June 9,  2017

Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.

Leonardo da Vinci


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Hearing Your Guides, Angels and Helpers
June 23, 2017
Huntsville AL

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June 2, 2018 
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Hi everybody!

The Paranormal Study Center Welcomes:
Angelic Teacher: Kelly McCullough
Hearing Your Guides, Angels and Helpers
Friday, June 23
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Unity Church On The Mountain
1328 Governors Drive Southeast
Huntsville AL 35801
*admission will be $10 at the door
for this special event
It has been said many times that we are all constantly receiving psychic and intuitive information from our higher guidance. That it's only a matter of paying more attention to the information we all constantly receive, then acting on it. For some, this may seem difficult or even impossible. For others, it has become easier or even normal.

This was never more clear to Kelly when in 2010, she had her "switches" turned on all at once over the course of a single weekend. She began to audibly and through clairvoyance hear her Spirit Guides and Angels and have conversations with them. Shortly after this time she was called to provide channeling services to the public. Today, she teaches people in how to connect with their own higher guidance through various classes, and how to use their own psychic abilities. She also serves clients throughout the world through readings, channeling, and energy-work sessions, both in person and remotely.

During the first part of the meeting, Kelly will share some of her stories and offer insights into how to listen and recognize when your own team of Guides, Angels and Helpers are trying to reach you. During the second part of meeting, she will turn it over to her own Guides, and the audience, to answer specific questions about the processes or experiences of audience members to help provide either validation or recommendations as to what one can specifically do to enhance their own communications with their own "Spirit Team".

Kelly is a psychic, medium, and strong empath, and able to sense a client's emotions and physical pain. She uses these abilities to assist her clients in 'laying-on-of-stones' energy-work sessions, etheric field cleansing, and intuitive, mediumship or psychometric readings.

During sessions and readings, Kelly receives information from her own body as well as her Spirit Guides, and those of the client to assist her. During a stone & crystal energy-work session, cell memory cords and attachments are released, allowing more peace, comfort, joy and understanding to take their place. During an energy-work session a client can have a number of experiences ranging from deep relaxation to emotional releases to astral travel and peeking into other dimensions.

When you set your intentions for your session or reading, it is Kelly's goal to help clients progress toward a higher level of balance and overall well-being.
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*appointments daily for private intuitive and mediumship readings, psychometry and property readings, stone and crystal energywork sessions, etheric field cleansings, aromatouch
*private one-on-one reiki attunements and certifications
upon request
*available for "classes to go", group readings, group energywork, group aromatouch, parties and other special events
*also available at the Galactic Expo, ii Energy Works Metaphysical Fair, Folk Medicine Festival, and other regional events as my schedule allows