November 6, 2015
"We must find time to stop and think about the people who make a difference in our lives."
John F. Kennedy

Throughout the year, students in grades four through eight select daily quotes. The month of November was assigned to the eighth graders. Every student at Chesapeake Academy hears the same quote and has the opportunity to discuss its meaning with his or her class. The eighth graders selected  gratitude as this week's theme, and their five thoughtful quotations got me thinking.

What am I grateful for? This week, carpool has been particularly pleasurable. The sunshine and the crisp autumn air has highlighted the beauty of the trees filled with leaves of vibrant colors. As the children begin to wear coats and jackets, we have laughed as they try to get everything together before exiting their cars. Even the children's laughter seemed brighter and their smiles broader this week. It's the little things that bring the greatest joy. I am grateful for each student who brings special gifts and talents to CA. They make me happy.

I am grateful for the people I work with each day. My colleagues who love our students as much as I do. I am grateful for their dedication to our children. Just last weekend, at least five of the teachers were working in their classrooms, and I'm certain others were working at home. The teachers and staff create the culture of our school that provides an environment conducive to the joy of learning. Their enthusiasm sets the example that working together is beneficial to all of our young learners.

I am grateful to the school's Board of Trustees who volunteer so many hours to ensure the school's future. They believe in Chesapeake Academy and therefore contribute generously of their time, talent, and treasure; and they do so without much public acknowledgement.

I am grateful for our community and parent volunteers who work with our students, lead and support CAPPA, take care of the school's buildings and grounds, address and stuff envelopes, serve lunches, help in the library, and serve in so many other ways that are unseen by most of the community.

I am grateful for the families who believed in the concept of a new school in Irvington fifty years ago and supported it to become the school it is today.

November is the perfect time to reflect on the many blessings we have.  At Chesapeake Academy, we have many to ponder. 

Award winning singer and songwriter, Cathy Bollinger, delighted  300 younsters with an interactive musical performance as part of the Performing Arts and Lecture Series. Click to see Cathy Bollinger great the second graders!.
Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?

Eighth graders stepped up to lead their younger peers in soccer skill building drills to prepare them to join next year's team at the Soccer 4/5 Play Day on October 30.  What a wonderful day of camaraderie, sweet treats, and growing skills!
Oooops...We apologize for attributing Fahrenheit 451 to Kurt Vonnegut in the last edition of Heads Up!  Ray Bradbury deserves the credit there.
100 Percent to Answer the Call!
This year, we are encouraging parents to give to the Annual Fund during the month of November.  The Board has given, the faculty are digging deep, and it is time for 100 percent parent participation! 

 Guess What!  

Thanks to a generous matching gift, your new or increased annual fund donation or pledge (paid by December 31) can pack a two for one punch!  

If you donate $25 new or increased dollars...the school receives $75!  

Let's pull together and knock this campaign out of the park in November! 
Help your class reach 100 percent!

Your gift benefits today's students and everyone's future. 
Donate online at the
Reese Bragg, cub reporter, fills us in on PreAlgebra 7!
PreAlgebra 7 Positions for Fiscal Expediency!
Last week in Pre Algebra 7, we were wrapping up the marking period.  In class, we earned money by doing classroom jobs, homework, class participation, and extra help.  Since it was the end of the marking period, we had to either buy or rent our seats for the month.  We voted on taxes as well, so we paid taxes on our cash holdings and any real estate we'd purchased. People scrambled to make extra money so they could pay their bills!  We are getting ready for the real world!
Fall Athletics Awards
For the 2015-16 fall athletics season, certificates were awarded to all interscholastic athletes, and special awards for the season were given for the most improved player, coach's award, and most valuable player.

The Most Improved Player (MIP) goes to the player who has shown the most improvement from the first practice to the last game. The Coach's Award goes to the player who works the hardest every day in practice and in games, shows a strong desire to get better, and who leads his or her teammates. The Most Valuable Player (MVP) goes to the player who contributed the most to the team's success.

Varsity Soccer

MVP Faith Hattersly

MIP Philip Haynie

Coach's Award Rock Wolfson

JV Soccer
MVP Ian Patton
Coach's Award Stewart Hollingsworth

Cross Country
MVP Ashton Hollingsworth and Lily Reihs
MIP Martin Smith and Stella Patton

MVP Braxton Galleher
MIP Oliver McAninch and Jarret Platsis
Coach's Award Charlie Li

Varsity Volleyball
MVP Reese Bragg
MIP Emma Smith
Coach's Award Adair Stanley

JV Volleyball
MIP Trinity Smith
Coach's Award Calista Nelson

Chesapeake Academy believes that competitive team experiences contribute to good character development. CA Players are expected to:
  • Treat opponents with respect
  • Play hard but play within the rules
  • Exercise self-control at all times, setting the example for others to follow
  • Respect officials and accept decisions without gesture or argument
  • Win without boasting...lose without excuses....and never quit
  • Always remember that it is a privilege to represent CA and the community

Each of the students who earned certificates and athletic awards consistently exemplifies these character traits. Congratulations to all players for productive seasons!

YMCA's Festival of the Trees
Save the date for the YMCA's  eighteenth annual gala on Friday, December 4.  Enjoy an exciting auction featuring great Christmas gifts, decorations, and more. The Lighting of the Trees Gala is part of a volunteer led weekend-long  festival where the community donates all auction and food items.

Every year since its inception, Chesapeake Academy has supported this program enthusiastically, donating many trees or decorations each year.  
Academy families should pay particular attention to the auction of a scholarship for one $5000 CA tuition credit! Who wouldn't love to win a CA tuition credit, especially if it goes for a great price?

Proceeds benefit the YMCA Guardian Scholarship Program so that no one in our community is denied the opportunity to participate due to income.

Award winning children's author Mary Jo Beswick shares the writing process with students in Kindergarten through Fourth grade as she discusses her work on Lonely Lola Ladybug.

Oyster Roast 2015  ... . Current Parent and 2015 Oyster Roast Chair, Grover Branson, would like to thank everyone who sponsored the Oyster Roast, made donations, and volunteered to make Oyster Roast 2015 so spectacular!  

The proceeds from the Oyster Roast, drum roll please ... . are $37,000! 

Again, thanks to everyone!
Give Us A Shout Out!
Don't let CA be the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula's best kept secret! Tell a friend....refer a student!  Earn a $500 tuition discount--Contact Mrs. Scott at 804.438.5575 or
Oyster Education Day
O n Thursday, November 5, Oyster Festival Education Day
 brings the expertise of local non-profit, government, and private organizations to local students with focus on watershed science and history. It is a cooperative effort of the Marine Science Legacy Program, the Oyster Festival Waterfront Committee, and the Oyster Festival Foundation. This field trip aligns well with our science and social studies curriculum and allows us to have hands-on experience with local professionals. Grades 3, 4, and 5 attended.  

Click to see Larkin Denton's creative view of the trip.
Larkin Denton Captures the Advanced Geography Field Study... 

Parent Partnership Conferences Build Student Support Team 
Your child's report card came home with him or her today, so please take a few minutes to review grades and comments prior to the Parent Partnership meetings next week.  

As a reminder, we give additional information on the first through eighth grade report cards for math and language arts so that you can determine how your child is performing against grade level standards.  
  • 4--indicates that the child is exceeding grade level standards in that category 
  • 3-- means mastering grade level work
  • 2--means that the student is making individual progress, but is not yet on grade level
  • 1--indicates little progress and an area of concern 
In the work habits and social conduct section, teachers also give a 1, 2, 3, or 4 designation to report whether the student consistently exceeds standards for behavior.
  • 4--exceeds standards for behaviour
  • 3-- meets standards 
  • 2--is not yet meeting standards 
  • 1--is making little progress toward meeting the standard  

Since grades for Lower School co-curricular classes are tied to work habits and social conduct, you will see that the grade matches whether a student is exceeding or meeting the standards. 

With Mrs. Ebner out on medical leave over the last several weeks, you will note that students in K - 5th grade have an N/A for their co-curricular Spanish grade for the first marking period.  They have been doing great work, but we have not had Mrs. Rushing, the substitute, do assessments of their Spanish work.  Once Mrs. Ebner returns, we will get assessments back on track. 
As you prepare for conferences, write some questions for the teacher or advisor (or your Middle School student!).  Questions might include things such as:
1)  What goals do you have for my child?  In what ways can my child stretch and grow?
2)  In what ways have you seen my child push himself/herself or challenge himself/herself this year?
3)  What strategies work best for my child to show mastery of content?
4)  How can we the parents support our child's critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, or communication skills?
5)  What kinds of activities are exciting to my child?
6)  In what areas is my child not feeling as successful?
7)  How does my child interact with peers?  

Please give the teachers feedback as well, so that we may best meet the needs of your child.  Here are some areas that are helpful for teachers to know more about:
1)  Homework patterns
2)  Schedule at home
3)  Child's attitude about school
4)  Social life and activities
5)  Changes in family dynamics

We look forward to seeing you at Parent Partnership Days next week!  We will announce academic awards (Head of School List recipients, Most Improved Student, and Teachers' Award) for Middle School students on Thursday, November 12 at assembly.

Suggested Reading from our Faculty...
Here is a suggestion from Julie Keesee that discusses the importance of a clear understanding of terms when addressing the hot topics of bullying, rudeness, and meanness.  

The Art World (Sonja Smith) Needs your Help!
As we prepare for the Holiday Program, we are collecting family holiday photos from the past and present for an art project. You will be delighted with the outcome!  Photos should be submitted in a labeled envelope to Sonja Smith as soon as possible or you can email them to her at Email Sonja Smith!  Print photos will be returned unscathed!  Thanks!

Student Council Squawk!
Chas Faulkner, Student Council Secretary

On  November 20 , Student Council will be hosting a movie night showing The Incredibles

This presentation is open for grades five through eight  from  7 p.m. to 9 p.m . Delicious popcorn and lemonade will be provided. It will cost $5 to get in, but it will only cost $4 if you wear your superhero costume! 
Where in the World is our Willow Oak
On your mark, get set, GO! Where in the world is the 50th Anniversary Willow Oak tree that was featured on the Independence Day Parade Float and in the gymnasium during convocation and Grandparents' Day? This beautiful tree designed and built by Cheryl, Ron, and Brent Mihills, continues to travel around the area making neighbors aware that Chesapeake Academy is fifty years old.

On Monday, it was loaded onto the back of a pick-up truck and slowly driven down Irvington Road to its new display location. Here are some clues. For the first person who solves the puzzle and takes a picture of it in its new location, a special prize awaits.
  1. It is located where many people enter and exit each day.
  2. The tree stands near someone who says, "May I help you?"
  3. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters may be found here.
  4. This location plays an important role in Penny Wars.
  5. Someone whose last name has 6 consonants and 3 vowels (and who has an important role at CA) has a corner office in the building.
Do you know where it is? Let me know and send the picture to

Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President, and Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire!
CAPPA Countdown

Have you seen the new, limited edition,
Fiftieth Anniversary t-shirts? They are on sale now at the Osprey Nest. Get yours now before they are gone!
  • White Long Sleeve $20
  • White Short Sleeve $15
Sizes are Youth S, M, L, XL and Adult S, M, L.

Also, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary, we are gathering 50 or more CA enthusiasts to run, walk or "wattle" in the  Irvington Turkey Trot! I hear some swag (CA stuff) will be involved.  Email Amy Groh   to let her know you are registering, so she can plan your treat.

CAPPA's Christmas Float Committee is in need of several items:  Old glass Christmas ornaments (these would be a permanent donation--made into a wreath for the float), strings of alternating cranberries and popcorn (any length), sets of "old" large bulb Christmas lights (these will be returned). 

Keep CA peanuts in mind for holiday gifts and entertaining. We offer gourmet Virginia peanuts produced by Whitley's Peanut Factory which features our CA logo. These are sold year round. Please Email Betsy Stanley  if you cannot visit the Osprey Nest to purchase them. She will be glad to coordinate selling peanuts to you.

We are also asking parents to save the date for a Float Decorating/Mom's Night Out on  December 9 , in the evening.  Specific time will be announced.  Food and beverages will be provided (probably wine, soft drinks, water and pizza).  Please contact  Phoebe Hollingsworth. or Chris Cammarata  with questions. 

Thank you,
Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President

The end of grading period is a great time to return library books, and get a fresh start.  Overdue lists will be posted soon.

An Attitude of Gratitude! 
  • Thanks to our Eighth Graders who demonstrated their leadership at the four/five play day, coaching, encouraging, and teaching the future Osprey soccer team.
  • Here's a shout out to people who make a big difference!  Thanks to our Classroom Volunteers Cathy Mecke, Ted Cook, and Jeannie Coyle for pitching in to help in classrooms.
  • Our volunteer coaches, Caleb Smith and Ted Cook, gave their time and talent from the goodness of their hearts and we appreciate the gift!
  • Thanks to Aline Gawlik for sharing her passion for books with several of the Academy classes.
  • The Golf team and their coaches would love to thank the owner of the King Carter Golf Course Jeffrey Crabbe, for welcoming the golf team to play his course. 
  • Thanks to Bill Scott of Bayview Homes and Jeff Brown of Earth Resources for using their know-how to make every detail of the Outdoor Classroom efficient and beautiful.
  • Thanks also to our long-term subs, Carol Rushing and Kathryn Kattman, who have embraed our community and worked hard for our students.

Yearbooks! Yearbooks!  Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks!
Plan early for a yearbook! Orders are coming in quickly, and December 18  is the deadline for ordering a yearbook or advertisement for the yearbook from the 50th anniversary year. Books will be in color and will cost $5 for the first book for each family and $15 for each additional copy.  Personal and business ads are available for purchase again this year as well. Contact Katie Parker with questions. .
Dates to Remember
11/6 Report Cards Go Home
11/7 Cotillion, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
11/9 Karate Class, 3:15 p.m.
11/9-12 Essential Parent Partnership Conference Days
11/11 Veteran's Day
11/11 Foxcroft Admission Visit, 12:45 p.m.
11/11 CAPPA Meeting, 8:30 a.m.
11/12 and 11/13 Open Gym, 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. for basketball
11/14 SSAT at Chesapeake Academy
11/16 Karate Class, 3:15 p.m. 
11/16-18 Basketball tryouts
11/18 PALS, "The Trickster Trilogy" 9:30 a.m.
11/18 CCS Admissions Visit, 12:45 p.m.
11/18 Seacamp Chick Fil-A
11/20 Student Council Movie Night, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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