"I've regained the strength I had before the seizure, and more." 

Circus Center's Winter Giving Drive
To our Circus Center Community:
In honor of Thanksgiving, our first installment of #circuspossible is a story that embodies the spirit of family, community, and giving that makes Circus Center so special. This is the story of Giovanna Piumarta.  

At age 27, Giovanna had a sudden life-threatening seizure, the result of an undiagnosed blood vessel malformation in her brain. After a risky surgery to correct it, she woke up from the operating table unexpectedly unable to talk, walk, read, or write. Eight months of determined therapy restored her basic motor skills - then she decided to join a class at Circus Center.... 

"I was loved and supported...right from the very first.
That's what makes Circus Center special."

Giovanna sat down to talk with Sales and Marketing Coordinator Phoenix Paz about her experience with those first few classes at Circus Center.

"I was so scared. I didn't want to be stared at.  I didn't want anybody to notice if I couldn't keep up.  However, when I came to class, I discovered Circus Center was nothing like that. My favorite memory is actually that first week - and all the following ones - where I couldn't make it all the way across the floor doing the warm-up exercises.  Nobody stared or called me weak; I was encouraged, but accepted at my limits. I was loved and supported, not dismissed. Right from the very first. That's what makes Circus Center special.

...When I started class, I couldn't walk in a straight line. However, regular practice and consistent exercises every week in conditioning paid off. I've regained the strength I had before the seizure and more.

Coming to Circus Center fills me with joy and calm.  Here is where I come to celebrate achievements and encourage myself, make new friends...I let go of the doom and despair at the front door.  I've never needed to feel afraid or nervous here; just by coming, I'm on my way to doing the impossible...I'm happy."

Read Giovanna's full story on our blog.

Thank you for being a part of the accepting, supportive community that makes this such a special place for students like Giovanna. Whether you're at Circus Center to fulfill a circus dream, to get fit, or just to have fun, we are more than grateful you've chosen to do it here.

With your support, we can look forward to continuing to invest in our students and our programs. This winter, please consider giving a donation to Circus Center.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our community.

May this time of year be full of hope and happiness for you and yours.

In gratitude,

Barry Kendall, Executive Director

P.S. A gift of any amount can help bring the joy of circus to all -  see our donation page for examples. And please share your own circus story on our social media with #circuspossible!