Friday!

Scott and Becky Placke are in Central Texas on furlough from Tanzania. Pray for rest and their encouragement. They'll be sharing with us on April 22nd.
1/27 9:00 AM
Morning seminar: Living Life from a New Source. ( tinyurl.com/hhbcliving18)
1/28 Both Services
12:00 PM

2:00 PM
4:30 PM
Lunch with Pastor Aaron
(Please RSVP - jennifer@hayshills.com)
Rite of Passage Skate Party (rop@hayshills.com)
Administration Committee Meeting
1/31 6:45 PM Core Beliefs with Pastor Aaron, Bldg E
2/3 5:00 PM Silver Servants' Valentine Banquet, featuring Geoff Shaffer
2/9 6:30 PM Buda Ninja Warrior Student Youth Rally - budaninja.com
(Waiver Required)
2/10 10:30 AM
1:00 PM
5:00 PM
Drive-Through Prayer
Buda Ninja Warrior - budaninja.com
Parents' Night Out - tinyurl.com/hhbcpno218
Silver Servants travel to Gaither Vocal Band Concert
(RSVP and Tickets - tim@hayshills.com)
2/24 9:00 AM Pinewood Derby for All

Budget Information: 
Budget Needed (2018) - $953,964.00
Received YTD - $55,419.10