September 25, 2015
Head's Heads Up
Beginning well is half the battle, and every parent and grandparent wants happy, healthy successful children. We all dream of our children as successful independent adults...but how do we help kids get there--what particular parenting behaviors should we cultivate to make us the most the most positive force in our children's lives? Talk to the experts! Teachers often have the advantage of seeing a myriad of parenting strategies at play and the objectivity to see what works and why.  Here are five tips from teachers that are worth considering as you think of how to begin this year as an effective parent. 
1. Recognize your child is a "work in progress" and that the process of growing or learning is more important than any single success or failure. Praise the hard work and persistence that your child brings to each task, and help them embrace the reality that the process is on-going.  Learning persistence, courage, and an effective work ethic (as well as the joy of milestones met along the way) helps children become productive independent learners and contributors. 
2. Growth comes from hard work. Self-esteem comes from working through real struggles.  You can not do this for your child, and there are no magic bullets to ease the process.  The good thing is that children who put in the effort learn to really believe in themselves, and this contributes to future sucesses.
3. Effective parents build trusting and collaborative relationships with teachers. Listen carefully, follow through on suggestions, and take care of this important relationship. It is the strongest tool you have to impact your child's education.
4. Giving children appropriate independence is essential to help them feel ownership and to grow.  It may feel like a risk...but it is the only way to achieve independence. The cultural myth that parents who spoil and serve their children are the most loving robs children of authentic opportunities to grow. 
5. Be present in the process!  But never lose sight of whose job school is.  Children need adults to support the process.  But school is ultimately a child's job.  Personal struggles and successes are the building blocks of real self-esteem and growing independence.
One last hint:  No-one is perfect.  You are a "work in progress," too. Be kind to yourself. 

Community Oyster Roast Raffle!
Oyster Roast Chair, Grover Branson, is happy to report a new record has been set. The 14th Annual Community Oyster Roast is sold out!   Now's the time to focus on selling all the raffle tickets!    Raffle tickets were sent home the first week of school for each family to purchase or sell!    Chesapeake Academy is selling tickets outside of Tri-Star Supermarket on October 3  and 4 .    Call Grover at  276.365.0440  to sign up today to help sell tickets!  
Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
Students Pledge to Uphold the Honor Code
Good character grows where it is nurtured!  Middle School students pledged to uphold the Honor Code in an Honor Code Signing Ceremony in the early days of the school year.  Each student signature reflects the signer's commitment to the Code: Chesapeake Academy students will uphold the truth, respect others and their property, and maintain academic integrity.  Middle Schoolers also write and sign a pledge on all tests, exams, and other work as specified by the teacher. These basic principles of honor form a good foundation for learning and life.

Self-Portraits Exercise  Descriptive  
Vocabulary en Espanol!
Fifth  grade students are learning personal descriptive adjectives such as tall, short, color of hair, artistic, athletic, etc.  They are doing self-portraits of themselves for a bulletin board and writing a description of themselves in Spanish. Here, Spencer Cammarata is pictured taking this assignment seriously as he uses two mirrors for the job. We can think of many wonderful adjectives to describe this Spanish Class! Muy Bien!
Impressed? Spread the Good Word!  
Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret! Tell a friend....refer a student!  Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Mrs. Scott at 804.438.5575 or
Lila Porter works on her project for International Dot Day.
Arty Smarties!!
"We are off and rolling in art class," comments Art Teacher, Sonja Smith. "Middle Schoolers have begun the designs for their murals that will be presented at Grandparents and Grandfriends' Day on October 16. This year we are focusing on celebrating the 50th anniversary and incorporating our theme of trust into the designs. Lower School students have jumped right in with fresh painting projects and mixing beautiful colors! Lots of fun for new and returning students!"

Lower School celebrated International Dot Day this week. Dot day is celebrated each year around the world on September 15 (ish). It began in response to the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds, which tells the story of a girl who is dared by her teacher to "make her mark" after she feels that she can not draw. She trusts (key word here!) her teacher and herself to give it a try and finds that she is indeed able to make magnificent art! We watched an animated reading of the book and then made some art using dots. You can find out more by visiting Ask your LS kiddo about dots!

Math Maniacs!
Fifth grade is off to a great start in mathematics. We are reviewing previously taught material while mastering multiplication and division facts.  Through the use of fun, challenging games, such as Factor Captor , fifth graders are able to increase their accuracy and speed. On Fridays, fourth and fifth grade students collaborate together to practice facts and review concepts. It is a great opportunity for students to encourage one another and share their knowledge of mathematic concepts. By the end of September, we look forward to reaching our goal of learning at least four new games to improve multiplication and division skills.  

Movin' to the Groovin'
Seventh graders are exploring the 1960s to prepare to read S.E. Hinton's 
The Outsiders . The novel explores the impact of social class and gang affiliation on its adolescent characters. Though the themes are universal, the cultural references are decade specific. Today students learned the Mashed Potato and the Twist and compared those dances to some of today's dance trends (Whip and Nae Nae, Cupid Shuffle). 
These adventurous spirits are impressive!
Fantastic Five:  Senses, That Is!
"Apple week in Kindergarten was a saucy experience," explains Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Vanderpool.  "We tasted, measured, weighed, cooked/baked, painted, sewed, colored, wrote about, and of course, ate apples all week long!  The week ended with a Try-day ( Friday). W e tried tasting lemon juice, smelling cinnamon without sugar, then tasting it with sugar, and eating dill pickles. We used our five senses to try new things."

Bookmark d' Blogs!
Be sure to bookmark your K and LS child's site and visit it often to get info on all the exciting things going on!

Adventures are Bruin in Kindergarten!
Fun and Adventures in First Grade

Math Labs in Lower School Explore Patterns in September
Check out this terrific link about  math patterning with little people, which ties in with this month's math lab: Math Patterning with Wee People .
Patterns frame 
the way we make sense of our world.  Mathematically and in practically every other way.  Challenged to make complicated patterns, Gavin sets up a doozy with shape blocks.
Izzy and Isabelle work on reading and completing patterns.

Dance is patterns in movement, and this group of math labbers has the moves to prove it!
Students prepare to create intricate patterns in splashes of color.

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Rhapsody in Recorder!
Third Graders are proud to show off their new recorders!  Third grade has a recorder class 45 minutes per week where they learn to read music and perform in school programs.
Everything has a pattern...even Monarch life cycles!  Pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4 nurtured and observed a cache of caterpillars as they learned all about metamorphosis!  Check out the first hatch!
Interested in Preparing for the SSAT?
The Secondary School Ability Test (SSAT) will be offered at Chesapeake Academy on November 14 for seventh and eighth graders who are interested in applying to independent schools for high school.  Register online at .  If students are interested in participating in a prep class taught by Ms. Dynia and Mrs. Keesee, please let Mrs. Keesee know by September 25.  The cost for the class is $120 and includes the materials.  Scheduled dates for the class are  October 18 October 25 November 1 , and  November 8  from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  A total of seven students is necessary to hold the class. 
Braxton Galleher, Cub Reporter for Algebra 
Antics in Algebra!
In Algebra the eighth graders work with decimals, fractions, and percentages. We put our skills to use in a bingo game where we must find multiple ways to get the same answer. We have a lot of fun playing this game, and we are very competitive about it. This bingo game is a great way for us to learn new ways to find numbers in different forms, and also a great chance to refine our skills with this math. We are definitely settling into Algebra 8, and we look forward to the rest of the year!

Its so Easy Being Green--at Lunchtime!!
We continue to teach and encourage recycling and composting in the lunch room.  If students have items that "came from the Earth," they can be returned to the Earth in the composter outside Academy Hall.  We strongly encourage you to send your child with reusable containers and have been excited to see how many families have invested in "Bento box" type containers (there are great ones available at Mighty Nest  where the school receives 15% back from your purchases).  These lunch containers also help students select a healthy variety of food options as they fill the sections.  For families who send disposable, but recyclable containers such as yogurt cups, apple sauce, or drink bottles, we have begun having the students rinse them out and put them in the recycling bin in Academy Hall.  This promotes student responsibility for their items and also keeps messy things from coming home in the lunch box.  We will continue to send dry trash and unopened items home so you can see what your child is eating.  As an additional reminder, items that require more than a quick zap in the microwave cut into eating time in the lunch room.  Thermoses work wonderfully well for keeping warm items warm without needing to line up for the microwave.
Student Council Squawk!
Lily Reihs, Student Council President
Join Student Council on  October 10 for the Walk for Water at Grace Episcopal Church in Kilmarnock. We are meeting there at  9:00 a.m. so we can walk together as a team, wearing our CA t-shirts and sweaters (depending on the weather!) The minimum donation is $10 per person, and the class with the highest percentage of participation will receive a donut party! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Student Council is also gearing up for their first event of the year, a superhero themed dance at Inward Bound on  October 8. So Middle Schoolers, dust off your capes and secret identities for a super-powered night!

On another note... Don't forget to plan early for a yearbook! Orders have come pouring in already, but  December 18  is the deadline for ordering a yearbook or advertisement. As last year, the books will be in color and will cost $5 for the first book for each family and $15 for each additional copy. They make great presents for those out of the area relatives! Personal and business adds are available for purchase again this year as well. See order forms for pricing information. Contact Katie Parker with questions. Email Katie Parker  

  "Working together, each giving a little bit when you can, has great results."

Hear, ye...Hear, ye...
Hear, ye!
Chesapeake Academy's Beautification Committee will be hosting its first campus wide clean-up! 

, October 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Meet outside the Wiley building.

Bring: large black trash bags, gardening tools, gloves,  hedge trimmers, rakes, and shovels. Pick-up trucks will be needed.

If you are interested in helping, please RSVP to Alison Weddle
 at 540.960.0454 or  

New Parent Orientation Reminder
On September 1, new parents attended an orientation to kick off the school year.  A few key reminders for new parents from Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, as they settle into the school year:
  • Volunteer - contact members of the executive committee of CAPPA to find ways to support the happenings at CA! Get involved, make new friends, support your child's school, and have fun!
  • Decal - place a CA decal on all of your cars!  If you need an additional decal, contact Hilary at  When folks in the surrounding community see your decal, it helps to create a greater awareness of CA!
  • Spread the word - tell your family and friends about CA; learn about the Referral Program by contacting Hilary -  You could earn a $500.00 tuition credit! Share those fantastic stories you hear with your friends and family....create enthusiasm and interest in all that happens at CA!

An Attitude of Gratitude! 
  • Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, wishes to thank CA room parents for welcoming new families in their classes before the start of school. These folks help to keep our fine tuned machine moving along all year long:
Pre-K 3&4: Sonja Smith
Kindergarten: Katie Dew
Grade 1: Angelina Manyak
Grade 2: Clyde Kirby and Christin Waleski-Kirby
Grade 3: Robin Cunningham
Grade 4: Rosetta Struse
Grade 5: Chris Cammarata
Grade 6: Cheslie and Penny Smith
Grade 7: Dabne Hattersley
Grade 8: Amy Groh
  • A special thank you goes out to Louise Branflick, mother of Milly Branflick. Louise created a New Parents Guide by New Parents during the 2014-15 school year. This new resource was sent to all new parents before the start of school. The Branflick family has returned to their home in England for the 2015-16 school year. We wish Milly and her family well during their year across the pond.
  • Michael Branson, Ashton Hollingsworth, and Charlie Li joined parent Grover Branson to give the busses a makeover! Thanks to these generous souls, our students will be riding in style!
  • Thanks to Phyllis Horn (grandmother of Ryleigh and Celden) for the donation of great books for teachers to read!  Thanks to Ryleigh for giving her the idea!
  • Many thanks to Don Nelson at the Golden Eagle Golf Course for the many ways he supports our golf team!
  • We appreciate Mr. Glenn Cockrell sharing the Watermissions, International with us.  His passion is contagious!
  • Thanks to the Hope and Glory Vineyard owners, Dudley and Peggy Patteson and Mark Hollingsworth our cross country runners have a beautiful place to practice!
  • Elizabeth Stanley, Adair Stanley, and Rebecca Meberg volunteered to help the LS students recycle their plastic containers from their lunches on Friday, resulting in a quick and easy transition from lunch to recess for our younger students!

New Parent Round Table
New parents are reminded to contact Connie Smith to RSVP for this event on  October 6 at 8:30.  You may reach Connie at or directly at  804.438.5575

New parents are encouraged to join the Chesapeake Academy Facebook group!  This is a great resource of information for families -and a super easy way to share CA stories with your family and friends!

Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President
CAPPA Countdown
Can you believe we have almost completed the entire first month of school? It has been a packed month--and thank you to all that attended and/or provided refreshments for our many festivities during September. 

Looking forward, CAPPA has begun taking orders for their Apple Sale. Orders will be taken until  October 16 , so please try and support this important fundraiser by selling or purchasing some delicious apples from Dickie Brothers Orchards. 

The Campus Clean-Up Day has been scheduled for  Saturday, October 10  starting at  8:30 a.m . This is the time to put some shine on our campus in preparation for Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day and the Oyster Roast. Please let Alison Weddle know if you will be able to come and help. And remember what Mrs. Cook's wise grandmother said, "many hands make light work!"

"Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer."

Dates to Remember

9/25 Seacamp Chick Fil A, Final Friday
        Volleyball at Lancaster Middle School 4:00 p.m.
9/28 Golf at Hobbs Hole vs. Aylett, 3:30 p.m.
         Varsity Soccer at Northumberland Middle School, 4:00 p.m.
9/29 Cross Country at home, 4:00 p.m.
         Grades 7 and 8 Field Trip
         12:00 p.m. St. Margaret's School Presentation
9/30 PALS, Tales as Tall as the Sky, 9:30 a.m.
         JV Soccer vs. Aylett, 4:00 p.m.
         Volleyball at Ware, 4:00 p.m.
10/2 Godspeed at the Tides Inn, Grades 5 and 6
10/3 Fall Fling for Grades 6,7,8
10/5 Golf Home@ King Carter vs. Ware and Aylett
10/6  8:30 a.m. New Parent Round Table
10/7  Dress Uniform, Picture Day
10/8-9 MS Inward Bound at Camp Kekoka
10/12 Columbus Day, School Closed
10/13 Book Fair Opens
           8:30 a.m. CAPPA Executive Committee Meeting
10/16 Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day
10/17 Oyster Roast

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