January 29, 2016

The Head's Heads Up. . . .
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day assembly last Monday afternoon filled me with hope. Ms. Dynia led an assembly about the Children's Crusade in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, as an example of how everyone, even children, can make a difference.

Following the assembly, students returned to their classrooms to discuss and reflect on how they can make a difference in their homes and communities. These reflections are now posted on the library windows for all to read and see.

Recognition for the time people spend doing good--whether it is their job or their way of giving back--can only make them feel positive about their gift of time and effort. The more people feel positive, the more good they do. It's a circle of kindness, and I love that our students are aware of their place in the circle.

CA students have a tradition of making a difference. They have changed the lives of families in the Northern Neck and in the larger community by fund-raising for breast cancer research, Special Olympics, the Lancaster Community Christmas Project, and being Northern Neck Food Bank Champions. They have also gleaned fields, provided socks for The Haven, collected coats, hats and mittens for My Grandmother's House, donated books to the Free Health Clinic, read to students at the YMCA and helped seniors learn technology.

It takes some gumption to volunteer--to put ourselves out there and do for others. I enjoy people who like to roll up their sleeves and get things done without a thought of reciprocity, other than personal satisfaction for a job well done. CA students put their hearts into their volunteering. Their example gives me hope.
"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve."
- Albert Schweitzer

The student reflection on building community at the Martin Luther King assembly produced an impressive array of student initiatives.
Click here to read more about the Birmingham Student's Crusade.

Important Message from the Admission Office!
2016-17 reenrollment packets were mailed this week. If you are pursuing financial assistance, Letters of Intent are due by  February 8, 2016 Enrollment contracts are due by  February 29, 2016 .  Please contact Hilary Scott with any questions at  hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org .

CA Hosts The Artful Deceiver!
Spread the word! Chesapeake Academy will host world famous magician, Arthur Trace, on  
Saturday, February 20 at 2:00 p.m.   This event is  FREE and open to the community for ages three and older!

Highly acclaimed by his peers as "one of the most unique acts in the world of magic today," Arthur Trace is the eighth magician in the history of magic to be awarded The International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Medal. His list of accomplishments is long. 

CAPPA will be selling popcorn and water.

Adult chaperones are required, and pre-registration is a must, as seating is limited!
Call 804.438.5575 to reserve your space!

Plans for 39th Annual Auction Underway!
Cold snowy days have us all dreaming of spring; and at CA, spring means auction time! This year's event will be held on May 7 and celebrates the school's 50th year with a Golden Jubilee. Glitter and glamour will rule the evening as we gather to celebrate CA's past, present, and future at the school's largest fundraiser. I'm incredibly honored to be chairing the Golden Jubilee, but I know that pulling off such a large event will take the help of many hands over the next few months. Our first big job is procuring silent and live auction items as well as ads for our auction catalogue. We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with this important job. Please be in touch with me (804) 333-4930 or Catherine Emry, Development Associate, (804) 438-5575 if you're interesting in helping out! Be on the lookout for announcements regarding the Golden Jubilee on Facebook and in future editions of Heads Up! Get set to give what you have to give and have a ton of fun helping with this great event! 
Catherine Emery, parent of Tayloe, '21 and Thomas, '22

Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
Welcome to Caleb Sevier!
Please join us in welcoming our newest Osprey to Pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4, Caleb Sevier! Caleb and his mother, Julia, live in Kilmarnock and are a wonderful addition to our school community. The Pre-K peeps are just delighted to have this fun-loving little person join the class!

Ms. Vanderpool and Logan Brent prepare to show off for the CA Board of Trustees!
CA Students are Ready for the 21st Century!
Chesapeake Academy students and teachers presented to the school's Board of Trustees about computer science and coding initiatives. Kindergarten teacher, Molly Vanderpool, brought five-year-old Logan Brent to show Board members how Pre-K 3 & 4 and Kindergarten students use Bee Bots to learn elementary coding skills and apply coding skills across the curriculum. In addition, first grader Khloe Hohensee demonstrated a coding game that Lower School students use. Sixth grader Larkin Denton talked about how teachers (Katie Young Parker, Kimberly Dynia, and Robin Blake) sparked his interest in computer science last year with introductory coding and robotics. He described how much CA has supported his passion and how he has moved from games that teach code to creative applications. Check out Logan Brent Explaining Algorithms for Coding!

Creating the Future!
Our courtyard osprey has had a chilly few days, but this majestic bird just keeps on lifting off!
Love your school?  Help it thrive!  Donate to the 50th Anniversary Annual Fund! 
Your gift supports the depth and breadth of the school program.

First graders plan a healthy meal using Spanish food words.
Second Grade Explores Fables
Kenzie Manetz's second graders delight in reading Aesop's fables.  Each week they take time comparing different versions of a chosen story as they are introduced to the rich vocabulary inherent in each.  They then launch into hands-on writing activities or an art activity, thereby allowing them to focus more in-depth on the story.  Of course, time is also spent discovering the important life lessons described in individual morals. They will complete the unit by writing their own fables to share with the class.
The Moral of the Story. . . .
Activity Period Offerings
Activity periods are designed to provide an opportunity for kids to work in multi-age groups, practice things they're already interested in or explore new things, and to be exposed to the passions of their faculty. This marking period's Activity Period offerings include:  Strength and Fitness, Goldie Blox Challenges (STEAM challenges with groups of girls), Upcycled Art, International Club (food, music, etc), classroom buddies, and Animation (digital and  non -digital). Who knows what new hobby will be born in Activity Periods!

Active Minds Explore!
Assistant Head of School Julie Keesee
Exciting New Scoop on Parent Partnership Conferences!
Parent Partnership Conferences will be held  February 1 through 4 . In Early Childhood and Lower School, parents may call Connie Smith to sign-up for a time or communicate directly with their child's classroom teacher. We are excited to "bring the student in" to the Lower School conferences by sharing video tapes of Lower School students answering questions about where they feel successful, what seems difficult, and what their personal goals are.  This process builds student ownership over their learning and promotes healthy reflection on strategies.  These short videos can be stored on the server and referenced in later years as student electronic portfolios continue to develop. 

In the Middle School, students take the lead in their conferences reporting on their progress with their parents and advisor. Middle School parents may sign-up through Connie Smith or through the advisor. 
We look forward to meeting with you and reflecting on successes while planning the next steps in progress. When we work in partnership, our students thrive! 

Students in the Driver's Seat:  Intrinsic Motivation!

National School Choice Week!
Chesapeake Academy is celebrating National School Choice Week because every child deserves a motivating, effective, and challenging education! National School Choice Week provides schools, individuals, and organizations with the opportunity to celebrate the benefits of all types of choices in education--from traditional public schools, magnet schools, online learning, independent schools, and homeschooling! As part of the celebration, every student received a scarf as a reminder that we are grateful we have the right to choose the best school for us!  
Can You Train a Crow?  Pre-K Can!
Pre-Kindergarten students are working hard to train the playground crows to come when they are summoned by Pre-K's special crow call.  Employing operant conditioning, crows are rewarded for recognizing the call with a certain number of pieces of dog food, carefully counted out by Pre-Kindergarteners.  Operant conditioning is a type of learning where behavior is controlled by consequences. Key concepts in operant conditioning are positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment and negative punishment. No fear! There is no downside for the crows!

"Thinking about cause and effect:  Cacaw, cacaw, cacaw!"

Shout it from the Mountaintops....
We want the world to know....that Chesapeake Academy is accepting applications!  Tell a friend....refer a student! Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Hilary Scott at 804.438.5575 or Email Hilary Scott.
Sixth Grade Math has Designs on Decorating!
6th grade designers are beginning a room redesign project in which they will work with budgeting, measurement, and geometry. Each student gets to be his or her own client in redesigning a real room of their house. In their early phases, as they begin measuring and taking inventory, they knew they needed expert advice. Interior designer Adrianne Bugg came to work with them their first Friday of the project and walked them through the process of design using a case study of one her smaller projects. The students were able to ask questions about her three tenets of the process: Find, Focus, and Finish. They cannot wait to dive deeper in the coming weeks! Adrianne Bugg (mother of Davis, '22 and Anna, '25 Bugg) is one of the co-owners of Pillar and Peacock (of DIY Network's American Rehab fame)

Hobnobbing with the experts makes learning authentic and fun!
Algorithms in Lower School Math Lab
LS Math lab this month is about algorithms -- sequences and directions broken down into discrete steps with a variety of games, including making paper airplanes, getting dressed in wacky clothing, folding origami animals, and drawing figures based on "computer directions."
Organized thinking!
Help!  Lost and Found is Towering Precariously!
Could some of the lost and forgotten clothing belong to someone you know and love? There are some wonderful things languishing in the pile!  All Academy items will be turned into the Osprey Nest at the end of the month, and other items will be donated to a charity.  Now's the time to rescue lost items by bringing in a canned good as ransome!
Student Council Squawk!
Treasurer, Student Council President

Student Council is planning a Valentine's treat for everyone!  So wait and see what fun we have planned.

We are also getting ready to submit a proposal for a MS dodgeball/pizza night later in February.  We will keep you posted!

Contributing through Leadership!

Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President
CAPPA Countdown

CAPPA is happy to announce our after-school activities for winter and spring.
We will be offering indoor soccer for first through fourth graders starting mid-February. The cost will be $35.00 for the six week program. More details will be coming soon. 

Looking forward to spring, we are once again partnering with Premier Sailing to offer a sailing and seamanship course at the Rappahannock Yacht Club. This year there will be four weekly sessions every  Tuesday afternoon in May. The cost will be $125.00 for the month. Children will get hands-on lessons on boating safety and will learn basic sailing techniques. The course will be geared to first time sailors but will also build on what participants learned last year as well. Registration will begin in April for the sailing course.
Please email me with any questions or suggestions  at  emichelleritter@gmail.com

An Attitude of Gratitude! 
  • Thanks to the linemen and the snow plows that kept our community safe during the inclement weather, particularly alumni Drew Ransone of Ransone's Nursery.  And thanks to the weather that gave us a joyful day or two to play in the snow!
  • Thanks to the parents who came out to begin planning for the 50th Anniversary Gala Auction and all you good souls who will be volunteering to procure auction items and ads for the catalogue!
  • Behind the scenes, Richard Abbott keeps Chesapeake Academy's physical plant up and running...even slipping in to check on power outages and snow removal.
  • Thanks to the teachers whose flexibility will manage to keep all the balls in the air as we return to exams, ERBs, and school.
  • Volunteer extraordinaire Grover Branson has been at it again...helping to clear our campus of snow so we could come back to school.
  • Many thanks to Carol Rushing for becoming our "go-to" sub during the season of cold and flu!
  • Seacamp parents have provided us with many a hot lunch! Thanks to Camille Bragg, Phoebe Hollingsworth, Kelly Antonio, Suzanne Souders, Janet Smith, Richard Abbott, Kelly Denton, and Diana Wolfson! 
  • Thanks to Chesapeake Bank's Jeff Szyperski, John O'Shaughnessy and Kathy Snowden for bringing the Junior Achievement program to our eighth graders!  What a wonderful way to learn practical finance. 
  • We are fortunate to have faculty who share their talents with the broader community! Linda Montross serves on the National Latin Exam Review Board,  Richard Abbott serves on the Lancaster Community Library Board and most recently, Martha Rogers joined the Board of Directors of the Reedville Fisherman's Museum!  (Well worth the tour!) 
  • The middle school students loved their Ice Cream Social, provided by CAPPA and served by parents Suzanne Souders and Esther Glover.
  • Several Middle School faculty members want to send a shout out to those great students who have volunteered to help keep the Middle School Hall sparkling!

Dates to Remember
2/2 CA Basketball vs Ware at CA, JV Boys at 4:00 p.m., Girls, 5:00, Varsity Boys at 6:00
2/1-4 Parent Partnership Days
2/3 Academic Awards Assembly, Dress Uniform Day
2/5 Varsity Girls Basketball vs Dahlgren @CA at 4:15 p.m, Varsity Boys at  5:30 p.m. 
2/8 Letters of Intent Due to Admission Office
2/9 Basketball Tournament, at Chesapeake Academy, times TBD
2/11 Basketball Tournament, at Christchurch School, times TBD
2/12-2/15 President's Weekend--School Closed
2/17 Faculty Professional Development, 3:30 p.m.
2/20 MS Girls STEM Competition, Foxcroft School
2/20 PALS, Arthur Trace, Magician, 2:00 p.m.
2/24 Grades Five and Six, " A Wrinkle in Time" 9:00 a.m.
2/24 Grades Seven and Eight, "Antigone" 1:00 p.m.
2/26 Interims go Home, Seacamp Chick-Fil-A Lunch
2/26 Student Council Event TBA
2/29 Enrollment Contracts Due

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