October 23, 2015
The Head's Heads Up
It was just another week of the  extraordinary at Chesapeake Academy... .The whole school community pulled together to arrange an exuberant and fun-filled 50th Anniversary Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day last Friday. Grandparents enjoyed being with their grandchildren in the classrooms which were buzzing with activities. Bee Bots, iPads and laptops, social studies discoveries, and science experiments kept everyone, young and old(er), dynamically engaged.

The special assembly of music, art, and skits highlighted one of the reasons that Chesapeake Academy is a special place. Every child had an important role as s a member of a performance group. The singers, actors, readers, and artists performed with confidence in front of the audience. The arts remain an integral part of the school's curriculum, and I simply enjoyed every song, as well as the skits about "Then (1965) and Now," the information about the school's history by decade, and the annual presentation of the Middle School murals.

Special thanks to CAPPA for the beautifully decorated and very full table of goodies enjoyed by all.

The 50th Anniversary celebration continued with the Community Oyster Roast on Saturday evening. Congratulations and thank you to Mr. Grover Branson, for chairing this successful fund- raising event! The school community welcomed back to campus two previous Heads of School. Dr. and Mrs. Henry Selby (1988-2001) and Mr. and Mrs. Seth Ahlborn (2001-2007) joined alumni and other guests for an evening of friendship and remembrances (along with getting our fill of oysters and other delectable delights)! Special gratitude to the faculty (volunteers extraordinaire), parents, and friends who helped make the evening so much fun.

Please be sure to read every word of this edition of Heads Up which is filled with information about the other extraordinary events happening at Chesapeake Academy.

Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
Mrs. Blake's Advisory brings enthusiasm and teamwork to their boat building challenge!
Inward Bound...and Having Fun!
Inward Bound, Middle School's annual fall retreat, is always a ball of fun, but it also serves a central purpose in the school's social/ethical curricula. The goal of this two-day gathering is to build a sense of community within middle school advisories, grade levels, and the entire middle school. Click here to see photos of the retreat!  

Specially designed activities connect the annual character theme of trust to the advisory themes of transition, friendship, self-discovery and leadership and set a tone of respect and fun within the Middle School. In addition to their exploration of the annual character theme, students enjoyed the traditional Capture the Flag in the dark with flashlights, a competitive boat building challenge in advisory families, a costumed superhero dance, and (in a hilarious surprise activity) the student council treated students to bubble soccer! Click to see Bubble Soccer in Action!

Parent Partnership Conferences Build Student Support Team 
Our first Parent Partnership Days (PPDs) of the year are scheduled for the week of  November 9 .  In Early Childhood and Lower School, conferences are for parents to find out about the progress, goals, challenges, and successes of their child, as well as to share any information with the teacher.  

Conferences may be scheduled through Mrs. Connie Smith or directly with the teacher.  Conferences are available after school and into the evenings whenever possible.  If your child has more than one academic teacher (as in grades 2, 3, and 4), please feel free to schedule a conference with the homeroom teacher who will have a full picture of the child's academic work or conferences with both the homeroom teacher and the partner teacher for that grade.  

In Middle School, PPD conferences are generally scheduled with the advisor and the student.  Students review and reflect upon their strengths and challenges, sharing their goals with their parents.  If you would also like to meet with a classroom teacher in addition to the advisor and student conference, you are encouraged to make an appointment for a conference with classroom teachers as well. 

We look forward to seeing each parent at PPDs in November and early February.  These times are critical for effective collaboration and understanding between school and home!
Who knew kiwis grew in the Northern Neck?
PreK Perambulates through the Pumpkin Patch!
Pre-K picked a peck of pumpkins, danced along a garden path learning all about plants, squealed with delight over a hay ride and attacked the Pumpkin Patch playground with uncommon vigor!  Check out the link below for a seasonal slide show. Check out the Pumpkin Patch
Malcolm perches on a pumpkin with a handsome smile! Nice pumpkin, too!

Give Us A Shout Out!
Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret! Tell a friend....refer a student!  Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Mrs. Scott at 804.438.5575 or hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org.
Charlie and Jonathan get a jump on water testing in the new Outdoor Classroom!
Citizen Scientists Take Off in New Outdoor Classroom!
Chesapeake Academy is excited to announce that the outdoor classroom is ready to roll for classes to use. The classroom is connected to the existing Henry G. Selby Nature Trail and accesses tidal and watershed areas. The 24' x 32' teaching platform allows students to have access to multiple observation and specimen collection sites on the water: tidal marsh, stream bed, and deeper water on the creek. Tables and benches make the outdoor classroom usable for a variety of group sizes and activities. Electricity and wifi access also add to the flexibility of the space.

The debut of this classroom signals the completion of the second stage of a multi-stage process. "Students drove the process from the beginning and have participated in each step," says Academy Assistant Head of School, Julie Keesee. Science classes participated in the planning phases of the outdoor classroom and envisioned the physical structures that would best support their academic inquiries. A species inventory of the land surrounding the nature trail was completed that sorted the plants in the targeted area into native and invasive species. Students collected professional input about the management of invasive species and the specifics involved in the permitting process. As a mathematics challenge, student groups composed design proposals for the classroom that included pricing the materials from local vendors. The final design integrates concepts from these student-developed proposals.

This phase of the outdoor classroom project was completed with grants from private donors and foundations and funds from the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund. "The next steps of the process involve acquiring additional equipment necessary for the full use of the outdoor classroom, such as additional waders and scientific monitoring equipment and creating a broader buffer area beyond the Nature Trail that supports butterflies and bees that is consistent with the National Wildlife Federation guidelines for a certified School Yard Habitat." explains Keesee. "In addition, we plan to install bat houses within the natural area. Students will be involved in identifying, planting, and cultivating appropriate plants to attract beneficial insects. We are excited about the opportunities this outdoor habitat space will provide for students to participate in the sustainability of the Chesapeake Bay watershed," adds science teacher, Robin Blake. In the final phases of the project, the Academy plans to establish deep water access for kayaks and canoes to launch for additional field study.  

Touch the Future!
Your gift benefits today's students and everyone's future. Give to the Chesapeake Academy Annual Fund! 
Seventh Graders Visit Camp Little Bay Oyster Company!
Seventh graders explored the various stages of oysters growing at Camp Little Bay Oyster Company on a recent field study for science.  Co-owner, Lee Archard, showed them his natural oyster reef and discussed the oysters' essential role of filtering of the Bay which allows the sea grass to grow. "We need sea grass because it becomes a natural habit for the animals of the Bay, and serves as the Bay's 'nurseries''' Archard explained.

At the oyster house students saw the oysters in the large vats being grown to be sold to oyster farmers and learned about how the oysters are tumbled to clean them before they are sold to restaurants. 

Robin Blake summed it up, "The kids enjoyed the learning experience and were interested to see the other side of oyster farming, since we are "oyster gardeners" as well! This trip offered a more complete perspecitive on these Bay-friendly bivalves."

 Pictured here, Callie works with her grandparents on fraction stories which they will map out using the computer application, Educreations!
Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day
C hesapeake Academy went "Back to the Future" to celebrate Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day f or the 50th anniversary year of the school. Grandparents and grandfriends got to see a typical day in the classrooms as they worked with technology, critical thinking tasks, STEAM activities, and more with their grandchildren and special friends. Following the class visits, students treated their guests to a performance of "then and now" songs and original skits that provided a brief retrospective of CA's 50 years of excellence. 

As a part of their study of Kurt Vonnegut's  Fahrenheit 451 , eighth graders wrote a creative extension of the novel. Some students wrote the opening chapter of a sequel, some rewrote a piece of the original from the perspective of a different character, and some wrote genre transformations as children's books. Those who wrote children's books not only grappled with the material to make a key idea accessible to a children's audience but actually took their books to Kindergarten to share with other budding writers.

Claire's book, The Day Mildred Was Sick, tells the story of Montag's (novel's main character) wife, Mildred, getting very ill and being treated by a futuristic doctor. In an interesting twist at the end, Mildred still just sits around watching TV, rather than spending time outside or involved in activities...even after she is recovered.

Chas' book,  The Disappearing Fireman, tells the story of Clarisse, a girl who meets her neighbor, the fireman. She talks to him about the outdoors and playing and talking, and he is surprised to find he never does those things. When she comes back to his house later in the week, he has moved out suddenly, and she realizes she must have inspired him to start a new life.

Jonathan's book,  The Secret Books, chronicles the plot of the original novel with Dr. Seuss-style rhyming and audience-appropriate changes: "But one day, [Montag] got home and saw a sign. It said 'Are you happy?' He thought about it for a long time." His novel ends with Montag and his new friend deciding to memorize as much from books as they can to share with other people.

How Do YOU Volunteer?
What is your volunteer style?  Everyone has one!  Are you helping out in CAPPA?  Perhaps you are volunteering in your child's classroom, assisting the Admission Office, or pitching in with special events.  Maybe you put some sweat equity into a Campus Clean-up or serve on a school committee. Your special talent might be working on the school's annual auction! Every one of us should plan to put in some hard time on at least one clean-up crew! Seriously! Yes, I mean YOU!

If we all give of our time, talent and treasure, not only will we experience the camaraderie and community of serving together for a noble goal, but we will also ensure our children the best education possible!  Need some help picking your volunteer pat h? Touch base with Michelle Ritter, or Catherine Emry! Contact Catherine Emry!

Bookfair Bursting with Monster Mania
Even though the Bookfair closes on October 23, the fun is far from over!  The Book Fair is still open online untill October 26!  Books ordered online are delivered to Chesapeake Academy postage free! Also, you should know that there are many more titles on the online fair than in the cases at the Library fair.  Take a look. 

This a wonderful opportuntiy to give your children a chance to choose books that will inspire a love of reading!  Research points to student choice as an important factor in developing a life-long love of books!

Coach's Corner
The Fall season has been a blur of activity. Chesapeake Academy students participated in golf, cross country, volleyball, and soccer. The golf team worked hard this Fall and saw improvement each week as the golfers competed in tournaments throughout the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck.   Thanks to Molly Vanderpool and Ted Cook for bringing the players along so well.

The volleyball program continued to grow this Fall under the leadership of Martha Rogers and Beth Somers. The girls are looking to finish a successful season by competing in the ISAC tournament which will be  October 27 at Aylett Country Day School (games start at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.) as well as  October 29 at Christchurch School (games start at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.).

Our cross country team enjoyed running their home meets at the Dog and Oyster Vineyard this Fall. This season saw many of the CA runners achieve new personal bests. Although the team was young, the future is bright for this group of runners.

The soccer team battled through injuries and a full schedule of games to compete and make Chesapeake proud. The soccer team benefitted from terrific leadership from the seventh and eighth graders on the team. The soccer team competed in the ISAC tournament 10/20 at Ware Academy as well as 10/22 at Christchurch School. 

Upcoming we have the Fall Athletics Assembly on November 4 at 10:05 a.m.  Parents are welcomed!  We also are planning a 4/5 Soccer Play Day on October 30 as an opportunity for these grades to develop their game.

Reese Bragg, cub reporter, fills us in on PreAlgebra 7!
PreAlgebra 7 Designs the next Sensation in Cellular Communications!
This week in PreAlgebra 7, we are about to start a new challenge.  After a review of ratios and proportions, we will be using our knowledge to design a cell phone.  For this challenge we will be working hard and using our creative minds as well as our mathematical minds.  We will use a series of guided questions to help us visualize what our cell phones will look like and what we want our cell phones to be able to do.  Working with scale and measurement, we will make an accurate drawing of our design, make a clay model of it, and make a 3D CAD model on the computer. Finally, we will have to market our designs. We will be presenting them on November 18 and the person with the best cell phone will get the phone printed out by a 3D printer!

Announcing:  Author Mary Jo Beswick to Visit Chesapeake Academy on November 4!
Who is Mary Jo Beswick? She is the author/illustrator of Lonely Lola Ladybug, and she is coming to CA  for an author visit. She gets kids excited about reading and writing and illustrating through an interactive presentation that will give kids an appreciation for what goes into creating children's picture books. Don't miss out on ordering her book, Lonely Lola Ladybug, for personalized signing at the author's visit. 

Lola is a lonely ladybug in need of a friend but afraid to leave her safe little nook in the tree until one day, encouraged by a lively party of ants, Lola decides she must be brave and venture out into the big green tree in search of a friend. Find out more about Mary Jo Beswick and Lonely Lola Ladybug (or order a copy of her books)  at www.maryjobeswick.com

                    ********************************* ORDER FORM ************************************
When a child treasures a signed book, that love translates to other books. This is a unique opportunity for your child to have a signed personalized book straight from the author herself. And it's a one-of-a-kind gift you might want to stock up on well before the holidays. 

Make checks payable to Mary Jo Beswick. $12.95 retail plus  .69 cents Virginia sales tax equals a total of $13.64 per book .

Return Your Order Form & Check to school by... Wednesday October 28
School Name ____________________________________________________________________________________
Teacher's Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Your Name & email: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Student's name _____________________________________________________________________________________

        4/5 Soccer Play Day ... Getting Ready for Middle School! 
October 30 from 2:00-4:00 p.m., Chesapeake Academy will be hosting a soccer playday for our students in grades 4 and 5. This will be an opportunity for the students to learn about soccer, have fun, and show some school spirit. We will have some wacky costumes for the players as well as some  Halloween candy for the students who will be watching. Fourth and fifth grade students should remember to bring shin guards, and their PE uniform. There will be concessions available as well, so students may wish to have a small amount of cash on hand to purchase snacks. Lower School students will join Middle School students after their classroom parties to cheer on the players. This is an event that the students always enjoy, and we look forward to seeing everyone out there!

Spirit Week Sends Osprey-Fever Soaring!!
Dress Like a Teacher Day
Coach York is clearly a fashion icon at Chesapeake Academy!

Blue and White Spirit Day!
Dressed in spirited school colors, the whole school turned out to wish our soccer team well.
Throwback Thursday
Larkin dresses as himself (a grumpy version...) for Throwback Thursday!

Sixth Grade Field Trip to Blue Ridge Mountains
At the beginning of the school year, Ms. Dynia's sixth grade Advanced Geography class studied Magellan's circumnavigation of the world, including why people live where they do, what risks they take to get resources they need or want but are not available in their location, and what barriers stand in their way. 

In order to look at an example closer to home, we are heading out to the Blue Ridge to look at physical geography as a barrier, how 19th century settlers used the resources available and how they dealt with barriers, and natural areas as a resource that is quickly disappearing in our modern world, and what we can do to protect it. The students will use trail markings, compasses, and topographical maps to help them navigate, and practice the "Leave No Trace" philosophy. 

Braxton Galleher, cub reporter, keeps us abreast of Algebra 8!

Using Algebra in Design!
In our next Algebra 8 challenge, we will be working with proportion, measurement, and scale to design backpacks that fit a Pre-K student and another one to fit the Pre-K student's stuffed animal. Eighth graders measured a Pre-K student and their stuffed animal. The Pre-K children told us what they wanted on their backpacks and what they wanted the backpacks to hold. By the end of November, we will have drawn a draft, used a CAD program to make a computer model, and made a real life prototype of the 2 backpacks (kid size and stuffed animal size). The project incorporates many aspects of math, as well as real world experience like working with clients.
School Pictures...Brought to You by Yours  Truly Photography.....
Proofs of student photographs have been sent home, and orders may be placed by returning the order form at school, dropping them off in the studio, or orders may be submitted online at www.YoursTrulyPhoto.com.

After selecting the photos you like, note the image number you would like to order. You can see your child's photo with different backgrounds online.  Orders are due by Friday, October 30. 

Yearbooks! Yearbooks!  Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks!
Plan early for a yearbook! Orders are coming in quickly, and December 18  is the deadline for ordering a yearbook or advertisement for the yearbook from the 50th anniversary year. Books will be in color and will cost $5 for the first book for each family and $15 for each additional copy.  Personal and business ads are available for purchase again this year as well. Contact Katie Parker with questions. Email Katie Parker .

Student Council Squawk!
Ben Antonio, Student Council Treasurer
Thanks to everyone for participating in Spirit Week and cheering on our soccer and volleyball teams. We loved seeing everyone's school spirit. 

Chesapeake Academy loves to dress up so don't forget Black and Orange Dress Day on the 30th. There is no cost to participate.  No costumes please. 

Student Council is planning the donation for the YMCA's Festival of Trees from the Middle School, so if anyone has a Christmas tree in good condition and is willing to donate it, please let Ms. Dynia know.

Penny Wars will be here before we know it, so start scraping that change together! The competition will be fierce again this year!

The Art World (Sonja Smith) Needs your Help!
As we prepare for the Holiday Program of Lessons and Carols, we are collecting family holiday photos from the past and present for an art project. You will be delighted with the outcome!  Photos should be submitted in a labelled envelop to Sonja Smith as soon as possible or you can email them to her at Email Sonja Smith! These will be returned unscathed!  Thanks!

Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President, and Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire!
CAPPA Countdown
CAPPA would like to thank all the parents that provided  the wonderful refreshments for Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day and all the delicious desserts for the Oyster Roast. We will use the Sign Up Genius program again for the Holiday Program--stay tuned!

Volunteers are needed to help Phoebe Hollingsworth with the Christmas Parade Float. The theme is "Old Fashion Christmas". Please contact Phoebe if you would like to help.

Box Top/Inkjet Final Friday is October 30.
Congratulations to the eighth grade class for turning in over 1100 box tops last month.

Thank you,
E.Michelle Ritter

"You cannot help someone get up a hill without getting closer to the top yourself." 
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf 

An Attitude of Gratitude! 
Thanks to all the Water Missions Walkers and Teacher Sponsors for raising money for a wonderful cause!

Much gratitude to the Sponsors for the Community Oyster Roast, the hoards of volunteers who set it up, made it happen and cleaned it up!  And many thanks to all the patrons who came, had fun, and will take wonderful tales of Chesapeake Academy out into the community.

Little Bay Oyster Company owners, Lee and Holly Archard, hosted the seventh grade oystering field study.  Many thanks to these folks for sharing their passion and expertise!

Thanks to Cedrick Saunders for calibrating the equipment in the Academy Hall kitchen!  Cedrick Saunders disassembled, cleaned and adjusted all of the kitchen equipment in Academy Hall.

Mrs. Molly Vanderpool also wants to thank the Saunders family for use of a series of toy barns in Kindergarten!

Inward Bound was a wonderful success in large part due to the leadership of the eighth grade and Student Council! 

Bookfair Volunteers have made all the difference to the success of this fair! Many thanks!

Thank you to Alison Weddle and all the volunteers who came out for Campus Clean-up Day. Special thanks to Charlie Li and Will Weddle for building the scarecrow students in front of the Osprey Nest.  Alison wishes to thank all the hard-working souls who cleaned our campus!
  • Wanda Harding
  • Chris Cammarata
  • Charlene Hopkins
  • Babs Mumma
  • Lily Reihs (8th grader)
  • Catherine Emry
  • Richard Abbott
  • Michelle and Matt Ritter
  • Charlie Li (8th grader)
  • Joshua Abbott (4th grader)
  • Landon Reihs (5th grader)
  • Will Weddle (1st grader)

CAPPA President, Michelle Ritter extends a hearty thank you to Jennifer Hinton for all her help on Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day.

Thanks to River Glass Company for donating glass panes to the eighth grade science class for their mineral streak tests (Mohs Hardness Scale).

This flock of Ospreys flew in for the Community Oyster Roast!  So wonderful to see all these special folks!
Dates to Remember
10/23 Sixth Grade Advanced Geography Field Trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains
10/26 Karate, 3:15 p.m.
10/27 ISAC Volleyball Tournament at Aylett, games at 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
10/26 Golf at Hobbs Hole vs. Aylett and Ware
10/28 PALS, "Tunes that Teach" 9:30 a.m.
10/29 Volleyball Tournament at CCS, 5:00 p.m.consolation game, 6:00 p.m. championship 
10/30 MP1 Ends, Seacamp Chick Fil A, Student Council Black and Orange Dress Day, 4/5           Soccer Play Day, Orders due for Author Mary Jo Beswick visit 
10/31 Hallowe'en In Irvington
11/1 Daylight Savings Time, Clocks Fall Back!
11/2 Karate Class, 3:15 p.m.
11/4 Author Visit Mary Jo Beswick, Dress Uniform, Fall Athletics Assembly, 10:05 a.m.
11/5 Urbanna Oyster Festival Education Days (Grades 3,4, and 5)
11/9-12 Essential Parent Partnership Conference Days
11/11 Veteran's Day, Foxcroft Admission Visit, 12:45 p.m.
11/14 SSAT at Chesapeake Academy
11/16 Karate Class, 3:15 p.m.
11/18 PALS, "The Trickster Trilogy" 9:30 a.m.

Eagle Release at Belle Isle State Park fits into Kindergarten's Wildlife Study!
Kindergarteners had a front row seat for everything from the story of Ali the eaglet to her release.  "Goosebumps." was the way a K described the morning. "We watched her shake her tail feathers as she flew away, back to the wild."

A thank you to Allison Weddle and the rangers of Belle Isle State Park for notifying CA of the release, arranging for a guided hike, and reserving the picnic area for our class.

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