January 30, 2015 

 This year's auction theme will be
Nautical Night!!
Saturday May 2, 2015
Please call Kimberly Vail if you can help. All hands on deck will make a light load!  
 I hope to have you aboard!
Kimberly Vail kwvail@excite.com or 438.5866 or 
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The Head's Heads Up


Why do we have school on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day once again found Chesapeake Academy students celebrating and discussing Dr. King's legacy rather than partaking in a long weekend. (Not that there's anything wrong with long weekends!) I am often asked why Chesapeake Academy students attend school on this federal holiday. My response is simple. Dr. King believed in the importance of education. He believed that education was the way "up" for many underserved citizens. He himself sacrificed to earn degrees from prestigious colleges and universities. So I made the decision may years ago to have children attend school rather than spending the day watching television, "hanging out," shopping, or playing. Instead, our school community gathered to learn about the meanings of concepts such as freedom, justice, and equality viewed through an historical lens.
The tone of the assembly was set by playing a game of matching words and phrases including equity, justice, discrimination, boycott, civil rights, civil disobedience, Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment, segregation, and prejudice with their definitions. The importance of the years 1964 and 1965 was reviewed, and the subtle nuance between words like equity and justice was presented. Two short videos were watched about the lives of Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the students offered their thoughts about the character traits of courage, dedication, commitment to a cause, and individual responsibility to right perceived societal wrongs. 
The entire student body and faculty helped generate a meaningful remembrance on this special community day. I think Dr. King would have liked this!



  Opera!  How lucky are we?  The Virginia Opera Company presented "The Princess and the Pea" as part of the Performing Arts and Lecture Series to a packed house of enthusiastic youngsters!  Wonderful!
An Attitude of Gratitude!
Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.

William Faulkner (1897-1962), American writer and Nobel laureate 

  • Did you know that Chesapeake Academy's Board of Trustees has participated in the 2014-15 Annual Fund at 100 percent?  And your faculty and administration are pressing in that direction quickly. As you can see the Academy's families are also on the move supporting the Annual Fund.  Profound gratitude goes out to all who have already donated!  Your gifts make a dynamic school program possible!  If donating is still on your "To Do" list, look how convenient supporting Chesapeake Academy can be! 



  • Abundant thanks to CAPPA and the Bank of Lancaster for providing the popcorn and drinks for the Mark Nizer event on Saturday, January 17.  The event was a huge success, and we appreciate the support from fun-loving volunteers like David and Katie Dew, Janet Smith, Rosetta Struse, Shelly and Matt Ritter, and Betsy Stanley.  It was a fun day for the whole school community.  
  • Everyone loves a surprise!  (And it has been said that the CA faculty especially loves food!)  Many thanks to a gracious lady, Sallie Schmidt, for turning her change in plans into a surprise luncheon on a winter's day!  Yum!
  • Spreading the word about Chesapeake Academy is one of the best gifts you can offer the school community.  Bring a Buddy to School Day was a showcase of smiles.  Many thanks to the families who arranged to help their child bring a buddy to school!  Admissions is everyone's opportunity!
  • And not to be lost in the host of things for which we are grateful...Stop and smile for a minute at the CA basketball teams who raised funds for the Kay Yow Fund to beat breast cancer.  They researched and planned their campaign and honored us all with their efforts.  Betting that Coach deserves a smile, too.  Good work, kids...and Coach Griffin!
  • One last "Gracias!" to our own alumni volunteer, Chelsea Trotter Werner (Class of 2002)!  We wish her well in her next steps and will miss her wonderful work with our students!  
  • Often, tapping into local resources offers insight and authenticity to learning projects.  Many thanks to a gem of an art shop right here in Irvington, Objects (and particularly Terri Thaxton)  for hosting the fifth graders as they gather ideas on staging Chesapeake Academy's Art Show!  And, along the same lines, thanks to Adrian Jennings of the Army Corps of Engineers, Brian Barnes, and Jeff Brown for helping evaluate how to make our plans for the Nature Trail a reality.
  • The abundant flexibility and fellowship with which the faculty adapts, assists, and makes things work in order to use every opportunity to present a rich, deep, and diverse curriculum makes CA a joyful place!
  • Remember that old playground chant, "I am rubber, and you are glue. Whatever you do to me, bounces off me and sticks to you!"  Well, just imagine the ricocheting gratitude involved in CAPPA's Faculty Appreciation Lunch! AND CAPPA did an ice cream social to celebrate the end of exams. Bazinga! 
  • Welcome to our new community volunteer, Jane Unangst!  We are delighted to have her join the fun!

Parent Partnership Ensures Optimal Experience for Students!

Parent Partnership Conferences will be held February 9 through 11. In Early Childhood and Lower School, please schedule conferences with the classroom teachers. You can call Connie Smith to sign-up for a time or communicate directly with the teacher. In the Middle School, students will be running their conferences with parents and the advisor. Middle School parents should sign-up through Connie Smith or through the advisor. We look forward to meeting with you and reflecting on successes while planning the next steps in progress. When we work in partnership, our students thrive! 


Student Council Rings in....
On Friday, January 23, Student Council had a successful dodgeball and bonfire event for middle school students.  We kicked it off (pun intended?) with pizza and a few s'mores that were cooked outside.  We then enjoyed an hour of dodgeball!  Dodgeball highlights included the traditional style, otherwise known as "Get In My Belly," where the jail is in the paint portion of the basketball court and "Sprout Ball-in," in which there are no boundaries and the rules amount to every man for himself.  We then concluded the night with a half-court basketball game that definitely produced some sweat.  Eighth grader Eliza Carr Schmidt said, "This was definitely one of the best Student Council events so far.  S'mores were the highlight of my weekend!"  Student Council looks forward to more fun in the future.  Thanks to Millie Tompkins for the submission!

Summer Camp Opportunity for Current Eighth Graders
The Northern Neck Soil & Water Conservation District is offering two sponsorships for a summer camp opportunity for students interested in natural resources and the environment. The camp runs from June 15 through June 20 and will be hosted at Holiday Lake Forestry Camp at Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, offering an incredible outdoor learning experience taught by conservation professionals and faculty from Virginia Tech. The sponsorship brings the total cost of the camp to just $85 and is open to current eighth grade students. For more information or application materials, please contact Faye Andrashko at 
The deadline for completed applications to NNSWCD is March 18.

Snapshots from the Classroom
Digital art
After an artist study on the legendary David Hockney (who just had a show of landscape paintings created on his iPad),  students created their own landscape paintings, then used the app "brushes" on our iPads here at school to either recreate their paintings digitally or create a complementary piece. 
Charlie Li and Braxton Galleher try digital art on the iPads.

To know more about David Hockney...

Adjectives and Etymologies...Fun in Latin!
Latin class explores adjectives and their etymologies by connecting them to English meanings. 

ONEderful Penmanship!
Brennan Williams tries out the blotter.
Grade ONEders are working on their handwriting, spelling, and fine motor skills all at once. Using a paper blotter creates a cushion for paper, making it a necessity to be more determined and deliberate with pressure.  The ink pen is a very grown up way to write.  We are so much more careful when writing with a pen.

Production Underway for Chesapeake Academy's Spring Art Show
Fifth graders visit Objects in Irvington to consider strategies for producing Chesapeake Academy's Art Show and gather advice from  community experts on display and staging!

Rebecca Meberg and Adair Stanley consider options.
Sydney checks out sources on racoons for her project. She is excited and ready to go.  Her Brain Bucket has everything she needs!
Brain Buckets in Second Grade....Learning through your passions!
Lorry's interest du jour is B2 bombers. Look at all that data he has collected! And there is a great illustration on the other side!

Learning by exploring her affinities clearly makes Wynne happy! She is becoming the class expert on St. Patrick's Day!
Inspired by his grandfather's homemade hovercraft, Celden uses his brain bucket to hone his knowledge on this topic.  Celden clearly has a plan for his project.
Evan Hinton and Mead Smith loved the video of Simon Says!
Simon Dice PreK 3 & 4 Hablan Espa�ol!
Watch three and four year olds love their Spanish class with Se�ora Ebner and be wowed by their ability to follow directions in Spanish in a game of Simon Says! They don't miss a beat! They understand what they are hearing! This is the most talented class of PreKindergarteners!
Click to see Simon Says!
Chesapeake Academy Enters Rube Goldberg Contest!  
Eighth grade science students spend the first semester studying physics, learning about forces, motion, and simple machines. Using this knowledge, they put their skills and ingenuity to the test as they work on building a Rube Goldberg machine to enter into the International Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. The designing and testing of their machines takes place concurrently to the material being covered in class so that students can apply new information and ideas on an ongoing basis, carefully adding to and refining their machines as they go.

Each year the task for the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest changes, with this year's task being to "erase a chalkboard." Students from all across the world submit videos of their machines in hopes of winning the competition. Thomas Wilson, Russell Parker, and Lauren Parker put together the best entry from this year's eighth grade class, and a video of their machine has been submitted to represent Chesapeake Academy at the upcoming competition.

In early spring, voting will open up for the People's Choice award portion of the contest, and people can go to the Rube Goldberg website to and choose the Chesapeake Academy entry. (Link to come when available)

Biome Bonanza!
Here, 7th graders are working on constructing a diorama of one of the world's biomes. Lily is working on her diorama for the Pacific Temperate Forest, while John continues to research the Rainforest of Madagascar. (Claire is in the background working on the Sahara Desert.)

Awesome Activity Periods Begin!

With the new marking period, activity period selections have changed. Groups will meet three Thursdays a month during the marking period to allow students to explore a variety of interests and even find some new ones! Here's what's happening in the third marking period: 

  • Photography
  • Yearbook
  • Tiny Teachers
  • Nautical Knottiness 
  • Reading
  • Gym Games
  • Zentangle
  • Robotics (will be during the third and fourth marking periods)

Like what you see....You can support it!
Your gift benefits today's students and everyone's future. Spread the word!  Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret!
Bring a Buddy Day

On January 19, 2015, Chesapeake Academy students in Grades 3, 4, 5 hosted friends from the community for Bring A Buddy Day. Guests shared a morning full of fun activities at CA, and then polished it off with lunch and recess before departing! It is never too late to share CA with a friend.  If you know of someone who might love a dynamic and engaging place to learn, Contact Hilary Scott to refer a student!

 The karate students have gotten their first belt promotions after a year of hard work.  Pictured left to right: Maddie Ritter, Rya Struse, Alayna Holcolmb, Khloe Hohensee, Leyton Dew, Ap Pollard, Martin Smith, Spencer Cammarata with Glenn Fallin & helper, David.  
CAPPA Update
  • It is time to start planning for classroom auction projects!  Bring on that creativity and energy!  Room Parents will be getting an email soon from CAPPA on auction classroom projects, but it is never too soon to come up with a terrific plan! 
  • Don't forget to sign-up for the exciting after school offerings that CAPPA is planning.  Karate classes are offered again for first through fourth grades through March. Interested?  Contact Katie Dew. 
  •  Indoor Soccer, coached by David Dew, Mike Antonio and Tripp Bugg will run on Wednesdays from February 18 through March 25 from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. The cost is $30.  Contact Katie Dew if you are interested in the final spot!
  • Your Amazon purchases make CA SMILE!  Just visit smile.amazon.com and sign-up for Chesapeake Academy Irvington, VA--and 0.05% of qualified purchases will go back to CAPPA to support your school!

Dates to Remember
2/2 - 2/6 ERBs for seventh and eighth grade
2/4  Northern Neck Burger Company is hosting a Chesapeake Academy Fundraiser night. 
2/9 - 2/12 Parent Partnership Conference
2/11 CAPPA Meeting
2/11 PALS Todd Rosenleib Dance
2/11 PALS House of Many Colors
2/13 - 2/16 Midwinter Break
2/16 - 2/22 Seacamp

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