March 27, 2015
The Head's Heads Up

According to Dr. Jim Taylor, author of the article,  "Parenting: DecisionMaking," "Decision making is one of the most important skills children need to develop to become healthy and mature adults." In order to develop good decision makers and help children become responsible and independent adults there are some things that parents can do.  

  • Allow children to make choices - Reasonable and age appropriate choices give children a sense of ownership and responsibility for their decisions. Provide opportunities to make simple decisions. For practice, discuss decisions made by characters in books. There are many opportunities to raise awareness of decisions they make every day from being kind to a friend to completing homework. They will also begin to learn the consequences of their decisions.
  • Discuss options - Help your children think through options for different situations to understand why one choice may be better than another. Guiding children through the choices they have teaches them how to make responsible decisions in the future.
  • Encourage decision making to promote responsible behavior - Talk with your children about decisions they have made. For example ask, "What other ways could the situation have been handled? Or "What is a better way to handle the problem?" This prompts them to reflect on their choice and possibly make a different (and better) decision in the future.
  • And finally, state when there is no choice - Sometimes for very good reasons, children do not have choices. Children must understand that the adult is the final decision maker. And, we as the adults, need to remember that the children are watching how we go about making decisions and will model our behavior.

Dr. Taylor says, "When children make a good decision, they gain the greatest amount of satisfaction because they chose it. When children make a bad decision, he/she may suffer a bit, but can learn from the experience to make better decisions in the future." Teaching children to make good decisions helps them to develop independence and confidence in their own judgement. We all appreciate that outcome.


Nautical Night!


The Nautical Night Auction raffle tickets are in your hands to buy or sell.  The drawing will be held during the auction, and tickets are $10 each.  First prize is $5,000, 2nd prize is $1,000 and 3rd prize is $500.  You do not need to be present to win. Buy 10 tickets, and receive one free.  Everyone can use cash!!!!  


Auction items will include exciting trips, spectacular gifts, valuable services, and unique products for all ages and price points.  BidPal technology will allow patrons to preview and bid online beginning on April 15th.  Items donated are featured on both Facebook pages, and you are encouraged to share these posts on your Facebook page to create more exposure and excitement.  


Volunteers are still needed to help with procurement, decorations, set-up during the week of the auction and clean-up the day after the auction.  Call Kimberly Vail at 761.2845 or Catherine Emry at  804.438.5575 to volunteer today!

Or, if you prefer....

Don't be Baffled by the Raffle! Don't Waffle ... just Raffle!
When you have sold your allotted tix...just boogie on down to Catherine-town to sign up to sell some more! Everyone wins here when everyone sells here!

Classroom accomplishments, accolades and antics...
"Orchestra Games" Captivate Young Ospreys!
The Richmond Symphony presented their 2014-15 Elizabeth G. Schneider Discovery Concert to an enthusiastic audience that included Chesapeake Academy Kindergarten through third grade students. Music Teacher Beth Somers reports, "The highlight of our Symphony trip was a piece composed by Gregory Smith called, "The Orchestra Games.  The musical piece was accompanied by a narrator and included interactive audience participation!" Composer, Gregory Smith, has written music for the Discovery Channel, CBS, ESPN, and Disney theme parks. The scores Smith created for children and families have been played by over 200 orchestras in over 900 concerts. Well prepared for this cultural experience by Beth Somers in music classes, students brushed up on recognition of musical instruments by sight and sound, musical terms, themes, and the organization and placement of orchestral instruments on the stage. At the performance, students learned to listen to identify which instruments could play the highest, lowest, loudest and softest tones.  Ms. Somers continues, "We also learned terms like pizzicato which is when strings are plucked instead of bowed and how a mute can soften the sound of the horn players.  We had the best seats, front and center in the orchestra section where our students could see and participate fully!" Learning to love music and/or play an instrument is a wonderful rite of passage that can have long-lasting cognitive benefits!  

Lewis Ginter Professional Development:  Motivating and Inspiring!

Members of the Chesapeake Academy Lower School faculty participated in a three-day collaborative conference at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens that focused on opportunities to make natural connections using interdisciplinary teaching approaches. First Grade Teacher, Molly Vanderpool explained, "My class, led by former director of the Virginia Children's Engineering Council, Elizabeth Kirk, was filled with STEAM, STEM, STEAM-H, and PBL ideas and resources for teaching weather in and out of elementary classrooms. We participated in a day-long data gathering activity involving references from across the curriculum that can be used in our own classrooms." Presenters modeled ways to blend science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics standards and activities for authentic learning experiences.

Honorary King of Peeps, Chas Faulkner, edits the music video for PreKindergarten!
Multi-Modal and Movin' to the Groove!  Pre-K 3 & 4 Rocks their First Music Video!
Everything is easier with music and a beat! And using all the senses at once is powerful mojo for learning, especially for the youngest Ospreys! PreKindergarteners explored left to right progression of text, symbols and sounds, sound waves, and rhythms, tracks, accompanists, video, props, and storyboards as they imagined, designed and created their own music video.  Patterned after Sesame Street's feature, "1,2,3,4" with the pop artist, Feist, students built the rhythms, created the audio track, designed the props, planned their movements and executed with the greatest style!  Beth Somers shared some music magic as she designed the arrangements; Landon Clark patiently accompanied singers on the guitar and shared Garage Band with the class; and Chas Faulkner produced the video after filming from the storyboard concepts. Who knew there was so much power in music and rhythm! 

Check out the PreKindergarten 3 & 4 video at this link.  There is no limit to the number of ways multi-modal music be good for the brain!  Click to see the Youtube video!

Impressed? Spread the Good Word!  
Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret! Tell a friend....refer a student!  Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Mrs. Scott at 804.438.5575 or
Activity Periods Develop Student Interests and Connection to Curriculum
In the third marking period, students chose from a rich variety of activity period options that included Robotics, Tiny Teachers, Yearbook, Photography, Reading, Nautical Knots, Gym Games, or Zentangle. Activity periods are designed to offer students opportunities to pursue interests or explore new ones while making broader connections across grades and with faculty sponsors.  Offerings in the fourth marking period will include Robotics, Activity Period Sampler, Cooking, and Computer Coding.
Jordan Abbott is in the Zentangle Zone!
Larkin Denton and Orie Bullard assemble their Remotely Operated Vehicle!
Colette, Lily, and Claire get the  best vantage point to compose their shots.
Zentangle is active meditation while creating beautiful artwork. "Tangling," according to faculty  sponsor Hillary May, "involves using simple, repetitive patterns that anyone can do to create intricate works of art. One of the joys of Zentangle is that there are no mistakes; any deviations from the pattern are just used to start a new pattern or incorporated in another way. In Zentangle activity period, we turn on peaceful music and water sounds to relax, and we tangle everything from shapes to animals to the United States of America."

Led by Robin Blake,  students are building SeaPerch underwater ROVs. SeaPerch is a K-12 educational outreach program sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and managed by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Foundation, designed to help identify the next generations of STEM professionals.  Students are given a box of raw materials, and they measure, cut and drill PVC pipe, assemble thrusters, strip wire for a tether cable, waterproof their motors, solder the cable wire to the motors, and finally build the circuit board for their control box.  Students will build an obstacle course in the water to see who can control their ROV the best and then find and recover some "treasures" from the bottom of the pool.  Ms. Blake plans to attach underwater cameras as well, and then go to the beach to have a little underwater fun!
Under Paul McAllister's artful eye, the  photography activity period focuses on a new photographic skill each week that students can use to see the world differently and increase the quality of their photos. After spending the first few minutes talking about a particular photographic concept and looking at professional examples of it, students head off to try their hand at implementing the concept. So far students have examined manual focus, leading lines, perspective, and patterns. All of these skills will be put together in the last session as students try to capture their very best photograph.

More fun in Algebra ... from Cub Reporter, Sophie Scott!
" We have begun a new challenge in Eighth Grade Algebra class! The objective is to design more space efficient soda can packaging. The average soda can packaging is a rectangular 2x6 twelve pack of soda, but there is a lot of unused space between the curves of the soda cans. We could choose to either design a new shape of soda can or just redesign the packaging. Some of us are doing elaborate stacking patterns of cans, while others are reshaping the cans to be a pyramid or rectangular prism. Students had to take into consideration ease of use for the consumer, too. We also created prototypes, 3D CAD models, and advertisements to be presented and critiqued by other teachers and students. "

Spelling Bee Buzzzzzz!
Volunteers from your faculty and one courageous parent volunteer joined the throng of community supporters who formed teams of intrepid spellers to participate in the Lancaster Community Library's Adult Spelling Bee to raise money for the renovation of the new space. Debbie Cook, Julie Keesee, Hilary Scott, Chris Cammarata (mother of Spencer '19) and Hillary May R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T-E-D Chesapeake Academy! Check out the first five words on the practice site!  This was not for the faint of heart!  
  1. anthophilous
    feeding on flowers
  2. banausic
    (formal) ordinary and not refined
  3. bedraggle
    make wet and dirty, as from rain
  4. latke
    made of grated potato and egg with a little flour
  5. abecedarian
    alphabetically arranged (as for beginning readers)

    Proud of that community spirit!  

Elizabeth Stanley and Jack Porter start the collection!
Greening-up CA:Sustainability is an Ongoing Quest
As Spring garbs the ground in a fuzzy green, our thoughts turn away from staying warm, and we begin to think again of all we can do to support a cleaner environment.  While sustainability is not a new initiative at CA, we are always thinking of new ways we can be good stewards.  

Fifth graders are in charge of recycling. Each  Friday  afternoon, they collect approximately 20 recycling bins from around the school. Students consolidate this collection into two or three bins each week and then deliver it to faculty volunteers who drop it off at the recycling center.

Seventh grade continues with their oyster gardening project in order to benefit the Bay by adding to a reef that will serve as a natural water filter, a nursery zone for juvenile species, and an erosion buffer. Seventh graders also manage the school's composting efforts. Each day, students collect pencil shavings and the discarded remains of fruit and vegetable scraps to compost.

School efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging students to bring lunch in reusable containers to reduce trash may be bolstered by CAPPA's promotion of is a unique, online shop which specializes in organic, non-toxic products for your home and family!  Fifteen percent of your order price will be donated to Chesapeake Academy!  Just log on to, enter CA's zip code, 22480 and your email address to join and shop.  This company will also donate a dollar for every friend you invite to the website so be liberal with you invitations!

A little tip to pique your interest ... .
The fifth grade is planning the art show this May which will be combined with Spring Sing to create an Arts Extravaganza. Keep an ear open to hear how much these students are learning about event planning and staging!
Like what you see? 
You can support it!
Your gift benefits today's students and everyone's future. Give to the Chesapeake Academy Annual Fund! 
Spring Sports are off to a Good Start!

Varsity Tennis
Paul McAllister, Coach
Boyd Bragg
Millie Tompkins
Thomas Wilson
Claire Keesee
Harrison Tompkins
John Vail
Colette Haynie
Philip Haynie
Abby Souders

April 14 vs. Aylett 4:00 p.m,
April 21 vs. Aylett 4:00 p.m.
May 5 vs. Aylett 4:00 p.m.
May 13 vs. Aylett 4:00 p.m.

All matches will be at CCS.

Tra ck
Rick Griffin, Coach
Walker Antonio
Joseph Gardner
Noah Struse
Millie Tompkins
Eliza Carr Schmidt
Mears Pollard
Thomas Wilson
John Vail
Ben Antonio
Faith Hattersley
Ashton Hollingsworth
Jack Porter
Larkin Denton
Elizabeth Stanley

April 23  vs. Aylett at CA  4:00 p.m.
May 7  vs. Aylett at Aylett  4:00 p.m.

Sum..sum ... summertime!   Get your Camp Applications in Early ... Opportunities for Fun in the Sun are Filling Up!

Camp Chesapeake has space left in some creative and fun summer offerings!
  • Drama and Robotics with Robin Blake (June 15-19)
  • Arts and Sports with Sonja Smith (June 22-26)
  • Magical Mystery Tour with Katie Parker (June 29-July 3)
  • Field to Table (July 6-10)
  • Northern Neck Explorers (July 13-17)
  • Hike, Bike, Sail (July 20-24)!   

If you register for camp before April Fool's Day, you can qualify for zero registration fees!  No joke!

Contact Summer Camp Director, Rick Griffin with any questions!  
Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders Participate in
 Market Days 
at the Mini-Economies Fair at the Seigal Center
The Mini Economies Fair  is an experience-based instructional program used to teach the concepts of entrepreneurship, economics, and government in a classroom setting. Conducted as a unit of study, this high energy simulation focuses on economic education, financial literacy, classroom management, and "real-world" market situations. During the simulation, students establish their own society, design and print their own money, plan and open businesses, and create a functioning government. The outcomes are right on target with 21st Century skill building.

Market Day is a culminating event which provides students the opportunity to sell the goods and services they have made as part of establishing their own business.  Students also get to be buyers using the currency established for the class economy.  

Third, fourth and fifth grade students learned how to create and market a product from recycled materials that would appeal to other students.   Products and displays were all 100% made at school by the students.  CA participants benefitted from feedback from eighth graders and were able to make constructive and positive adjustments to their products and marketing plans prior to Market Days.  

  • "Pricing was very hard because we  didn't know how much it costs to make the item that normally sells in a store,  if people would buy it, and if it was something they could easily make at home themselves." Ryleigh Hornsmith
  • "It was hard to sell your products in such a short period of time, when  everyone around you was selling items as well." Andrew Fulmer
  • "Today was exciting, and invigorating!  It was such an experience to sell and buy products." Lewis Tompkins
  • "Today was exciting but very hard.  We learned that business is not what you expect.  It is important to make sure you have a different product than other people."Trinity Smith

The students are already busy planning on what they could create for next year's market, and how to best display or sell their products.


We were proud that each grade level represented won the "Outstanding Entrepreneur Award." But also that our CA Ospreys displayed perfect behavior while selling and buying merchandise. 




Bailey Terry and Izzy Dew designed a ladybug trap.  Notice the path made of blue forks for the ladybug to follow right up to the cup!  Wonder what we will do with all the ladybugs we will catch?
Another little tip to pique your interest ... .
Plans for the 50th Anniversary of CA are exciting!  Everyone will want to be on board for this year-long celebration of Chesapeake Academy's deep roots in the community! Keep your ears open for ways you can be part of the fun!

Announcing a New Flexible Full-Day Tuition Option for 

Pre-K 3&4

Chesapeake Academy has responded to the significant demands on the often limited resources of families by restructuring its Pre-K 3&4 tuition option. Beginning in September, families will be able to choose a flexible full-day option that includes childcare up to  5:30 in addition to the half-day ( 8:30 to noon) option. If you select this option, your child has a secured spot in extended day until  5:30 whether your child departs at  2:00 or  5:00! Use it as much or as little as needed each day. How is that for offering flexibility?


Offering a competitive tuition with the option of securing licensed after school childcare at a reduced rate is intended to offer broader access to our state-certified and accredited Pre-K 3&4 program. 


To learn more about this new flexible full-day option, contact Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, at 804.438.5575 or


Student Council Treasurer, Lily Reihs
Student Council Update
Julie Dudley, Executive Vice President of the Food Bank, visited with Debbie Cook to describe a program called "Food Bank Champions." The Food Bank is asking schools to raise $500 in support of the Food Bank. The $500 donation level provides supplemental food for over 100 children living in the Northern Neck.  Kim Dynia proposed the idea to Student Council. Student Council realized that they would need help to raise this much money, and they were delighted when the sixth graders answered the call! Sixth graders had just studied world hunger and felt this was a great way to respond to this global issue on a local level.  This team's first fundraising initiative was Going Green on St. Patrick's Day.  For a one dollar donation, everyone was a little Irish! So far, students have raised $110 through the green dress day, and Philip Haynie generously donated the prize he won at a cast party for the Westmoreland Players! (another $100.) Only $290 left to reach our goal, so stay tuned for future fundraising events!
The Sun Never Sets on the Osprey Nation!
Want to see the value of a Chesapeake Academy Education in practice! Visit the Chesapeake Academy Alumni Facebook page to see what our Ospreys are up to!  It is impressive!  Ospreys have flown to all corners of the globe and are building interesting lives.  As the Fiftieth Anniversary of Chesapeake Academy's re-founding approaches, there has never been a better time to find our former students, teachers, and families to reconnect!   As you run into alums, be sure to mention our Alumni Facebook page Link to Alumni Facebook Page and invite them to touch base or visit! We want the entire Osprey Nation on board to celebrate 50 years of excellence in education!

Auction Action!

We would like to extend heartfelt thanks to these first Admiral and Captain auction sponsors and donors!  Your support makes great things possible!  Looking forward to Nautical Nights!

  • Bragg & Company Real Estate 
  • C & F Investment Services 
  • Chesapeake Bank
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leland T. James
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Hassman
  • Isabell K Horsely Real Estate, LTD
  • Mr. Douglas Monroe, Jr.
  • Rappahannock Yachts
  • Specials Wine Seller


"We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count."  Neal A. Maxwell
An Attitude of Gratitude!  
  • Rave reviews abound on Student Council's trip to Skate Nation!  Many thanks to Student Council Faculty Sponsor, Kim Dynia, and parent volunteer (father of Michael '17) Grover Branson for driving the bus!
  • Thanks to a generous gift from a CA supporter, Chesapeake Academy is airing a series of  thirteen radio ads on 101.7 right after the weather at 8:30 a.m.  Tune in to hear CA take the airwaves...then spread the word! 
  • Thanks to Lancaster Community Library for the opportunity to collaborate on the design of the teen room. There is a lovely buzz in the community about our sixth grade students' work on this project.  Thanks also to project coordinators, Pam Macaulay, Hillary May, and all the faculty who stopped in to give feedback on the Library design presentations.
  • In a time where budget cuts are limiting social studies, science and the arts, CA faculty express gratitude for the ability to create and teach a dynamic, well-rounded, and challenging curriculum!
  • Seacampers treated their parents to an evening of smiles as they presented the culminating projects completed with the research from their study of the Florida Keys. Students expressed their thanks to parents for helping with all the fundraising required to make the trip feasible.  And certainly gratitude is due to the Seacamp faculty sponsors Paul McAllister and Kim Dynia for their expertise, stamina, and good humor!
  • Thanks to the faculty volunteers who truck the sorted recycling off to the collection center support CA sustainability with their time and efforts each week!
  • Chas Faulkner is honorary King of Peeps in Pre-K 3 & 4!  He has earned celebratory status for making Pre-K into Youtube stars with his technology skills!
  • Deja Vu time...gratitude goes once again to Kindergarten's hero, Welford Bromley for rescuing (catching) the class's pet hamster, Fuzz Ball, again and for engineering improvements to his cage that hopefully will prevent future escape attempts.  Stay tuned for updates on Houdini Fuzz!
  • The secret baker is our favorite many days brightened and so many pounds gained.


Osprey Merit Scholarship Application Process has Begun!
Chesapeake Academy is on the hunt for the next Osprey Merit Scholar for 2015-16.  The Scholar will earn a free tuition to CA through graduation.  You heard correctly!  Pretty incredible, right?   Chesapeake Academy is looking for a RISING 4th, 5th, or 6th grade student (not currently enrolled at CA) with excellent academic standing, strong character, and fully engaged in the life of his/her current school.   Do you have a child from the surrounding communities you believe should be considered for the Osprey Merit Scholarship?  If yes, you may contact the family directly and share information about the scholarship or provide the student's name and contact information to Hilary and a personal letter will be mailed to the family.

Refer a Family!
Follow this link to find the Referral Form!  New Family Referral Form
Dates to Remember
3/31  Last day to sign up for Summer camp without a registration fee!
4/1   Dress Uniform
4/3 through 4/13 Spring Break
4/15 CAPPA meeting
4/20 through 4/23 OLSAT Testing
4/22 PALS "Books, the Magic is Real" 9:30 a.m.
4/24 Final Friday Collection
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