April 17, 2015
The Head's Heads Up... "These are a few of my favorite things...."

I came to Chesapeake Academy eight years ago because I loved what the school was and what it could be. I was comfortable with the school's mission and philosophy and drawn to CA's warmth and caring atmosphere and its people. I love Chesapeake Academy even more deeply today and have come to understand that it's the small things and the special moments that give me the greatest satisfaction.

Here are some of my favorite things:


...Greeting students each morning

My favorite fifteen minutes of the whole day is welcoming kids to school each morning. Even in the cold, wind, rain, snow, and heat, I love this special time of hearing from the kids about what is happening in their lives - a lost tooth, athletic scores, a new pair of shoes, or a complaint about being tired - I get brief snapshots of what is happening in their lives.


...Seeing children laugh and enjoy themselves

Childhood should be a time of joy, adventure, and play. Chesapeake Academy still celebrates childhood, and I love hearing the children's spontaneous laughter as they discover and learn. A board member once said to me, "Chesapeake Academy - a place where hugs are as important as homework." Watching these special times, I think he is right.


...Watching children overcome obstacles and achieve success

It is satisfying watching children accept a challenge and work hard to achieve a goal. It is an even better moment observing them celebrate their successes.


...Positive and upbeat people

Chesapeake Academy is filled with enthusiastic people who love what they are doing. It is a joy spending time with them.


...Watching students treat each other with respect

From the youngest to the oldest, our students appreciate being a part of a respectful learning community. Being kind and courteous, sharing, and helping others is part of every day at CA.


Just thinking....small but important things.


"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."



Nautical Night!


The Auction is online!!!  Bidding has begun for silent auction items, and you can join the fun by visiting Chesapeake Academy's Website and clicking the link for the Nautical Night Auction!  You can look at all items up for bid by clicking "All items" on the left or by picking a category that captures your imagination.  We have 15 categories with many items in each category.  Categories include Bookings (Events/Tickets), Captain's Table (Food and Wine), Landlubbers (Yard and Garden), Other Booty (Miscellaneous), Shuffleboard (Sports, Camps and Lessons) and many more!  Of course you have to look in the Sea Chest of Treasure category (From our Scalawags) where many classroom projects were created with the help of CA students.  


Look at the LIVE items--including unique trips to Montana, Key West, Italy, and Nag's Head!  The VIP Evening at the Richmond Forum will be bid on at the auction as will your own Private Regatta...the Oyster Roast for 50 including the band Out on a Limb...a Holland America Cruise...Dinner at the Hoopers.... Dinner for 25 from Willaby's...and back by popular demand, is the Honey Do Crew!  Call Catherine Emry to give a maximum bid for LIVE items if you can't attend the auction. 


Volunteers are still needed to clean supplies, make bid paddles, help with decorations and displays, etc. The auction is less than three weeks away, and all hands on deck are needed.  Stop by the office to see how you can help, or call Kimberly Vail at 804.761.2845 or Catherine Emry at 804.438.5575 and tell them when you can help.

To stay ship shape....Sell or purchase your raffle tickets today. Everyone can use cash--call your family and friends where ever they live and sell tickets to them also! 


Don't be shy! Share Heads Up with friends and relatives! Help to spread the word about what our Ospreys are Catching!

Class Acts...What's Happening on the Halls?
Third Grade Biography Project
In January, third graders delved into a biography about Martin Luther King, Jr.  In February, they selected a biography to read on their own about a famous person they wanted to learn more about.  This outside reading assignment included: reading the biography independently, taking the AR quiz for the novel, completing a graphic organizer/book report, then creating their person using an old soda bottle or something similar as the body.  Do you recognize the famous people presented and created?  Just in case you need a little help:  (left to right above) Theodore Geisel, Abraham Lincoln, Vince Lombardi, Daniel Boone, Gabrielle Douglas, J. F. Kennedy, and Pocahantas.

Visit Ms. Antonio's Class blog to hear more news from third grade.  Ms. Antonio's Third Grade Adventures

Jack Terry's Sneetah is a great example of the creative zoology going on in First Grade!
Zoology takes an Interesting Turn in First Grade!  
First graders recently acted as zoologists, creating their own creature dioramas.  Each "onederful" first grader imagined an animal that had just been discovered and then students listed habitats, needs, prey, and predators, characteristics and size. Extending the fun, first graders brainstormed stories with their animal as the main character and used each other's characters as friends in their stories.  Stay tuned: there is a third step yet to come in this project!  

Visit Ms. Vanderpool's class blog to learn more about this project ( Oneders of CA).

Virginia Council on Economic Education's Mini-Economies Day Winning Teams Discuss what Worked Well!

To learn more about VCU's joint program with the Virginia Council on Economic Education (VCEE),  the annual Market Days event, visit the website,  VCU's Council on Economic Education
Winning Entry:  Magnificent Magnets
"The magnetic tape was the secret to our success. It wasn't all about the magnets. We had to think about the designs and names of our product. Next year, I would make more with pipe cleaners, because they sold out first."
-- Lewis Tompkins, Fourth grade  
Winning Entry:  Just Ospreys!
"We were successful because we made a lot of origami birds.  Our display was well done and we had a good variety of products. I learned that not everybody has to buy what we want them to.  They had to make decisions to buy our items.  Next year, we will make our prices higher, because our prices were too low and we ran out of items." 
 --Leyton Dew, Third Grade
Winning Entry: Slimey Slugs
"Using glitter was the secret to our success because it was different from everyone else's. We learned to lower and raise our prices when needed. Next time, I would make our sign more durable, because it kept falling down. " 
--Ben Smith, Fifth Grade

Coming Soon to Grades K, 1, and 2:  Otis Lennon School Ability Tests (OLSATs)

In late April (4/20-4/23), Kindergarten, first, and second grade students will take the Otis Lennon School Ability Test.  The OLSATs are not designed to measure mastery of content at particular grade levels. Rather, the OLSATs are designed to measure a student's ability to perform school-related cognitive tasks such as logical reasoning and pattern continuation. We administer the OLSAT to compare predicted ease with academic tasks to achievement in the classroom.  As with any assessment, standardized tests represent one measure of achievement and progress within a student's entire portfolio. The complete picture of progress is a combination of standardized test scores and a variety of other indicators in classroom performance. 

How can you help your child prepare?  You really can't:  so relax! The only support you can offer is to ensure that bedtimes and meals are consistent and sleep patterns are adequate. The results will go home to parents later in May with the published instructions for score report interpretation and a letter about the test.  Julie Keesee is always available to answer any questions. No worries!


Sailing & Seamanship Course Offered for Ages 6 - 10
Announcing ... A chance to give your children a good foundation in seamanship and safe boating habits plus a quick introduction to sailing!  Arabella Denvir of Premier Sailing is offering a sailing and seamanship course to Chesapeake Academy students ages 6-10 on two consecutive Tuesdays, (May 12 and Tuesday, May 19) after school from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m at Rappahannock River Yacht Club.  The course will cost $50 dollars (Checks made out to CA) and will feature how to safely board and disembark from a boat, how to tie a boat up, prepare lines, how to fend off, how to load a boat, right of way rules for power and sail boats, dangers on and around boats how to pick up moorings and tie them and knots and heaving lines. And all that is just on the first day!  On the second class meeting, students will learn how to rig and launch an Optimist, sail a short course, handle the sails, land at the dock, and do a capsize drill.

Contact Michelle Ritter via email ( Contact Michelle Ritter) or call 301.717.5157 to register your child for this exciting opportunity!  For more information about Ms. Denvir and Premier Sailing, visit the  Premier Sailing Website. Additional sessions may become available based on interest.

Tennis and Track Take Off!
Winter is over at last, and spring sports are in full swing! Track and tennis teams have been working hard at practice to get ready for their first competitions. The tennis team has worked with Pat Abenante, the tennis pro at Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, as well as having regular practices in Irvington. The first match with Aylett Country Day School took place April 16 at CCS.

The track team is getting a lot of great conditioning done two days a week. They compete in the long jump, shot put, discus, and several running events. Their first meet is at CA on April 23.  

All of the athletes are excited to compete this spring.  Come on out to support our Osprey athletes! Link to Athletics Calendar
Impressed? Spread the Good Word!  
Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret! Tell a friend....refer a student!  Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Mrs. Scott at 804.438.5575 or hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org.
Excitement Builds at the Northern Neck History Fair at Historic Christ Church
It's history project time again!  The Northern Neck History Fair at Historic Christ Church inspires students to stretch their research, design and display skills--and we love seeing what they come up with!  Open to students from Lancaster Middle (Fourth Grade), Northumberland Elementary (Fourth Grade), and Chesapeake Academy (Third Grade), projects must deal with some element of Virginia history related to the period 1607 - 1789. Students may choose to create an original essay on an event, person or cultural development that shaped Virginia in the period, or they can create an original exhibit, display, or design that tells the story of an event, person, or cultural development from the period. Prizes are awarded for first, second, and third places as well as honorable mentions in each category. All participants will be entered in a drawing to win two tickets to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. The entries from all competing schools will be on display in the Bayne Center at HCC Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  The Awards Ceremony for all participants, family members, and teachers will be held April 22, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at Historic Christ Church. 
  • Joshua Abbott--Powhatan Indians
  • Leyton Dew--Transportation in the Period
  • Andrew Horton--Indian Tools
  • Ap Pollard--The Discovery
  • Maddie Ritter--Sam Collier
  • Martin Smith--The Jamestown Church
  • Rya Struse--Stingray Point
To see all the class projects, visit Ms. Antonio's classroom blog! Ms. Antonio's Third Grade Adventures!

March Mystery Month Finale: It was A Slime Fest!
This multi-grade deductive reasoning challenge is designed to offer cross-curricular  extensions of the curriculum in a fun format during the long days of Winter. Planned to cap off Friday afternoons, the launch of March Mystery Month was delayed by snow. In this much-anticipated project, students worked in multi-grade teams, each led by a fourth grader, to decipher a coded invitation to a mystery event as well as a list of things to bring. Coded clues popped up all month long, with different grade students taking responsibility for deciphering each clue.  Each team kept a case journal, recording information, ideas, and clues about the elusive event. The culminating surprise was buckets of slimy fun!  

Midsummer Night's Dream
Seventh graders have been studying Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  In pairs, they were tasked with bringing this very old play set in Ancient Greece, into the modern world. They created scripts for a scene of their choice, including summaries, costume plans, and promotion posters (complete with tag lines). The results brought the magic into whole new settings from Central Park in NYC to suburban VA and changed characters in new ways. One production turned the mischievous fairy, Puck, into a lab-coat-wearing boy genius always mixing up potions in his room! Then the class cold-read the plays and chose one to pursue as a production. They decided on a version set in Athensville in the Midwest where some farm kids end up on misadventures in love. With a deadline of four days, these industrious students worked out line memorization, understudies, costumes, blocking, stage combat, projection, and the technological challenges of filming outside with wind and bright sunshine to finally film their finished product.
Cast List:
  • Lily as Jesse (Puck)
  • Claire as Helen (Helena)
  • Colette as Audie (Hermia)
  • Chas as Randy (Lysander)
  • Braxton as Kyle (Demetrius)
  • Charlie as Director/Prompter
  • John as Cameraman and Blocking Director

Harrison was originally Demetrius (Kyle) but illness created the need for an understudy to step up.  So Braxton stepped up to the plate ready to switch from a Prompter/Blocking Director to a stage role!  Stay tuned as this class production makes its Youtube debut in the near future!

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Second Graders Swimming at YMCA
We live in the land of many waters!   And every local child should be a competent swimmer in order to be safe!  Thanks to Coach Griffin and our friends at the Northern Neck YMCA, second graders will travel to the YMCA for swimming lessons at the end of May. The lessons are part of the YMCA Learn to Swim program  set up with the American Red Cross. Nine one-hour lessons should make a great start toward water safety.  The YMCA will be offering more lessons over the summer for families who what to continue lessons.  Northern Neck YMCA

Sixth Grade Latin Students Keep the Language Alive in their own Latin Play

Based on a funny Latin skit about school, sixth graders had to write their own Latin play and present it in front of the class. Dramatists find the nuances of Latin syntax and semantics engaging while they create and perform.  Way to keep things shaking, Ms. Andersen!



Recommended Reading!
Recently published in Forbes Magazine and widely circulated on the internet, this article makes some excellent points about the many ways our best intentions as parents interfere with our parenting goals and short-circuit our children's development!  Click the link to read this timely and well-drawn piece.  

Yippee! A New Flexible Full-Day Tuition Option for 

Pre-K loves music and peeping inside the piano!

Pre-K 3&4 Answers Parent Needs!

Chesapeake Academy has responded to the significant demands on the often limited resources of families by restructuring its Pre-K 3&4 tuition option. Beginning in September, families will be able to choose a flexible full-day option that includes childcare up to  5:30 in addition to the half-day ( 8:30 a.m. to noon) option. If you select this option, your child has a secured spot in extended day until  5:30 p.m. whether your child departs at  2:00 p.m. or  5:00 p.m.! Use it as much or as little as needed each day. How is that for offering flexibility?


To learn more about this new flexible full-day option, contact Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, at 804.438.5575 or hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org.


CAPPA President, Katie Dew
CAPPA Update
Chesapeake Academy Parents and Patrons Association (CAPPA) has elected a new slate of officers for the upcoming 50th Anniversary school year!  Current CAPPA president, Katie Dew, is pleased to announce that she will be succeeded by Michelle Ritter (mother of  Maddie '20) as president.  Janet Smith (mother of Martin '20 and Emma '17) will serve as vice president, and Alissa Fulmer (mother of Andrew '19 and Alex '25) will take on the role of CAPPA secretary.  Esther Glover (mother of Jarrett '19) will continue as CAPPA's treasurer.  Many thanks to these individuals for their willingness to bring their talents to the table for Chesapeake Academy. CAPPA promotes the mission and philosophy of Chesapeake Academy by fostering communication among the parents and facilitating along with the Development Office a spirit of volunteerism to enrich the school program in collaboration with the Head of School. CAPPA raises funds that are channeled back into the school program to benefit students.  Every parent is encouraged to become actively involved in the life of the school as members of CAPPA!

Student Council President, Walker Antonio
Student Council Update
Thanks to everyone who has participated in Student Council's Ice Cream  Fridays to raise money for the Northern Neck Food Bank . Since ice cream sales have been such a big success, Student Council will continue to sell ice cream each Friday.  A special thanks goes to Harper Stanley who donated the proceeds from her lemonade stand to this worthy project!

Student Council also has planned their next Middle School event for  Friday, April 24 from 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m . Middle Schoolers are invited to participate in a night of "Capture the Flag" and other exciting games. Since the fourth graders are so close to their transition to Middle School, they are are also invited!  Sounds like a plan!
The Sun Never Sets on the Osprey Nation!
It is college acceptance time!  Keep an eye on the Alumni Facebook page, Chesapeake Academy - Irvington, Virginia to see where the Class of 2011 will be going next year.  As the Fiftieth Anniversary of Chesapeake Academy's re-founding approaches, there has never been a better time to find our former students, teachers, and families to reconnect!   As you run into alums, be sure to mention our Alumni Facebook page Link to Alumni Facebook Page and invite them to touch base or visit! We want the entire Osprey Community on board to celebrate 50 years of excellence in education!

Stork Report:  Babies!
There is nothing more hopeful than a baby!  Our own Coach Griffin and his wife, Ashley, announce the arrival of their daughter  Avery Belle Griffin on April 8, 2015!   This newest Osprey was 8 pounds 2 ounces,  20 3/4 inches.

Mr. and Mrs. Cook's daughter, Kristin, and her husband, Adam Boozer,  welcomed baby Liam on April 1, 2015. No Foolin'! Congratulations and much joy to these growing young families!

An Attitude of Gratitude!  
  • Our Middle School Class reps gather homework for missing students, run the morning meeting each day in homeroom, gather inspirational quotes, and help to organize Student Council Activities.  A big shout out to these great kids:  Adair Stanley, Sadie Hassman, Claire Keesee, and Eliza Carr Schmidt. 
  • Thanks to golf pro Brenda Mayer (mother of Andi Mayer '09) and Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club for providing golf lessons/boot camp for our golf team. Our skills are growing!
  • Thanks to Ms. Nancy Holzshu for all the wonderful work she has done with Academy students as a speech and language pathologist. 
  • Newcomers to the Northern Neck often learn first about the area from the real estate professionals who guide them through a housing search. Thanks to David Dew (Isabelle Horsley Real Estate), and father of Izzy '24 and Leyton '20, for gathering a passel of active realtors to learn about all that Chesapeake Academy has to offer these days!  Seeing our students in action is the best marketing available!
  • Thanks to Bo Bragg for setting up a March Madness bracket competition to benefit Chesapeake Academy!  Congratulations to alum Landon Clark '04 for the winning bracket!
  • Thanks to Lara Mills Brown for suggesting that the school look into mighty nest.com! This wonderful supplier of eco-friendly child safe products will return 15 percent of your purchases to CA!
  • Thanks to Ted Cook for administrating the faculty and student March Madness pool and congratulations to Paul McAllister who broke his second place streak to win this year!  The winning student was Jack Porter!  
  • And the secret baker strikes again.  An act of kindness done in secret....cheers everyone around.
  • A hat tip and an "Atta boy!" to Jarrett Platsis who warmed hearts by congratulating every single winner from his class at the Mini-Economies Market Days. Impressive style, Jarrett!
  • Sometimes a friend just dives in to save the day.  Thanks goes to Millie Tompkins for helping Chas Faulkner meet a very tough deadline on the Pre-K 3&$ Youtube debut!
  • The CA volunteer brigade just can not be topped!  Thanks go to Emily Thomas, Ruby Abbott, Mary Ritz, Sallie Schmidt, Alison Weddle Suzanne Souders, Betty Acree, and Rosetta Struse for stuffing envelopes for the auction invitations.
  • A thank you to our poster distribution volunteers who helped to distribute Summer Camp '15 and Osprey Merit Scholarship posters around the neighboring communities!  Your support helps to promote Chesapeake Academy.  We are grateful for your time and energy!  Thanks to:  Robin Cunningham, Grover Branson, Michelle Ritter, Rosetta Struse, Kelly Denton, Jennifer Hinton, Angelina Manyak, Alison Weddle, and Clyde and Christin Kirby.  A shout out to our faculty members supporting this effort:  Sonja Smith, Pam Macaulay, Martha Rogers.
  • Thanks to Betty Acree for the Spring sweet treats for teachers! That is not dirt! It is oreo cookies on ice cream!

"Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other."       Randy Pausch





Dates to Remember
4/20-4/23 OLSAT Testing for K-2
4/21 Tennis match at CCS
4/22 PALS Books! The Magic is Real!, 9:30 a.m.
        History Fair Awards Ceremony at HCC, 7:00 p.m.
4/24 Final Friday 
        Student Council's "Capture the Flag" 6:00 p.m.through 8:00 p.m.
5/1  Fourth Marking Period Interims go home
5/2 Nautical Nights Auction!!

Osprey Merit Scholarship Application Process has Begun!
Chesapeake Academy is on the hunt for the next Osprey Merit Scholar for 2015-16.  The Scholar will earn a free tuition to CA through graduation.  You heard correctly!  Pretty incredible, right?   Chesapeake Academy is looking for a RISING 4th, 5th, or 6th grade student (not currently enrolled at CA) with excellent academic standing, strong character, and fully engaged in the life of his/her current school.   Do you have a child from the surrounding communities you believe should be considered for the Osprey Merit Scholarship?  If yes, you may contact the family directly and share information about the scholarship or provide the student's name and contact information to Mrs. Scott, and a personal letter will be mailed to the family.

Refer a Family!
Follow this link to find the Referral Form!  New Family Referral Form
Chesapeake Academy | | chesapeakeacademy@chesapeakeacademy.org
 Post Office Box 8   107 Steamboat Road    Irvington, VA 22480