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Hello Again, 2013     

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Long time no see!  I'm glad to be waving hello to you with some exciting news and announcements.


  ELECTRIC CITY, my third novel,
has been sold to Counterpoint Press, based in Berkeley, CA.  (Insert Hallelujah chorus here.)  I am once again fortunate to have the extraordinarily talented editor Dan Smetanka working with me.  As many of you know, Dan worked on my previous two novels, and we are both thrilled about continuing this very special author/editor relationship.  The book is scheduled for publication in Fall 2014.

  ELECTRIC CITY is a historical novel set against the backdrop of a small New York town once upon a time founded by the Mohawk, then the Dutch, and now centered around the country's largest manufacturer of electrical appliances.  The story follows three teenagers whose lives connect to the legacy of the genius mathematician, Charles P. Steinmetz, who once captured lightning in a bottle.

  BLUE NUDE is currently being translated into German by Professor Walter Gruenzweig, the Director of the American Studies Program at Dortmund University.  Stay tuned for news about the translated novel's publication in Germany. 

  The film adaptation of THE SPEED OF LIGHT is still "in development," with Gillian Anderson steadfast in her commitment to bringing the novel to the screen.

  My poetry chapbook GRAVITY is sold out of its 14th printing.  Some of those poems are being translated into Spanish by Valerie Mejer, for publication of a bilingual edition in Mexico.  I am also working to assemble a full-length collection of my more recent poems.  


   "FIRST WORDS" is a monthly workshop offered in my North Berkeley home on the first Sunday afternoon of each month, from 1-6 pm, for a fee of $95 per session.  You are welcome to come once in a while or each month, and the group size is limited to a maximum of 8 writers.  I offer prompts for freewriting; your new work is then shared with the group for positive feedback.  I guarantee an intimate, inspirational, and stress-free experience.

  I will be teaching weeklong workshops this summer at Rancho La Puerta (week of June 8-15) and on Martha's Vineyard (early August).  Details about both of these workshops will be included in my next newsletter.  Please feel free to send me an email if you want more information right away.

  The THIRD annual Writers' Retreat in Montana will take place from September 15-22, at the breathtakingly beautiful HOLLAND LAKE LODGE in Swan Valley, MT.   The setting is tranquil and exquisite; the accommodations and food are first-class; the price is reasonable and all-inclusive.  You can contact the lodge to make reservations with a deposit; feel free to contact me with questions.  Our schedule will include morning craft talks, sharing work with the group, and lots of free-time for you to write, daydream, hike and kayak.  12 participants maximum. 

  WILL TRAVEL TO TEACH.  If you are interested in collaborating with me to create a writing workshop in your town, please do get in touch.  I love to offer weekend and/or weeklong writing workshops for groups ranging in size from 8 to 24 participants.  My teaching can focus on single- or multiple genres, for writers of any level. 


   As always, you are warmly welcome to contact me directly for individual writing consultations, customized to your particular interests and needs.  This work can take place in-person or long-distance.


   You are invited to follow my literary activities on the following sites: 

1) my Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/elizabethrosnerbooks

2) my website: www.elizabethrosner.com
3) my Twitter feed: @elizabethrosner

Hoping to see you soon, online or in person,


Please visit me in the Redroom (link below) to keep track of any upcoming events.  You can also read my blogs and book reviews here.


Holland Lake Lodge   
Writers' Retreat

Swan Valley, Montana
September 15-22, 2013