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Healing Through the Laying On of Hands
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Spiritual Healing is a reality that cannot be denied. So many people today, who at one point, were diagnosed as incurable by medical physicians, are healthy once again because of an involvement with the practices of spiritual healing. There are numerous ways to practice Spiritual Healing, yet down through history, the practice of the laying on of hands has possibly been used and applied the most frequently.

The reason for this is obvious when one considers that whenever a person has an ache or pain, it is almost an instinctive reaction to place one's hands on the area of the body where the pain exists. Similarly, there is almost an instinctive reaction to place one's hands on a part of a loved one's body that is in pain or uncomfortable. And more than that, there seems to be some justification for this, as in most cases the pain and discomfort appear to ease up or even dissipate altogether. To some degree, the physical action of laying on of hands visibly supports the idea that a healing is in progress.

Interestingly, this level of healing could take place even with a person who has no interest whatsoever in Metaphysical or Spiritual Healing. Perhaps we should all remember that the hands (like all things in physical reality), although they appear solidly composed of bone and tissue, can be regarded as energy fields. In the same way, the entire human body can be regarded as an energy field. 
Text taken from Theocentric Psychology 

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