Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church

5:15-6:30 PM All Church Meal (Ham Sandwich with Cheese, Chips, Salad, & Dessert. Adults/Teens: $3.50, Kids Older Than 3: $2.50, $12.00 Fam Max) - Bldg D- FH
6:00 PM Kids' Choirs (Bldg A/C), (Breakaway (fine arts class grades 6-12) will start 9/6)
6:45-8:05 PM
AWANA (6:45-8:10) (A/C/D), Rite of Passage (for 6th graders) (D), Men's Bible Study (E), Women's Bible Study (E), Celebration Choir (D)
6:45-8:30 PM 7th - 12th Grade Bible Study and Worship
Wednesday Night Meal, Children's Choir, HHSM School Year Schedule, AWANA, Bible Studies start tonight!  
Celebration Choir Rehearsal tonight, as well.  Breakaway starts 9/6.

Women's Bible Studies this Fall
Wednesday Evening Bible Study starts August 30 - tinyurl.com/hhwm0830
Wednesday Morning Bible Study starts September 13 - tinyurl.com/hhwm913

A weeknight Bible Life class will be starting September 12th led by Aaron and Lindsay Kahler from their home at 8 PM.  The group will be for newly- and nearly-marrieds and meet weekly on Tuesday evenings.  Good Bible teaching, discussion and encouragement for marriages belonging to Christ.  Spread the word to nearly- and newlyweds you know!  ("newly-wed" can apply to anyone married 0-5 years for our purposes, but we're flexible.)  Contact aaron@hayshills.com for more information.

September 10 at 10:45  our largest class, Believers, led by Ken Rector, is sponsoring a new class from their class!  This new class will be taught by Jeff Hudgins and is for men and women of all ages.  Jeff is a student of the Bible, and has a love for all of God's Word.  Jeff takes to heart that all scripture is relevant to our daily lives. Because of that he brings current events and trends into Bible Study to equip believers to be aware of, and to engage, the culture for Christ.  He also injects humor so that we don't take ourselves too seriously!
New Adult Bible Life classes starting soon!


Core Beliefs Class for New Members with Pastor Aaron
6:45 pm, Building E, Classroom E-2 (Building E is located at the back of the campus, behind Building D - Worship Center)
RSVPs are not needed, but please email  aaron@hayshills.com if you need more information or have questions.

The next Lunch with Pastor Aaron will be September 24.  RSVPs will be needed, please email jennifer@hayshills.com
Women - you are invited!
Sign up for what you are bringing here!
Let us know you're coming here!

How can you help following the recent catastrophic events?

Where can you donate?
What can you donate?
The best place find the answers to these questions is the Austin Disaster Relief Network.  Go to adrn.org to find out where and how you can help!
You can also contact our church representatives with ADRN - Rick Coleman and Gary Thomas.
Thank you for your willingness to be the hands and feet of Christ during this difficult time.
Scrap Office Paper is needed for the upcoming Rite of Passage Lock In.  Please bring the paper by and place in the box in the church office by Sept 3. No Staples, please!
We worked last week to address safety concerns and to add several additional play spaces to the existing playground structure next to building D.  You'll notice a new slide, graduated access points, a tunnel, a telescope, handles, steering wheels, plus a couple of baby swings on the swing set.  We have a few more additions we will be making in the coming weeks, but the structure is open for play!

A couple of reminders to address some concerns we've received:  The new baby swings are for our sweet little babies, not for our sweet big grade school children and children should not be climbing the swing set, please!  

Let's take care of our new, fun playground equipment.   Go take a look, when you have a moment, and see all of the fun available to kids of all ages and abilities!
Congratulations to our new 7th Graders who completed a year of Rite of Passage training! 

Thanks Linda Hopkins, teacher, and Beth and Mike Filippo who also taught.
( l to r) Cade Crozier, Tyler McDaid, Ryan McIntyre, Jeremiah Stone, Hannah Lackmeyer (Lawson), Ana Jakubauskas, Kalia Ramos, Maito Martinez, Colin Filippo, Linda Hopkins
(Not pictured: Stephen Fouchek, Tori Rameriz)

Come for prayer -- or come smile and wave to get folks
to drive in for prayer!
Our Garage Sale for Orphans - Haiti will be on November 4.  
Please plan to donate to this event that raises funds for Ferrier Village in Haiti.
Please hold onto your donations until November 3 as we do not have space at the church to collect items.  You may contact Beverly Shelton if you have questions.

From top left, clockwise:
Garrett Whitaker teaches Faith & Family, Bldg A-Fellowship Hall
Eldwin Ruiz teaches Parents in the Trenches, Bldg E-4
Art Rendon teaches a new class for men and women, Bldg D - Fellowship Hall
Neal Blumhagen teaches Ekklesia, Bldg D Upstairs, D-201
"Tell It to Two"
Our goal at Hays Hills is to create a culture in which every member is not only praying for the salvation of two non-believers, but also for opportunities to share the gospel with them. 

Who are your two?  Have them in mind when you come to this breakfast where Pastor Aaron will help us with how to share the gospel.  
Tickets may be purchased here.  We hope to see you there!

Thank you to 
Boy Scout Troop 128 
for staining the picnic tables!

Thank you to Jacob Crosby (pictured at far left) for clearing all of the drains and blowing off lots of leaves in preparation for the storms.  Thank you to Duane Pfluger for moving the vans under cover. Thank you to Blaine Fehrenbacher for coming up on Monday to help clean up after the storms.  We had minimal issues -- mostly debris from the trees and a fallen (and very heavy) flowering bush (pictured at near left)!
by Tim Snowden
Children's Ministry
by Shelley McDaid

This week, we kick off  Wednesday night children's activities! It begins with Children's Choirs at  6:00, followed by AWANA at  6:45. These activities are for children in grades K-5. Don't forget to register ahead for AWANA:  tinyurl.com/hhcmawana17. We hope you'll join us! 

I'm so thankful for the  Sunday morning teachers and the AWANA volunteers who have stepped up. We still have needs to fill in AWANA, specifically for Sparks (K-2) handbook leaders, an activity room leader for Sparks and a game time helper. Please consider helping in one of these areas and contact me if you have questions.

Sunday  morning, we'll officially promote all of the children to their new classes. Check out  http://hayshills.com/children  for all the teacher and classroom information.
Student Ministries
by Greg Burney

HHSM is launching back into school year mode!

Please pray for our students and leaders as we continue to build on the small group and leadership format we started this summer.

God has been so good in bringing students Hays Hills who need to hear the Gospel. We are blown away by how he works to change students' lives. I am so honored to be a part of it!

Our 2017-2018 school year will be completed soon and I will be sending it out to all parents. If you do not get my parent emails or you are a parent of a new 7th grade student please email greg@hayshills.com so I can add you to the email list.

Discipleship and Education
by David Sweet

I would like to introduce you to the 2017 "Hall of Thanks" recognizing our teachers and helpers with children and pre-schoolers.

AND I want to recognize the adult classes who 'give up' these volunteers for these important roles.  "Children first" should be our policy in Christian education!  I would like to recognize these classes for their generosity of spirit in sending your class members out to minister for Christ's glory!   Next newsletter I want to recognize those working with youth on Sunday mornings.

Recent, current and new children's teachers:
Brian Cumings
Joy Cumings
Kyle Sumner
Faith & Family
Jacquelyn Sumner
Faith & Family
Lindsay Kahler
Faith & Family
Sethie Whittaker
Faith & Family
Sharon Sweet
Cheerful Hearts
Chris Sweeney
Angela Sweeney
Jeremy Mauk
Parents in the Trenches
Vanessa Mauk
Parents in the Trenches
Ken Moore
Parents in the Trenches
Jessica Moore
Parents in the Trenches
Scott Hill
Alpha & Omega
Cynthia Hill
Alpha & Omega
Alexis Hudson
Faith & Family
Art Rendon
Faith & Family
Lita Rendon
Faith & Family
Children's class helpers:
Peta Caldwell
Angela Johnson
Faith & Family
Rosa Bonnette
Faith & Family
Jayme Waggoner
Pre-school volunteers:
Kendall Dean
Faith & Family
Jessica Ronson
Elizabeth Reeves
Parents in the Trenches
Joy Cumings
Julie Muegge
Faith & Family
Lita Rendon
Faith & Family
Jill Davis
Faith & Family
Chelsea Witcher
Parents in the Trenches
Lindsay Kahler
Faith & Family
Melissa Jistel
Alpha & Omega
AND THE WINNERS ARE... "Faith & Family" class taught by Garrett Whittaker with 14 total teachers and helpers!

"Parents in the Trenches" had 6, and "Believers" had 5!  If we are going to reach our community, we have to have commitment to teach the children!  GO CLASS!  SEND EM' OUT!  (Do you know someone we left out?  Please let me know at david@hayshills.com)
From Pastor Aaron

It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart. -- Ecclesiastes 7:2

Some memorial services move you to tears; Earlyn Bowles' memorial moved me to worship. Amidst the downpour from hurricane Harvey, people came, not only to remember the life of Earlyn, but to remember the grace of God that was so evident in her life. I watched as women filed into our sanctuary, women whose lives have been changed through Earlyn's hospitality and desire to see women study the word of God. I listened as one by one people testified to the ways in which a woman, who by the world's standards had so much to complain about, spent her time listening to others in an attempt to encourage them. I listened as Barby and the family shared how members of Christ's church coordinated transportation for Earlyn, meals for Earlyn, birthday celebrations and weekly visits. I listened as Lucinda Cook used Earlyn's life to point to the grace of Jesus Christ: rather than staying within the comfort of her home, Earlyn, though blind, chose to get out of her house and involve herself in the lives of people. Was she afraid? Yes. But as she stepped off her porch she knew she was placing her hand in the unseen hand of her Savior, Jesus Christ, who loves and cares for her.

As I watched and as I listened I was impressed with the goodness of God and the gift it is to be a part of Christ's church. We concluded by holding hands and singing, "I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God; I've been washed in the fountain, cleansed by his blood. Joint-heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod; for I'm a part of the family, the family of God."

I'm thankful for Earlyn. I'm thankful for her life lived in devotion to Jesus. I'm thankful remembering her life was a cause for worship.

May our lives be the same.

Prayer Updates

Justin & Johanna Cathey, IMB missionaries in Istanbul, are returning to the field after their furlough. Pray for their son, Jeremiah, as he's registered for school. Ask the Lord he be assigned to a good, patient, loving teacher who will work well with him.

Kathey Henley was deployed last week with Homeland Security to work in relief efforts in Southeast Texas.

Glenda Burkland's son, a firefighter in the Houston area, has been on duty rescuing people, for many long hours for past several days.

Wes & Katie Kimple's infant son, Charlie, had an accident on Tuesday that resulted in two skull fractures and some minor hemorrhaging. Praise the Lord no surgery is required at this time and pray his young body will begin to heal. Pray for Wes and Katie to experience the peace of God which transcends understanding and for their hearts and minds to be guarded against anxiety by the Spirit of Christ.

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