January 16, 2015 
Parker and Alex design high-rise stables for their herd of horses in PreK 3&4!
Future architects?
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The Head's Heads Up


Happy New Year! While vacations are a much needed reprieve from the busyness of the school year, it always raises my spirits to welcome the faculty and students back to school.


The New Year provides a natural time of reflection. I have been thinking about Chesapeake Academy and its upcoming 50th anniversary during the 2015-2016 school year and contemplating the three founding families - the Simmons, Monroe and Stephens families - and I am amazed at what they have created. Imagine making a commitment to open a school because of your belief in educational excellence and then giving your time and energy to make it happen. Within a brief six month time frame, teachers were hired, students enrolled, curriculum designed, materials donated, and a place to hold classes was found. What a tremendous achievement!


Others in the community supported the idea of re-opening the original Chesapeake Academy, and over the past forty-nine years many have been willing to support the effort with their time, talents and treasure. Parents, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, community members, foundations, and others have made important decisions to build new facilities to meet educational space requirements at the time and ensure that the school's infrastructure would meet the educational needs of future students. These folks "paid it forward" for all of today's students to enjoy a beautiful campus with facilities and materials that support dynamic educational experiences. They believed (and continue to believe) in the mission of Chesapeake Academy and the importance of creating a school sustainable for future generations of Ospreys.


In 2015, students, parents and faculty of Chesapeake Academy have much to be thankful for. We are enjoying the benefit of others' inspirational vision, hard work, and financial support. Our gem of a school deserves the continuing support of those who benefit today to be certain that the school continues for future students. We stand on the shoulders of the dedication, determination, and success of those who came before us.


How can we continue this tradition of support? Please consider a gift to the Chesapeake Academy Annual Fund. Small or large, every gift counts, every year. All of us joining together can ensure that this tradition of "paying it forward" provides our current and future students educational excellence.


Best wishes for a new year that brings much good health and happiness to you and your family.



An Attitude of Gratitude!

"Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude." 

        Ralph Waldo Emerson 


We are delighted to celebrate the many things in our community that inspire our gratitude and invite you to contribute to this section of the newsletter. 

  • Michelangelos in the making?  Or just hard working volunteers?!  Many thanks to Chesapeake Academy dads Grover Branson, Steve Pittman, Ty Brent, Richard Abbott, Joe Souders, and their able team of "mini-me" helpers for giving our halls a facelift over the holiday break! 
  • Have you noticed our stained glass osprey window shining in the night over the door? Thanks to Ted Cook for re-illuminating this treasure! This beautiful piece of architectural art was donated by the Class of 1999 and was designed and created by former Osprey parent, Ms. Candy Terry (mother of Ruth Cady, Class of 1996 and Sam Terry, Class of 1999)!  The response from the community to its return to splendor has been enthusiastic!  How about that retirement, Mr. Cook?
  • CAPPA's Hospitality Committee did a wonderful job serving sweet treats at the Holiday Program.  And while we are on the subject of that happy event....OUTSTANDING job, students and faculty!  It was a terrific performance.
  • Many thanks to Kimberly Vail (organizer) and Ginger Philbrick (etiquette instructor) and Sandra Yeon, (dance teacher) for a very successful Cotillion.  We have loved the pictures and stories of middle school students developing poise and confidence.
  • Hat's off to all who have already donated to the Annual Fund!  Your gifts make a dynamic school program possible!  Your unanimous participation can have a large impact on grant applications to fund exciting parts of the school program! Foundations love to know our school community believes in the vision we ask them to support! If this is still on your "To Do" list, look how convenient supporting Chesapeake Academy can be. 
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who have voted for CA in the Virginia Living Best of Virginia Contest!  Keep spreading the word to support Chesapeake Academy and local businesses!

"Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude."                                                          A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

Faces and Our Culture!

During the fall of 2013-14, Chesapeake Academy hosted two students from Faces and Our Culture, an eight week cultural exchange program based in Guatemala. Currently there are 18 independent schools in Virginia participating in the Faces and Our Culture Program. Our two participants from Guatemala, Anika and Danny, enjoyed the rich offerings at CA - from teaching Spanish to Pre-K 3&4 students, to sharing cultural lessons in middle school, to participating on athletic teams...their time with us was truly an exchange of cultures, and we hope to once again offer this opportunity to the CA school community."


The Keesee family (AP '09, '12,

P '16) hosted Anika during 2013-14 and had this to share from their experience:


"Hosting an exchange student has opened up a relationship for our whole family with another culture and another family. The exchange program gave Claire the opportunity to practice her Spanish, learn about a little-known country, and to share about our school and country.  It continues to be enriching for our family, as we maintain contact with and have visited with Anika's family.  Faces and Our Culture made the hosting experience very easy.They communicated clearly and quickly, followed up on any questions, and stayed in touch throughout Anika's stay to ensure that things were going smoothly.  I highly recommend hosting to any Chesapeake Academy Middle School family!

If you are interested in exploring this program for your family,
click to contact Hilary Scott.

The Shivers clan (AP '14, '10) enjoyed hosting Dany and reports:


"Hosting a student from Guatemala was a very rewarding experience for our family and for Chesapeake Academy.  We have hosted exchange students in the past and found this experience such a pleasure!  The two months that Dany spent with us gave us an opportunity to learn a great deal about Guatemala and for Dany to have the opportunity to experience the American way of 

life.  Faces and Our Culture did an excellent job screening the kids. They are very prepared for their two months in the US and come with a host of interesting projects to share with their families and the school.  I also felt Faces and Our Cultures gave us a great deal of information and resources about what to expect.  Although Dany wasn't as confident with his English as some of the other Guatemalan students, he nonetheless fit right in.  Dany and Avery had an instant bond with interests in sports and computer/video games.  Dany made lots of great friends at CA and the kids still keep in touch with him.  Dany's family actively contacted us while Dany was here and we still remain great Facebook friends.  Avery hopes to spend a few weeks in Guatemala this summer or next with Dany's family.  I highly recommend this program.  There are no down sides, only positives."


Kindergarteners and First Graders explore the science of snow!  
Clearly, hands-on learning is fun!
CAPPA Update
  • Honey Roasted and Crabby Peanuts are available for purchase from Ms. Connie at the front desk. These make the perfect hostess gift for friends and relatives!
  • Don't forget to sign-up for the exciting after school offerings that CAPPA is planning.  Karate classes are offered again for first through fourth grades January through March.  Plans are ongoing for a line dancing offering and collaborative activity with the YMCA.  Indoor Soccer, coached by David Dew, Mike Antonio and Tripp Bugg will run on Wednesdays from February 18 through March 25 from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
  • The next Final Friday  is January 23.  Be sure to ask your friends and family to join you in saving Box Tops and ink cartridges as well.
  • Your Amazon Purchases make CA SMILE!  Just visit smile.amazon.com and sign up for Chesapeake Academy Irvington, VA--and 0.05% will go back to CAPPA to support your school!
  • The next CAPPA meeting will be February 11 at 8:30 a.m. All are welcomed!

Jack and Rebecca compare notes on population density maps they are making of Chesapeake Academy.
Admission Referral Tuition Credits!
Earlier this school year, your family received a copy of the 2015-16 Referral Form along with talking points. As you read the information, you learned that your family could receive a $500.00 tuition credit if you referred a family and they enrolled for the upcoming 2015-16 school year! Have you thought about a family that may be a great fit for our community? Complete the 2015-16 Referral Form and submit to Hilary Scott. Once the form is received, you will work with Hilary to provide the prospective family with a brochure and to help get a tour scheduled. Do you have questions on how to earn a $500.00 tuition credit? Contact Hilary at 

Links we Love  
The beginning of a brand new year seems to spawn renewed interest in polishing our game in many areas and none more important than our parenting.  Here are some suggestions from Julie Keesee for good reading for parents. 

The following links cover raising smart kids, the safe use of technology, and addressing tough issues constructively.  Her last link shoots you to the Guru himself!  Dr. Hallowell is well known in education and parenting circles and should not be missed!


On January 26, we will begin Educational Record Bureau (ERB) testing for students in grades three through six. The testing sessions will extend January 26 through 30 (1 to 1 1/2 hours per day), with the majority of the test sessions in the morning. Core subject and co-curricular classes will continue to meet during the week, and regular academic work will continue. However, teachers will reduce homework, and there will be no other tests or projects due that week. Seventh and eighth grade students will begin their ERBs the week of February 2. Please make sure that students are well rested, well nourished, and on time to school. Additional details about how we use the ERB results will go home in a letter to parents from Assistant Head of School, Julie Keesee. 


Multi-Dimensional Thinking!
Kindergarteners made solid shapes using marshmallows to develop and assess their understanding of three dimensional shapes.

How do Geologic and Natural Features Impact Political Stability?
Ms. Dynia, grade six advanced geology teacher, explains, "Before we started our main unit on the Israel-Palestine conflict, we looked at water scarcity as a source of tension in the Middle East. Then we broadened our study to include other areas with water issues, including Bolivia, the U.S., and some areas of Africa. Students then were asked to choose a place in the world that faced water shortages due to environmental or economic scarcity and conduct research on why that problem existed and the impact of water scarcity on the culture. They had to choose and research a solution specific to their problem, from better education...to book filters...to drip irrigation. They then presented their findings to the class."  Sounds like a great critical thinking exercise!

Sophie Scott is a regular contributor from her Algebra 8 class!
Math Matters!
Each week in eighth grade Algebra class, two students are given the assignment to find relevant math in current news. After choosing and reading the article, students write a short summary of what they found, including the ways in which statistics, proportions, money, graphing, and measurement are used in regular news stories. They then ask a few questions about the the math in the article, and other students must respond, adding their own questions for others as they go. This helps us, as students, understand how mathematics is important and relevant in current news and day-to-day life!  

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