May 16, 2015

Chesapeake Academy is Number One Independent School!!

What do independent schools, summer camps, and oysters have in common? Chesapeake Academy in Irvington...that's what! 


Forty-thousand readers of Virginia Living Magazine have selected Chesapeake Academy as  eastern  Virginia's very BEST Independent School; our s ummer camps have been awarded top honors; and the  Community Oyster Roast was named the BEST Charity Event in Eastern Virginia!  Chesapeake Academy is honored that our community, parents, friends, local businesses, and alumni believe Chesapeake Academy is "Number One" at what it does!


Our little gem of a school is truly a small school with a huge classroom--with a top quality faculty and educational experiences!


Webster's Dictionary defines best as "that which is the most excellent!"


Congratulations to an excellent school....Congratulations to Chesapeake Academy!


Class Acts...What's Happening on the Halls?
Each student at Chesapeake Academy displayed art in the ARTstravaganza!
"When a selected working group of faculty came together to consider the challenges and opportunities involved in developing a cutting edge arts curriculum, the group decided that adding a year-long  art project that the kids could display at the end of the school year would offer students a chance to take real ownership of their artwork and to learn some real world planning and production skills," explains Art Teacher Sonja Smith. Fifth grade students were in charge of the planning and production of the ARTstravaganza. They considered how to set a theme or mood for the show, organized the background music, designed the layout of the displays, organized publicity, contacted CAPPA to ask for refreshments, and called judges. They collected feedback on their project that could inform future efforts. These budding production experts even arranged to take the show on the road!: it will travel to Rappahannock Westminster- Canterbury at the end of May and into June.  
Several Lower School classes presented dramatic scenes from Disney productions at the ARTstravaganza.

First Grade to Bank of Lancaster
A delighted Molly Vanderpool bubbles about the first grade field trip to see the inner workings of the banking industry. First graders visited the Bank of Lancaster. Mrs. Hazel Farmer led the tour, highlighting the functions of the various parts of the building and the roles different people play in the business. The first grade class has been studying money and its uses, noting in particular how to save versus spend. They have also considered the differences between needs and wants, as well as how to prioritize those needs and wants.

Cinco de Mayo
CA Pre-K 3 & 4 students and Se?ora Ebner got in touch with their internal Mexican jumping beans to demonstrate their Spanish vocabulary and ability to follow Spanish directions in a Mexican Hat Dance for Cinco de Mayo week. Ole!

Book Fair:   Reading Excitement Builds!
The Spring Book Fair is taking off with "wish lists" and a quick BOGO fair at Chesapeake Academy's Library,  May 14-21.  Students are stocking up with some fun books for summer from Scholastic. This is a Buy One...Get One free sale, so you can stock up on birthday presents or class gifts!  Have fun with books! 

Second Grade Swim Lessons
In the land of many waters, every child should have the skills to be safe around the water. Second graders are about to take the plunge and become more experienced swimmers! Ms. Roger's class will be traveling to the YMCA for swimming instruction. The  lessons  are part of the Red Cross Learn to S wim P rogram. Second graders will take nine one- hour  lessons .
Mark Jaster, Master Mime, Brings a Silent Focus to Two Performances at CA!
Adept at controlled chaos, today's children can multi-task!  But what happens when the busyness subsides and silence settles in to a huge room full of people? Pandemonium?  Not at all!  Instead it is a gentle wordless understanding that seems to tap into a common humanity that envelopes the crowd....a quiet and watchful hush. Attentively watching and unconsciously practicing, young and old were caught up in a peaceful and slightly kooky character as Mark Jaster reveals his comical and musical surprises.  Chesapeake Academy's Performing Arts and Lecture Series (PALS) presented two performances of "Piccolo's Trunk" in the Chesapeake Academy Gym on Wednesday, May 6. Acclaimed performer and mime, Mark Jaster, studied with Etienne Decroux, the celebrated teacher of the legendary Marcel Marceau and served as Mr. Marceau's teaching assistant. Jaster's diverse skills as an actor, musician, dancer and mime, along with his experience in children's theater and his lively imagination, have made his solo shows breathtaking. Mr. Jaster has performed at the Kennedy Center as well as at the White House.  PALS events are generously sponsored by The Wiley Foundation and The Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts with support from the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.



Impressed? Spread the Good Word!  
Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret! Tell a friend....refer a student!  Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Mrs. Scott at 804.438.5575 or
Kings Dominion Roller Coaster Contest
The eighth grade class has begun working on their  roller   coaster  projects, a long-standing hands-on project that teaches students the basics of simple machines and physics at Chesapeake Academy. (Hat tip to Doc!) Eighth graders have been arranged into groups of three, and upon completion and judging of the projects amongst their peers and faculty, the winning group will represent our school at the Kings Dominion Roller Coaster Mania Contest and compete against other area schools.

The project challenges students to put into practice their knowledge of physics, using an understanding of forces and motion to craft an exciting ride that thrill seekers would love to ride. Not only must the rides be realistic in terms of safety and engineering, but they must also be well-themed and pleasing to a broad audience.

This year's class is off to a great start, utilizing unique materials like pool noodles and fish tank tubing, and incorporating eye-catching themes like King Kong, Space, and our very own Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake has always done well at the Kings Dominion competition, and we are excited to see what this year's crop of eighth graders put together.

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Second Grade Brain Buckets 

Ask a second grader about their brain buckets and you are sure to get a smile....and then an excited stream of details! Second Grade Teacher Martha Rogers explains, "Students choose a topic that excites their curiosity, research it, and complete a presentation to share with the class. A written piece accompanies each project. Students choose a variety of presentation modes for their topics. Sometimes it is a model, a diagram, a powerpoint, or most often a display item. Some of our latest projects have been varied: Stradivarius, tigers, olympic games, paper fans, vampire bats, the Turtle (a Revolutionary War single-man submarine), pandas, rabbits, and bald eagles."


Brain Buckets are really buckets...of materials a child needs to become a curious and independent researcher, writer, and presenter. By using student passions to fuel inquiry, Rogers is able to advance individual learning along a multitude of curricular lines, helping her students to make connections and dig ever deeper.


These projects hone research and presentation skills and touch on many areas of the curriculum. Each child is encouraged to stretch their abilities in each project in one-on-one coaching from Rogers. In addition to receiving feedback from Rogers, students respond to peer questions and receive feedback from them as well. "This peer assessment and coaching has served to motivate remarkable development in critical and creative thinking and communicative skills," says Assistant Head of School, Julie Keesee. Through their brain buckets, students learn optimal research skills like finding and assessing reliable sources, avoiding plagiarism, citing sources, and using indexes or encyclopedias.



Spanish in Action...VERBS!
In his day, Ben Franklin shared a wealth of knowledge but if you visit Chesapeake Academy today, you will see some of his anecdotes in play. "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, but involve me...and I learn!" Students learn action verbs in Spanish by playing charades with the present tense .  Hat tip to Se?ora Andersen for her nod to the Founding Fathers!
"It is important to be thankful for what we have and make small sacrifices to help others who might not have the advantages we have." 

Student Council Update
The dynamic collaboration between Student Council and sixth grade students successfully overshot the Food Bank Champion goal, raising $520!  Students designed and implemented a fundraising plan inspired by a unit on world hunger and a Student Council led field gleaning in the Fall. Their efforts to end hunger right here at home included Student Council donating the proceeds from a tag day, organizing a one-dollar pajama dress day, a "Wearin' of the Green" day for St. Patrick's Day, several good hearted student and faculty donations, and a "Guess How many Candies" contest.

Chesapeake Academy is listed on the Northern Neck Food Bank website as Food Bank Champions, along with the other participants who took the pledge. 

  "Working together, each giving a little bit when you can, has great results."
Larkin won the Sour Patch Kids; Landon is delighted to have correctly guessed the number of  Skittles, and Lily nailed the number of M&Ms.

Last Chance to Reclaim Lost Belongings
The assortment of wonderful clothing items, lunch boxes, and other student belongings is large and growing.  Please plan a time to visit the front office and retrieve your lost items. A contribution of one canned good is the ransom owed for the return of all misplaced items! It is not too late if you still owe a canned good, just drop it off in the office. Any items not retrieved by May 29 will be donated to either the Osprey Nest or to Good Will.
T he office staff thanks you for your prompt attention to this monolithic issue.
Save  the  Date!
Chesapeake Academy's Fifteth Anniversary year begins soon, and our first  celebration is on July 3 at the Irvington Independence Day Parade and lunch afterward! We are looking forward to visiting with alumni and current and former faculty. Look for your invitation in the mail!  Parents and students are urged to volunteer to help build the float!  Please call Mrs. Cook if you would like to help!

An Attitude of Gratitude! 
Thanks to the entire cadre of Nautical Nights volunteers, starting with their fearless leader, Kimberly Vail!  $124,732.03 was raised!

Mrs. Hilary Scott would like to share a very special thank you to Hunter Hollingsworth '15' for his volunteerism  at the Irvington Farmer's Market.  Hunter arrived at  8:00 a.m.  to set-up the booth, walked the market in the mascot costume, sold auction raffle tickets, distributed the blue pails/shovels to youngsters, and helped to clean-up the tent.  This student deserves a extra special big THANK YOU! for his efforts.  In addition, Ms. Scott would like to recognize Thomas Wilson '15 for walking the market with the mascot and to thank Oliver McAninch '17 for helping the mascot sell raffle tickets and clean-up the tent at closing!  We are blessed with students that go the extra mile.

Thanks you to our ARTstravaganza judges: Mrs. Cheryl Mihills, Mrs. Wende Szyperski, and Mrs. Nancy O'Shaughnessy.

Abundant buckets of gratitude go out to the Knights of the Golden Copier (most often Connie and Catherine) who unjam, explain, fix and figure out how to help the hapless copy quester.

Elizabeth Gardner '18 has her own specific contribution to school life!  This young lady holds the door for the whole Middle School as they return from assembly twice a week--a routine kindness that adds a smile! 
Thanks to CAPPA for the chocolate drops, the gift certificates for the Local, and the treats throughout Teacher Appreciation week--very thoughtful!

To all the parents who made a point of remembering faculty during Teacher Appreciation Week,  we extend grateful thanks.   For all the sweetness in the faculty study, we are thankful!

K. G. Smith, man of many talents and wielder of hammer and screwdriver, is a carpenter extraordinaire. K. G. built the folding display units for the ARTstravaganza!  

Ms. Olivia Jackson, extended day program leader, wants to salute Hunter Hollingsworth for setting a wonderful example of kindness for the children in the extended care program!  After school this week, Hunter was walking through campus when he came upon two abandoned baby birds. His first response was to take action to save the birds! During his efforts to provide them with shelter and water, the mother had returned, so the birds were reunited with their mother in the end. Thank you to Hunter who showed admirable determination to save these birds! 

Thanks to Dudley and Peggy Patteson, grandparents of Hunter Hollingsworth '15, Ashton Hollingsworth '17, Stewart Hollingsworth '19 and Miles Cooper Hollingsworth '22 for hosting the Board of Trustees dinner for the eighth graders at the historic (site of the first Chesapeake Academy) Hope and Glory Inn!

Thanks to CAPPA volunteers for our annual celebration of fair weather and impending summer, Field Day!  

Handwritten thank you notes from Student Council for donations to the food bank delighted donors and set a wonderful example.

Beth Somers sends a shout out to Chris Stanley, father of Harper '22, for the sound system set up and the loan of essential equipment for the ARTstravaganza!
And thanks also to Lancaster Players for the lights and microphones.

A huge thank you will go out to the Bank of Lancaster and to Mrs. Hazel Farmer for setting up a wonderful learning experience for the first grade class.

The Honey Do Crew, a popular auction item, whipped the Powell house right into shape, installing a wonderful patio....Thanks to Richard Abbott (parent of Jordan '17 and Joshua '20), Jeff Brown (parent of alumni Brendan '12, Austin  '07 and Ethan '05), Grover Branson (parent of Michael '17), and Walker Antonio (Class of 2015).


Sophie Scott was one of several student performers who provided background music as guests browsed the art show during the ARTstravaganza.
First grade performed a choral piece from Disney's Peter Pan at the ARTStravaganza.
Dates to Remember
5/18 - 5/29 Second Grade in Daily Swim Lessons
5/18 Track Meet against Aylett
5/20 Spring Athletics Awards @ 10:05 a.m. Middle School in dress uniform.
5/22 Kings Dominion Roller Coaster Competition
5/25 No School
5/27 Grades K and 1, Field Trip to Westmoreland Berry Farm
5/26 Seventh and Eighth Grade Exams Begin
5/27 Tag Day
5/29 Closing Assembly, Half Day, Parents are invited to attend. Dismissal following assembly
6/1 BOT/Eighth Grade Dinner
6/2 Graduation


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