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Health and Happiness:  October, 2015
   Happiness is.....
  • Healthy Habits
  • The Simple Pleasures
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Living in the Present
However you define happiness, we are all hoping for it!   What do we know about happiness in old age and how can we acquire a zest for life?

One thing is certain, how we take care of ourselves is primary - that is why we included healthy habits in this issue!  But, no matter what our aches and pains, our attitudes and outlook also play a key role in our sense of well-being.  

Most of us imagine young adulthood to be the peak of happiness and older adulthood to be the time for things to “go downhill.”  Research tells us a different story however.  It turns out that life satisfaction is like a U-Shaped Curve.  We start off in childhood pretty happy, and then as we progress into adulthood, our happiness actually plummets in mid-life.  This is often associated with work stress, striving, taking care of our parents and our children, and the challenges of marriage (and increasingly of divorce).  Then, somewhere in mid-life - even for those without children - the happiness index rises again.  Why?

Happiness. This is really the big goal in life, right? Sadly, for many people, happiness eludes them most days. Sure, almost everyone will say that happiness is all they want; but, their ability to obtain happiness is often different. Why? For one thing, we tend to give happiness lip service. While we say we want to be happy, we have a tendency to actually do things that go against our happiness. We choose status, money, pride, “being right,” or sheer laziness over happiness all the time!   One author wrote about her experiences with hospice and how people who were dying said one of their their largest regrets in life was not allowing themselves to be happier. 

Chronic diseases are increasing rapidly. In part, this is occurring because we have an aging population. But, it is also true that many chronic diseases are really “lifestyle” diseases. We know that what we eat, how often we exercise, and how much stress we have will impact our health. Most of us also know that the big chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are related to our overall health habits. And we have all become aware of the dangers of smoking.  So how do we change to a healthier lifestyle or help older adults with their health? 

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