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April 2017
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Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 community-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety through advocacy, education and support.

Advance Directives & Healthcare Decision

According to Medline Plus, the National Institutes of Health's Website for patients and their families and friends, advance directives enable you to tell your loved ones what kind of medical care would you want if you were too ill or hurt to express your wishes. Advance directives are legal documents that allow you to spell out your decisions about  end-of-life   care. They give you a way to convey your wishes to your family, friends, and health care professionals and to avoid confusion at a time when uncertainty would be a problem.

Many people struggle with that conversation for any number of reasons: they don't want to think about death, they don't understand advance directives, or it's just a bother.  An advance directive such as a healthcare proxy doesn't need to be about death or dying.  It can be about living longer the way you choose.  It's about having access to information about a loved one when they are not able to make decisions for themselves. 

Years ago Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (formerly PULSE of NY) developed a brochure called Advance Directives and Speaking to Young People.  With support from the Nassau County Youth Board, young people helped develop the brochure in a way young people would understand.  Many of them shared their own experiences of knowing someone who was young and who might have been helped, had a family member been able to speak for them after a car accident or surgery.  They also agreed that they would want to speak to their own parents, grandparents and siblings about their wishes.

If you don't want to assign someone as your agent and share what you would want done were someone to make decisions for you, than think about who might be making the decisions because you didn't talk about it.  When my kids turned 18 years old we had the conversation and I carry their signed proxies with me

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Ilene Corina, President

I nformation about advance directives:

Medline Plus


Healthcare Proxy

Professionals for Patient Safety
will be meeting for dinner and discussion about patient safety on  Monday, April 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the   Imperial Diner,  63 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport.   If you work in healthcare, care for a loved one, or are just interested in patient safety, come learn what topics we will be discussing.  

Dinner off the menu is $20.00.  We are always looking for solutions and ways to improve the healthcare experience.

Topic for discussion -
Healthcare Equality - What does that mean ?  

RSVP not required but strongly suggested to or call (516) 579-4711.
Family Centered Patient Advocacy 
Discussion is April 24, 2017
Mark your calendar!  On the last Monday of each month 7:30 PM you can connect with other patient safety advocates and instructors in a Zoom Room. (
Topic: Advance Directives: Why or Why Not?

Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training at Hofstra University - Learn more and register here


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