December 11, 2015

The Head's Heads Up....
Perhaps there is no other time when the spirit of Chesapeake Academy glows like it does during the Holidays. The community resonates with kindness, gratitude, and hope. People reach out...lend a ways that make this place radiate with joy. Enjoy this Heads Up, and take the time to make your family's celebration of the holidays personal and reflective of the things you value most highly. Together we have built a wonderful school community, and we wish you a holiday season that refreshes, rejuvenates, and inspires!

Our Holiday Program,
"A Classic Chesapeake Academy Christmas" 
is a must-see event!

This walk down the decades of memory lane will feature original skits and classic choral pieces celebrating 50 years at  the  most wonderful school on Earth!

Mark your calendars: December 18 at 9:30 a.m.! This is the perfect way to fill your heart with the spirit of the holidays! 

Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
Pre-Kindergarten 3&4 shows off the tree they created to raise money for the YMCA's Guardian Program!  Kids helping kids: They are so proud!
CA Student Authors Compose 167,608 Words for NaNoWriMo!
NaNoWriMo is a writer's support group in which authors challenge themselves to write a  novel  in one month. Rather than writing being a uniquely solitary event, NaNoWriMo turns  writing  into a social effort. There are published pep talks, write-ins, challenges, message boards of advice and encouragement, etc. The point is to let creativity flow, and to help get students into the habit of  writing  every day. 

CA seventh and eighth grade students are involved in the Young  Writer's Program, and they set their own word count based on age and  writing strengths. Students get a chance to see what it is like to be a published author, to professionally bind their creations, and to have their work placed on a student author shelf in the library for other kids to read. 

NaNoWriMo complements literature courses as well. Students look for themes, character arcs, fatal flaws, subplots, etc. in published works; and learn to use those elements in their own  novel. "As we learn about how literary elements work together in our  writing, we can more easily see them in the books we read," comments sixth and eighth grade Writer's Workshop teacher, Kim Dynia.

Student writers spent October creating dynamic characters, plots with heightened conflicts, and themes that resonate with readers. The  writing was primarily done in November. In December, young authors take their  books through the editing process, making major revisions, deleting, adding, reordering scenes and making dialogue more interesting and lifelike. "To make a piece sparkle, authors need to dig in, identify the flaws, and fix them without giving up," explains seventh grade Writer's Workshop teacher, Hillary Smith.

In January, the publishing begins! Students write query letters and  book synopses, and design a marketing campaign ( book covers, sales pitch, etc). Skilled and creative communicators will play a large role in the 21st century job market!

Calling all Osprey Parents!
The Board has given, the faculty are digging deep, and it is time for 100 percent parent participation! Watch the thermometer rise:  we have reached 32 percent and the mercury is rising!

 Big News!  

Thanks to a generous matching gift, your new or increased annual fund donation or pledge (paid by December 31) can pack a three for one punch!  

$25 becomes $75!   $50 becomes $150! And $100 becomes $300! 

Tuition only covers 70 percent of the cost of a CA education.  It is up to us to fund the gap!  Help your class reach 100 percent. We can do this together!

Your gift benefits today's students and everyone's future. 
Donate online at the
Applause Unlimited presented three of Hans Christian Andersen's most beloved tales as part of the Seth W. Ahlborn Performing Arts and Lecture Series to a bustling audience full of excited young children from around the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula!  Bet you can guess which tale is pictured here!
Braxton Galleher checks on the re-naming of the road through the campus to ensure it is up to snuff!  The Gallehers  bought the naming rights at the auction last May! So be careful and safe as you drive on Braxton Way!  Braxton is watching!

Look at these jolly elves!  The eighth grade donated to the YMCA's Festival of the Trees!  
Osprey Classic Time Again!
The thirteenth annual Osprey Classic will be held  Saturday, December 12 . Participating teams include Chesapeake Academy, Trinity Lutheran, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Walsingham Academy, and Peasley Middle School. The Osprey Classic allows Chesapeake Academy student athletes an opportunity to compete against teams they usually do not get a chance to play. 

Here is the schedule for the classic:
9:00 a.m. Chesapeake Academy girls vs. Walsingham Academy
10:15 a.m.  Chesapeake Academy boys vs. Trinity Lutheran
11:30 a.m. Trinity Lutheran girls vs. Our Lady Mount Carmel
12:45 p.m. Peasley boys vs. Our Lady Mount Carmel
2:00 p.m. Girls consolation
3:15 p.m. Boys consolation
4:30 p.m. Girls Championship
5:45 p.m. Boys Championship
6:30 p.m. Awards Presentation

Games are approximately 50 to 60 minutes long.  Concessions will be on sale in front of the gym as a Seacamp Fundraiser.

Second grade's stellar contribution to the Festival of the Trees
'Tis the Season for Gifts that Give Back!
Visit for beautiful, high quality kitchen and home supplies made from safe, non-toxic materials that are perfect gifts for loved ones! And your purchases give 15% back to the school you choose, which is of course....CHESAPEAKE ACADEMY!

Chesapeake Academy Supports the YMCA's Festival of Trees!
Kids supporting kids is the best sort of holiday message, and several classes went all out to raise money for the Y's Guardian Program which ensures that all children have access to Y programs!  Our contributions were fabulous!

Congratulations to the Festival of the Trees Art Contest winners from Chesapeake Academy! Honorable Mentions went to Jimmy Hodsden, Maddie Ritter, and Tayloe Emery.  Third place went to Khloe Hohensee, and a second place went to Sam Antonio.  The first place winner was an eighth grader from Lancaster Middle School.
Overflowing Lost and Found
Time to retrieve your lost items before they are recycled to the Osprey Nest after the Holiday Program!  The pile is well stocked with useful things that you must have been missing!   Come visit and bring a canned good to ransom your lost belongings.
Art Teacher, Sonja Smith pulls off the tape to finish up the Little Free Library book receptical decorated by CA students for St. Andrews Presbyterian Church as part of their literacy initiative.  Filled with books...a treasure house!
Reese Bragg to Serve as Page at Virginia Assembly
We are delighted to share the news that Speaker Howell has selected Chesapeake Academy seventh grader Reese Bragg to work as a House Page during the 2016 Session of the Virginia General Assembly. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the operations of state government. 
As a House Page, Reese will be an employee in the House Clerk's Office, working closely with the permanent staff of 31 House Clerk's Office professionals.  Reese will be a busy girl, working at the capitol, living in downtown Richmond, and keeping up with her school work at Chesapeake Academy.

Loads of Kindergarten cuteness on this tree for the Festival of the Trees!
Jack Porter presents his PSA.

Advanced Geography PSAs!
If you asked what is the world's most precious resource, many would answer gold, diamonds, or even oil. In reality, it is water. Water, and the lack thereof, has impacted where people live and fueled conflicts since the beginning of civilizations. The sixth grade Advanced Geography class has been learning about how water issues have contributed to disagreements in the Middle East, and then compared those results to other areas with water issues, from Tanzania, to Bolivia, to the United States. Each student then selected a topic related to water issues that interested them, either a country, cause, or solution, and presented their findings to the class. Visit the link Drought in Jamaica by Jack Porter to see a sample of this work in Advanced Geography!

Sixth graders had a blast folding the paper ornaments, then baked and painted traditional salt dough ornaments and sewed a white fleece garland. The joy of giving is clear on their faces.
First Grade Creates a Gingerbread Village for the Tides Inn's Marketplace with Some Expert Help!
With the help of parent and grandparent volunteers, the first grade class built a gingerbread village for the Tides Inn Marketplace! The aroma was enchanting!

It is Almost Time for CA's Third Annual Bring a Buddy Day (BABD)!
On  January 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Chesapeake Academy is inviting current grade 3 , 4,  and 5  children from the surrounding communities to visit... with a current CA Osprey.  If your Osprey has a friend in the  same grade  at a different school and would like to bring him/her to CA for a fun morning, please complete the registration form BABD Registration Form  and return it to Hilary Scott by  Wednesday, January 13 .
It is important that you submit the registration form no later than this date so we can avoid any unforeseen conflicts. The "buddy" will participate in fun-filled activities and then conclude the visit after lunch and recess. If the child you are considering as a "buddy" has attended BABD in the past, we encourage you to consider inviting someone "new" to the event! Buddies will bring their own snack and lunch.  Please contact Hilary Scott with any questions at

Celebrating the Chesapeake Chorale!
The Chesapeake Chorale's mission is to enhance and sustain school music programs. All proceeds collected from ticket sales are given to area schools to keep their music programs alive and thriving.  This non-profit volunteer community choir has donated over $145,000 in equipment and money for the improvement of performance facilities and music programs.  Chesapeake Academy singers Lydia Engleman, Stewart Hollingsworth, Leyton Dew, Jackson Pyles, Martin Smith, Leona Li, Ryleigh Hornsmith, and Landon Reihs represented our school tunefully, and our own Maestra, Beth Somers, was featured in several wonderful solo performances! Way to represent, Ospreys!
Eric Nost, Chairman of Chesapeake Academy's Faye Society
The Faye Society:  Quietly Ensuring CA's Future One Gift at a Time
Chesapeake Academy's Head of School, Debbie Cook, and Chairman of the Board, Jeff Szyperski, joined the Academy's Faye Society Chairman, Eric Nost, to host local estate planners to share the breadth of investment opportunities associated with the Faye Society.

The Faye Society, founded in 2001, recognizes contributions and charitable bequests for the long-term growth and sustainability of Chesapeake Academy. The society is named in honor of Captain and Mrs. James Faye who generously included Chesapeake Academy as a beneficiary of their estate in 1987. 

Faye Society Chair, Eric Nost, explains, "Members of the Faye Society have made a personal commitment to help ensure the economic, educational, and social vitality of the Northern Neck community. Maintaining an independent educational alternative allows parents the opportunity to seek the best match in learning settings for their child and helps to ensure that the region remains an attractive professional destination. Chesapeake Academy's vigorous curriculum focuses on authentic, place-based learning that develops vital 21 st century skills. With a priority on developing good citizens who answer the call to leadership, the Academy has been a strong contributor to the local community for fifty years." More information about Chesapeake Academy and the Faye Society is available by contacting Debbie Cook.

Excited fourth grade students create a snow covered holiday wreathe for the Festival of Trees. These faces say it all!
Ratios and Perportions in Sixth Grade!
Sixth graders applied their knowledge of ratios and proportions to baking this week. To begin, they had to start from scratch and make a plan for making gingerbread cookies. As a group, they formulated a series of questions they would need answered: What items will we need? How can we scale down this massive recipe? How much will this cost? Then they formed smaller teams to explore these questions before regrouping and comparing their lists and calculations. Once they were confident in their plan, they created a "Master List" for Mrs. Smith to take shopping and to bring to school. The next day, they put their plan into action in the kitchen, finding new calculations along the way ("Sure, we figured out we need 3/8 cup of shortening, but how do we do that with a baking stick measured in tablespoons?"), and the class had sweet success. They mixed, shaped, baked, ate, and then cleaned up the space after themselves. Their calculations were sound, and the cookies were a hit!
Make a Note of Financial Aid Timelines!
Families wishing to be considered for financial assistance for the upcoming 2016-17 school year should notify Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, by email no later than January 4, 2016. Please visit to access all information related to financial assistance. 

All documentation is due on or before March 7, 2016. This includes: 2015 1040, 2015 W-2, CAFAA, PFS, and if applicable 2015 business tax documents. 

New to the process this year, CA will request that all 2015 tax documents be uploaded to your account at SSS.
If you have any questions, please contact Hilary Scott (Email Hilary Scott) or Richard Abbott (Email Richard Abbott.). 

Student Council Squawk!
Ben Antonio, Student Council Treasurer
The Clash of the Coins has begun! The library is bedecked with garden gnome habitats, and all manners of stealth and strategy have commenced. An update to the former  Penny Wars , this fundraiser enables us to give six local children a Christmas that their families could not afford otherwise. 

The Clash of the Coins' objective is to get the most points (coins) in a class's bucket. However, other classes may sabotage with dollar bills, giving the other classes negative points. This is affectionately called "being cashed."  This collection lasts from November 30 to December 11. 

Scour your homes, dig under the seats in your cars, raid the coin collection over your clothes dryer, do some extra chores and petition grandma's coin purse!  Together, let's make someone's holiday special!

Check out the Clash of the Coins Video! to learn more and see some dramatic talent from the Middle School.  Middle school students will shop for and wrap all the gifts for the children.  The total amount raised through Clash of the Coins will be announced at the Holiday Program on December 18.

Beginning on Monday, November 30, the giving tree was set up in the CA library. The Giving Tree is a Christmas tree where students place new or gently used winter clothes on or around. Donate coats, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, ear muffs, or other winter apparel. The only rule is that the clothes have to be in good shape (no broken zippers, missing buttons, or any other unappealing factors). The collected clothes will be donated to people in our area that are in need. There is always room for more warm things for kids who need them--so clean out those closets!

On Tag Day, December 16, Student Council encourages everyone to wear red and green for a festive day! Happy holidays!

A Reading Suggestion from your Faculty....
Here is a link to a good article suggested by Assistant Head of  School, Julie Keesee, for your reading pleasure over the holidaysf!   The Link Between Creativity and Mathematics Skills

Give Us A Shout Out!
Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret! Tell a friend....refer a student! Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Mrs.Scott at 804.438.5575 or
Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President
CAPPA Countdown
A heartfelt "thank you" goes out for all the support everyone has given to CAPPA these first few months of the school year. Selling apples, collecting box tops, and providing refreshments for school programs, or cleaning up around campus .....each of these efforts is much appreciated and all of our children benefit. 

And, of course, don't forget to come to the Kilmarnock Christmas Parade on December 11!

Happy Holidays from CAPPA!
Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President

Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks!
Plan early for a yearbook! Orders are coming in quickly, and December 18  is the deadline for ordering a yearbook or advertisement for the yearbook from the 50th anniversary year. Books will be in color and will cost $5 for the first book for each family and $15 for each additional copy.  Personal and business ads are available for purchase again this year as well. Contact Katie Parker with questions. .

An Attitude of Gratitude! 
When we think of parade floats...we think of Phoebe Hollingsworth! The uncontested float queen, Phoebe, has once again organized a stellar Chesapeake Academy float for the Kilmarnock Christmas Parade! Thanks also to Chris Cammarata for organizing some fun for the float decorating volunteers as well!

Did you notice yourself humming carols?  Could be you were inspired by the beautiful Christmas decorations created by Catherine Emry and Michelle Ritter. The school looks magnificent for her 50th Anniversary holiday! 

If you see the lovely and talented Catherine Emery (mother of Thomas '22 and Tayloe '21), be sure to thank her for agreeing to orchestrate the 50th Anniversary Auction!  You will be hearing more about this after the first of the year!

It takes a village to make something wonderful happen!   Special thanks to the room parents, teachers, student artists, and to Katie and David Dew for delivering trees to the Festival of the Trees.  Chesapeake Academy was the best represented school there, and that benefits the Y's Guardian Program! Win!

Thanks go out to some very special souls who helped get the word out to alumni about the matching opportunity for the Chesapeake annual Fund. These Alumni Agents called, emailed, and contacted and helped us reach those Ospreys who could not wait to help fund the match!!

Sometimes the smaller folks lead the way.... Thanks to Ben Antonio '17 and Will Weddle '23 for their Annual Fund gifts!  These very special contributions helped the student body understand the opportunity and responsibility to help our school (and get three for one dollars to the Annual Fund)!

We may just need to keep a running thank you in this section for the volunteer extraordinaire, Grover Branson!  He cleared the leaf and nut litter from our campus for the holiday season! This man rocks!

Thanks to Student Council for their leadership in the Clash of the Coins! Thanks to their capable direction, we are having a ball raising money to make the holidays bright!  That is leadership.

SeƱora Ebner sends out " Gracias" to Ryleigh Hornsmith for bringing Spanish brochures home from her trip. Mrs. Ebner is using them in the Spanish classrooms.

Walker Antonio '14 visited classes over his Thanksgiving Break and helped out for several days!  This young man is a rock star in Pre-Kindergarten 3&4!

Many thanks to the following people who helped decorate Chesapeake Academy for the holidays:  Ron and Cheryl Mihills, Debbie and Ted Cook, Shelly Ritter, Richard Abbott, Connie Smith, Alison Weddle, Catherine Emery, CAPPA, Grover Branson, and Catherine Emry.  Chesapeake Academy was awarded a first place for our holiday decorations in Irvington's business category!
Dates to Remember

12/11 Interims home, Last Day of Clash of the Coins, Kilmarnock Christmas Parade
12/12 Cotillion, 6:30 p.m.
           Osprey Classic, 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
12/14 Karate, 3:15 p.m.
12/16 Tag Day, Red and Green
12/17 Varsity Girls Basketball @SCW, 4:00 p.m.
           Varsity Boys Basketball@SCW, 5:00 p.m.
12/18 Holiday Program, dismissal immediately following program
1/4 Email Hillary Scott regarding Financial Assistance
1/18 Bring a Buddy Day

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