Held Glove Promo!  

This week we are offering a special Promo Gift Card with the purchase of our three most popular Held glove styles... the Evo Thrux, Sambia and Steve Classic.

The seasons are changing and with cooler weather you'll want a glove that offers full protection.  Buy now and save!

The Evo has been the best seller of all the full gauntlet gloves all year.  This glove really hits the mark for value and quality.  They feel great and have a high degree of protection, all at a price that most people can be comfortable with. 

Use the drop down menu on our product page to see the sizes and colors available.  Unlike earlier in the year, nearly every size and color combo is available.

Price:  $159.99  ::  Shipping Included!

Promo Gift Card Offer $20 thru Friday


The name "classic" implies an older model but that is not so.  This is the latest version.  The "Classic" is at least the third version of the series over the last five years or so.

The classic remains the favorite for commuters and touring riders.  The styling is "understated and the quality of materials is fantastic.  The palms are kangaroo and new materials are being used such as the highly abrasion-resistant synthetic SuperFabric material.

You can customize the fit on the Steve Classic glove because "regular", short finger and long finger versions are available. 

Price:  $169.99  ::  Shipping Included!

Promo Gift Card Offer $20 thru Friday


The Sambia is also new since March.  This glove is Held's version of "less is more"...  good protection in a shorter cuff design.

Those in warmer parts of the world will appreciate the breathability built into this glove. 

Price:  $89.99  ::  Shipping Included!

Promo Gift Card Offer $10 thru Friday

Alpinestars Glove Sale,
Last Chance!

The closeout deals on these three styles of Alpinestars gloves was the best closeout deal of the season.  We have sold most... but not all of the gloves, so there is still a chance to get a pair of quality Alpinestars gloves before they are gone.  Listed below are the colors and sizes left in stock. 

GP Pro Gloves


The GP Pro glove offers extensive gauntlet coverage and excellent protection for racing or aggressive street riding.   (more)


What's left:

Black:  Small, Med

Blue:  Med, Large, XXL

Red:  Large and XL  




 MSRP:  $229.95



Our Price:  $163  ::  Shipping Included!




GP Plus Gloves


The GP Plus gloves are an "upper-level" street/race glove. They have a few less features than a full-on race glove, but they are also value priced....  (more)




What's left:

Black/White:  Small, Med, Large, XL 

Silver:  Med

Red or Blue:  All sizes Small thru XXL 






MSRP:  $189.95


Our Price:  $137  ::  Shipping Included!



Tech Road Gore-Tex Gloves


...the fit is nice and snug without feeling bulky like some other winter gloves and should break in nicely with use. External stitching on the fingers keeps any extra material from digging in on the inside, and the stretch panels on the backs of the fingers keep the gloves nice and flexible. A Gore-Tex liner is built into the Tech Road gloves, which should do an excellent job keeping your hands dry... (more)


This glove didn't sell so well this summer, but now that fall is approaching, please give this glove another look.  There is a LOT of technology here!


All sizes Small thru XXXL are available. 


MSRP:  $189.95


Our Price:  $138  ::  Shipping Included!

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