Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church
Core Beliefs Class for New Members with Pastor Aaron
August 2, 6:45 pm, Building E, Classroom E-2 (Building E is located at the back of the campus, behind Building D - Worship Center)
RSVPs are not needed, but please email aaron@hayshills.com if you need more information or have questions.
This is the second-step after attending the lunch with the pastor.  But you can attend this and then attend the lunch next month.  The third step is signing the church covenant and then baptism, if you have not been baptized, and finally the church welcomes you officially.  

We rejoice in the new members the Lord is giving us!  Over 50 attended the new members lunch in June and over 30 in July! 

Contact David at david@hayshills.com to let him know you and your family can greet visitors in the parking lot.  Commitment ranges from one Sunday a month, or more or less (every other month, for example), whatever works best for your schedule.  

We would love to have some youth with their parents serving together in this area!

Pastor Dawa spoke to us last Sunday about his remarkable testimony of being saved while he served as a body guard to the Dali Lama.  He now reaches the unreached population of the Himalayan region, including training for pastors and young believers.  Our Missions Possible offering goes, in part, to support his work.  Mark your envelope: "Missions Possible".

Missions: Possible helps support the following:  
Himalayan Ministry, Children's Hope Chest Ethiopia, Village of Hope Uganda, Annie Armstrong Missions Offering, Help One Now Haiti, South Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, Adoption and Orphan Ministry, and other ministry activities.

Each of these options will be  video-based classes with lots of discussion after each video lesson.  Sign up today!

Women's Sessions - Wednesday Nights
6:45 p.m.

Men's Sessions - Wednesday Nights
6:45 p.m.

Co-Ed Sessions - Sunday Afternoons

The Lord's Supper will be observed this Sunday, 
August 6 in both morning services.
Next Members' Meeting is August 13 at 6 p.m.

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Children's News
by Shelley McDaid

It is hard to believe that it is August already! We've had a fun summer!

Our fall Children's activities will begin  August 27th and August 30thAugust 27th is Promotion  Sunday, where most children will transition up to the next grade level or age group Bible Life class. I am looking for Bible Life teachers for kinder and first grade during the  9:30 hour beginning  August 27th. These teachers will teach every other  Sunday. If you are interested in teaching, contact me. We provide very thorough curriculum.

And then, AWANA starts back up  August 30th at 6:45 ! We need lots of volunteers to make AWANA a success! We are having a training/Q&A lunch on  Sunday, August 13th  following the  10:45  service. Anyone interested in serving is welcome to attend.
by David Sweet

We have 40 mentors for new believers, 30 of which have been trained so far.  We now have 12 mentors assigned to new believers!  There's nothing more exciting than seeing a new believer learn and grow in his/her new identity in Christ!
We have Outreach leaders, In-reach leaders and Fellowship leaders and more for almost all of our Sunday morning adult Bible Life classes.  We have done ministry and hospitality well, but we have to be organized so folks don't fall through the cracks! 

August 20 4:30 PM  Mentor make-up orientation.  (Bldg. D fellowship)
   6:00 PM  Bible Life Teachers and Leaders meeting  (Bldg. D fellowship)
"I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not retract anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. I cannot do otherwise, here I stand, may God help me, Amen."  Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms (1521)
Our classes on the Reformation feature video teaching by Stephen Nichols, who does a great job explaining the Reformation: What happened?  Why?  What difference did it make?  (Wednesday nights starting August 30 and Sunday afternoons starting September 10.)

From Pastor Aaron

What an encouraging weekend. On Sunday we heard powerful testimonies from some of our students about how God was at work in their lives at camp: calling them to greater obedience and to salvation! 

We also had the privilege to hear from Pastor Dawa about the work being done in Nepal and Bhutan. The cost of following Jesus in a predominately Buddhist culture is high, yet the kingdom of God continues to expand amidst persecution. You can invest in the work being done by Pastor Dawa and a host of other missionaries and ministries by giving to our Missions Possible offering.

To top it off, we had more than 30 prospective members at our lunch on Sunday! 

David Gill was on hand to take pictures and welcome our guests. Our fellowship team, headed by Kathey Henley, welcomed them with the hospitality of Christ and made them feel right at home. Thanks to Anita Stubblefield, Billy Rose, Carolyn Wirth, Duane Pflueger, Linda Hewitt, and the rest of the team who labored to love our guests well.

Would you do me a simple favor this Sunday? On your way to church, pray about where to sit. Ask God to show you those who might need to be welcomed, those who might need to be encouraged, those who might need someone to rejoice with them. If you're like me we so easily become creatures of habit, sitting in the same spot every Sunday. But if you'll do me the simple favor of praying about where to sit on Sunday, you'll be a blessing to God's people and I guarantee it'll make your time in worship even more powerful.

Prayer Updates

Pastor Luis Lara "Glory of Christ" Church in Green Pastures area of Kyle, as they reach many working class people with the gospel.

Terry Parker is going to Athens Greece on August 5th for a short term mission trip, working with a local churches and missionaries in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslim refugees. 

James Wilke's has hospice care at Legend Oaks.  He has chosen only pain management at this point since the cancer has spread.

Russell Turner, Pamela Munnerlyn's cousin, was in a terrible accident.  Please pray for God's healing touch on both Russell and his sweet family. He needs to experience God's healing in a miraculous way. 

Mark and Karen Stones's niece, Ava (7 years old), has been diagnosed with cancer. Please be in prayer for their family.  Prayers for peace and healing are much appreciated.

George McNiel recovering from pneumonia, now in rehab to gain strength.

Jean McFarland diagnosed with Cervical Spine Disc Disease. (or degenerative disc disease.) She is going through some physical therapy and hopes to avoid surgery.

Virginia Turner is mostly home due to back issues and has round-the-clock care. Call her at 512-295-2702.

Earlyn Bowles is home-bound and deals with pain.  She has round-the-clock care.
Call her at 512-295-7884.

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