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Jeff Raz gives a lift to Hearts & Noses Executive Director - Cheryl Lekousi & Artistic Director - Kenny Raskin
Hospital Clown Guru Jeff Raz Headlines 2-Day Training for Hearts & Noses Volunteers 
In April, Hearts & Noses Hospital Clown Troupe had the good fortune to welcome Jeff Raz, who co-founded San Francisco's Medical Clown Project and authored The Secret Life of Clowns, to lead an intensive two-day training workshop -- one of two annual 'Mandatory Summits' for Troupe volunteers. At the training, Raz shared lessons from his experience as a hospital clown, actor, communications consultant, and circus performer.

Hearts & Noses Hospital Clowns Brighten Lives Outside of the Hospital Setting, Too
W hile Hearts & Noses Hospital Clown Troupe is known primarily for our work with children in five of Boston's top hospitals, we are equally proud of the smiles we bring to pediatric patients and friends of other organizations in event settings.

Children with chronic illness have needs beyond the hospital. Hearts & Noses is proud to send clowns to events that support these children.  Read More 
Hearts & Noses Hospital Clown Troupe Trivia
A hospital visit is called a gig. 
Each child seen on a gig
is called a giggle.

Last year Hearts & Noses had 208 gigs and 3,064 giggles! 

Three New Clowns Join Hearts & Noses --
and an old friend returns!

As a result of our highly successful Fall 2016 Workshop, Hearts & Noses Hospital Clown Troupe identified several excellent prospects and decided to bring into the fold four new Clowns in Training. One clown, Diane Maraio (bottom right), is returning to the Troupe. Additionally Katy Bland-Brooks (bottom left), Sallie Banta (top left) and Michaela Murtagh (top right) are in various stages of our training process.  Read More
Workshop Guides Clowns to Bring More Music to Hospitalized Children 
Music is often the perfect avenue to help the hospital clown and child connect.  Recently the Troupe gathered for a music workshop, led by Artistic Director Kenny Raskin, where the clowns learned to play simple children's songs on the ukulele, recorder and tin whistle.  The very next day Troupe clowns began successfully using these tools in the hospital. 
Clown Spotlight - Diane Maraio aka Georgia
Quite a few years ago, I was driving to work on a Sunday morning listening to one of my favorite radio shows, "Exceptional Women."  On that day, their featured guest was Jeannie Lindheim, who was a hospital clown. I was fascinated and listened intently to her touching stories of providing visits to hospitalized children. I knew right away that this was something that I wanted to do.

I contacted Jeannie shortly after that and expressed my interest in applying for the next training workshop.

I recall that on the first day of the workshop introducing myself and explaining that my inspiration to become a hospital clown came from becoming a new grandmother of two healthy beautiful boys and wanting to give of myself to those not so fortunate.  Read More
Clowns in Action...

An intellectually disabled teen sat in his wheelchair in the pre-op waiting area. He was signing to his mother that he was hungry. She said over and over while caressing his face, "Later Mikey, later."   The clown peeked into the doorway and smiled at the mom. The clown took out her small music box and slowly turned the handle. A lilting song filled the room and the hungry child lifted his head and smiled. Mom said, "He loves music."

The clown was welcomed into the waiting area and she shared her shaky egg so the child could join in the music and he laughed when the clown danced.

When the family was called to the pre-op area, the mother, Mikey, his aid and the clown created a happy parade down the hall and into the pre-op area. What a happy sound.
There was a long wait with nurses and doctors arriving to prepare for the surgery so the clown would leave and return as needed. There were other children in the pre-op area to see in between her time with Mikey. Once it was his turn to go to surgery, he waved to the clown until he was out of sight. 
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