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Adopting a Special Needs Pet
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Heartland Humane Society of Missouri

P.O. Box 113

O'Fallon MO 63366  

(636) 922-0569   


Adoption Information


Cat Adoptions:

Saturday 11-4 

Sunday 12-2 

O'Fallon, MO
PetSmart Store

(636) 281-3114


Cats and kittens are on display every day at PetSmart's Luv-A-Pet Center


Dog Adoptions:

By appointment only

Prevent a Litter...
Neuter Your Critter!
Adopting a
Special Needs Pet

Eight million pets enter shelters in this country each year. Thousands have injuries, illnesses or behavior issues that qualify them as "special needs" pets.  


What exactly is a special needs pet? Blind and deaf pets qualify. So do pets that are "different," such as a one-eyed puppy or a three-legged kitten. Some are crippled or test positive for FIV. Some have medical issues such as diabetes or epilepsy. Many have behavior issues and need a patient, committed family to help work things out. Some are simply black, or not as colorful or handsome as others. And many are just older and passed over for younger animals.


Special needs pets might require a little extra attention, but they are very adoptable. Running and playing and enjoying life as it comes, these pets do not feel sorry for themselves and do not realize they are different.


Providing special animals with the same things ordinary animals need - love, food, daily care, affection, playtime, exercise, health care, etc. - can be very rewarding. As you watch them blossom, you will know you have made a big difference in that animal's life. Together, you can create a special bond that lasts a lifetime. Please consider adopting a special needs pet!  

Fundraising Calendar 
Jamberry Sale

UNTIL May 15


Sweet Pea Benefit

(Ongoing, see cover story)


Bake Sales

* May 3
   Schnuck's, Dardenne

   Hwy. N and Hwy. K


* June 7

   Schnuck's, Mid-Rivers

   Mid Riv Mall Dr. & Mexico 


* July 5

   Schnuck's, Cottleville

   Mid Rivers Mall Dr. & 94

* August 2

   Schnuck's, Wentzville

   Wentzville Pkwy. at I70


* Sept 6


   Hwy. 79 and I-70 


Mouse Races

June 21   

VFW Post 2866

66 VFW Lane

St. Charles, MO



Panting for Paws 
Heartland's 2nd Annual "Panting for Paws" 5k Race fundraiser will be held this fall. The date is not yet finalized, but it is tentatively planned for a Saturday in September.   Details on this family-friendly event will be announced at a later date.




Coming This Fall

(Watch for Dates)



2nd Annual 5K Race


Heartland'sTrivia Night




By adopting just one pet, you won't change the world; but you certainly will change the world for that one pet! 


Save a life - adopt, don't shop!


Mission Statement

Heartland Humane Society of Missouri is a 501�3 non-profit group of dedicated foster homes that gives abandoned, abused and unwanted animals another chance for a loving permanent home through our adoption program. We reduce pet over- population in our community through collaboration with veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, supportive individuals and organizations by providing affordable spay/neuter procedures and humane education. Heartland Humane Society of Missouri is funded by adoption fees, donations, fundraising events, grants and tributes.


Worth Every Penny

To Donate to Sweet Pea


Please consider donating whatever you can to help our precious girl. Any amount is greatly appreciated. And trust us--Sweet Pea is worth every penny!


Sweet Pea was found on a cold November day by a kind lady who noticed that she was using only three of her legs. She took the cat to a vet where an x-ray showed that her pelvis had been broken, but had fused back together. One hind leg needed to be removed.


Heartland was contacted and agreed to help. A leg amputation was performed by one of our wonderful vets. Sweet Pea's surgery went well. However, soon after recovery, she developed a severe uterine infection. Poor Sweet Pea must have felt awful and decided she didn't want to eat anymore. The infection from her uterus was ravaging her little body.


She immediately underwent spay surgery to get rid of the infected uterus. With antibiotics, lots of TLC and her uterus removed, we felt sure she would start to eat again. But despite regular syringe feedings, she would not eat on her own. Sweet Pea was force-fed for three days. At that point, it was determined that she had to undergo surgery again to have a surgically-placed feeding tube inserted into her esophagus in order to save her life.


Now her foster mommy feeds her four times daily through her feeding tube. Sweet Pea is feeling much better, looks better, and is playing and even beginning to eat a little food on her own. The vet thinks she will make a full recovery any day now! We are so happy and thrilled that our sweet baby girl is on the road to recovery.


Sweet Pea has not complained once during her ordeal and has been a gentle soul throughout all that she has endured. As you can imagine, her vet bills have skyrocketed with all the surgeries and treatments that she has gone through in order to save her life. Heartland operates by donations, and we desperately need some help now to cover her vet bills.


Please consider donating whatever you can to help our precious girl. Any amount is greatly appreciated. And trust us -- Sweet Pea is worth every penny!


          -- Ronda 

 Special Needs Dogs


Male, German Shepherd mix, dob 6/23/07, 50 lbs. Cole was found running loose in a neighborhood.  His medical checkup showed that he was heartworm positive, but Cole has been treated and is ready for his new home.  When frightened, Cole would cower down and curl into a ball, but he has slowly been coming out of his shell due to the kind treatment in his foster home.  Once he gains confidence and feels safe, Cole is a happy dog and will be a loyal friend.

Crate/house trained.
Cole is okay with other dogs and walks nicely on a leash.


Female, whippet mix, dob 11/21/09, 12 lbs.  This sweet girl is a bit shy but warms up quickly.  She enjoys playing with other dogs, and with her human friends she likes to lap sit and give gentle kisses.  No young children.



Female, Blue Heeler, 3 years, 48 lbs. Dakota loves people and kids, but she is a typical cattle dog who loves to herd, so Dakota would be better in a home with no young children. She wants to be the dominant dog, so a submissive doggie companion would suit her best. Looking for a jogging companion or a dog for agility work? Dakota would be great for either activity. Most of all, she just wants to be someone's best friend!

Special Needs Cats


Female, black, 10 years old. Lexi is a sleek, black, affectionate cuddler who loves to drink from a faucet, play with glittery poms and give head bonks to let you know she loves you. Surrendered by a family moving to a new house, Lexi has adjusted well to her foster home and gets along with the other cats. Loves canned food.







Female, buff tabby with big sea-green eyes. Buffy was in a hoarding situation and came to Heartland with an ear infection and needing some dental work. Much healthier now and very sweet, this kitty loves tummy rubs, comfy beds and brushing. She is looking for a quiet home where she can feel safe and secure. No young kids.




Male, long-haired orange and white classic tabby, Maine Coon/Manx mix. Nigel's fur is very soft and silky. He was born shortly after his mother was rescued by Heartland. However, his right hind leg had bone deformities due to a genetic birth defect and needed to be amputated. His left hind knee also has some deformities, but Nigel gets around pretty well by scooting and hopping. In his own way he can climb, run and play. Nigel loves canned food, treats, feather toys, petting and cuddling. He needs a gentle home and must have another friendly cat companion.






Male, long-haired orange and white Maine Coon mix, dob 3/13/2011. Beckley is shy and takes time to warm up to people. He has learned to trust his foster mom and seems to enjoy petting and affection, rubbing on her legs and head-bumping her hand. Beckley requires a quiet home with patient owners. He loves feather toys, bouncy balls, and has a lot of love to offer. Beckley would do best with another cat friend, but no young children or energetic dogs for this gentle soul.




Female, orange and white, 1-1/2 yrs. old. Delilah came to Heartland in poor condition with tiny kittens. She required so much medical care, she began to distrust humans. Now that she feels better, she has begun to build confidence again and should blossom in the right low-stress home. We give Delilah L-Lysine in her food and Interferon in her water, supplements to help build her immune system. Together with the supplements, good care and lower stress, Delilah's immune system has improved. She enjoys petting and canned food.




Male, black and white long-haired Maine Coon mix, 6 yrs. Jasper was dumped at a kill shelter, a very sick cat weighing only 5 pounds. When it was discovered that Jasper had diabetes, treatment was started and now he is a happy, healthy kitty weighing about 13 pounds. Jasper loves brushing and will sit in your lap and give hugs and purrs. His diabetes is regulated with Lantus shots twice a day and Jasper is a good patient. Jasper is very frightened of dogs, so no canines, please.





Become a Heartland Foster Care Family


(Dog fosters are especially needed)


If you have a big heart, consider becoming a foster home for a cat or dog. Fostering an animal simply means housing and caring for that animal until it is adopted into a permanent home. Dog fostering is a wonderful opportunity to make a huge difference in the life of a dog, puppy, litter of puppies, or a calm older dog. Living in a foster home, enjoying the love and care you provide, gives a dog the opportunity to learn to be a family pet. 


Cats and kittens often come from unhappy circumstances. They need safe, loving homes to help them regain good health and trust in humans. In return for all this, you will get to spend time with a pet that needs a new best friend, and the time and affection you share together will be well spent.

If fostering is not for you, we are also looking for volunteers to care for the cats at the Luv-a-Pet Center at the O'Fallon PetSmart.  Available shifts are Monday and Wednesday mornings (anytime between 8 - 11 am).  In return for your help, you will receive lots of kitty purrs and kisses.

For more information about becoming a foster parent or caring for the cats at PetSmart, please call Heartland at (636) 922-0569 or fill out an online volunteer application at
Support Our Fundraisers!

Online Jamberry Fundraiser


Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. So you know what that means - beach and sandal season! Introducing "Jamberry" - a new and fun way to decorate your nails! Jamberry wraps are safe, easy to use, durable, and come in different colors and designs, including some for pet lovers like us!


Karen Irizarty, one of Heartland's volunteers, has graciously offered to do a Jamberry fundraiser for us. For every order placed through her website, Heartland will receive 10% of the sales plus 30% of Karen's commission. This special sale runs through May 15. To view designs, learn more about Jamberry or place an order, check Karen's link.     


Bake Sales


What's better than a tasty baked treat? Getting your sweet tooth fix AND helping animals in need! Heartland is once again holding summer bake sales at Schnuck's and Dierberg's stores to help raise funds for our foster animals. We have cakes, pies, cookies, muffins, bread, brownies and even homemade dog biscuits. We also welcome volunteers to bake for our sales. If interested, contact (636) 933-0569. Bake sales are held the first Saturday of each month. See our bake sale schedule under the Fundraiser Calendar on the left.


Mouse Races


We're off to the races! Heartland Humane Society of Missouri and All Paws Rescue are joining together to provide a fun evening of Mouse Racing. This benefit will take place on Saturday, June 21, 2014, at VFW Post 2866, 66 VFW Lane, St. Charles, MO. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Racing starts at 7 pm. Admission: $20 per person. Includes beer and soda. Bring your own snacks. Other games are included: Roulette Wheel, Heads or Tails, Silent Auction, Dead or Alive, 50/50, Booze Wagon Raffle.  


For questions or to purchase tickets, call or e-mail:


Heartland Humane Society (314) 497-1329   



All Paws (636) 949-5152 



Alex ROCKS for Heartland!


Aren't kids the greatest? Alex Waters went on a 50 mile bike ride along the Katy Trail to raise money for his Student Ambassador trip to Europe. A portion of his proceeds, $275 to be exact, plus a $275 match from Monsanto Company for a total of $550, will be donated to Heartland Humane Society.


Alex - Here's a great big THANK YOU from the volunteers and critters of Heartland to you and your family for your generosity and support!   

Amazon Wish List
& Other Donations


Heartland is funded by adoption fees, fundraisers, grants and donations. Your donations for our homeless dogs and cats are very much needed and appreciated. Your support is especially important right now as we deal with the overwhelming requests to help pregnant cats and dogs, orphaned kittens and puppies, animals on death row at shelters and owner-surrendered pets.  The need is constant, and our dedicated foster parents spend much of their own money to pay for supplies that are necessary for the care of our critters. To expedite donations of food and supplies, we have set up a "wish list" through


Monetary donations may be sent to Heartland Humane Society, P.O. Box 113, O'Fallon, MO 63366;  

or go to our website,, to donate via PayPal. Food and supply donations may also be dropped off during Heartland adoptions (O'Fallon MO PetSmart, Luv-A-Pet Center) on Saturday from 10-4 or Sunday from 11-2.


Spring Cleaning


This time of year we all open up the house a bit more, clean up a bit more, clear out some unused possessions, and organize or decorate our spaces in new ways. More people move residences in the spring time, and I am afraid more people also get rid of the pet in the spring as well.  


Since taking your pets with you is the responsible thing to do, we are all frustrated and befuddled as to why anyone believes these lives are disposable. We certainly hope they do not simply resettle and replace the pets, since we believe the cycle will be repeated again in the future.  


When pets are turned back in to Heartland, they can be very frightened, confused, and sad. Quite often they refuse to eat for days, call out in fear and loneliness, sometimes act out in mildly aggressive ways out of fear and stress, and even take it out on the companion they may have lived with for years.  


It is heartbreaking on our end for many reasons. We foster in our homes, and finding space for unplanned returns is frustrating. Dealing with the emotional stress of the critters takes time we do not have, and it is exhausting for us as we feel their pain. Abandonment is physically and emotionally hard on all living beings, and compassion and empathy should be virtues all humans have and share. I am afraid this is a fantasy of mine and not reality. Throwing away your pets to relieve yourself of responsibilities and work may be easier in the short run, but it is not the right thing to do; and even the person disposing of the pet knows this.  


Most people are aware of a desire to move long before it happens. Proper planning and care can be taken to make the transition easier for all involved. The kids changing schools, the pets acclimating to new environments and surviving travel with as little stress as possible - it can be done! There are web pages devoted to help you prepare and survive this transition as well. You and I are animal lovers to the core so I may be preaching to the choir as far as our readers are concerned, but we also have friends, relatives and coworkers who would benefit from all of our guidance and encouragement to do the right thing. Pay attention and listen to anyone talking about a move or a desire to ditch the pets beforehand, perhaps a bit of advice from you can make the difference in the life of a pet!