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Dear Friends

This Sunday, we continue with GODTalks.  As an homage to TEDTalks,  we are thinking about ideas worth spreading.   


This week's idea is a powerful gift that we receive just because we "are."   It is something that has the power to bless, forgive, heal, inspire, and transform.   It comes in all sizes and it never runs out.  It is something everyone needs.  Yet, it is something that people have a hard time believing for themselves. Come and hear more about this amazing gift.   This  week's GODTalk:   Grace 101.  


I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday.  This Sunday we will commission a missionary for service and will celebrate those who completed the 24-week Covenant Bible Study. Come,  join in showing your support.  Please continue to pray that we at Buckhall continue to share the love of Christ among people in our community. 


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Linda 


PS - On Sunday, August 16th the worship services will be a hymn sing.  I would like your input, using The Faith We Sing and the United Methodist Hymnal.    What are some of your suggestions/preferences?  We may not be able to use them all, but those we don't use will give me suggested hymns for following worship services.  Please send your suggestions to pastor@buckhall-umc.org

Weekly Announcements


Sunday, July 12th @ 8:45am and 11:15am.  NEW! Series:  GODTalks:  Grace 101.    

Sunday School for Children and Youth at 10:00am

Adults Small Groups at 10:00am


CONTINUING!  THIS SUNDAY -  An Adult Small Group

"The Lives of Great Christians" -   This series focuses on the lives of people who offer examples of faithfulness.  What we discover, the more we learn of their faith stories, is that they, like us, had their struggles, yet kept seeking God.   This Sunday:  This Sunday we take a look at Thomas More - one of England's premier historical figures.  More espoused that Christians were called to love and to do good deeds.  More was a highly religious man and rose to the top ranks of political office.  BUT he had a problem with the king and the new Church of England.  He supported the Catholic Church.  Not a good position to be in.  Come and join in the discussion, led by Reed Reavis. 


Tuesday, July 21st - Pastor's Hours @ Panera on Liberia, 12:30pm to 3:00pm.  Join Pastor Linda for coffee and conversation.  What's on your mind? 


6:30pm   Choir Practice


Wednesday, July 22nd - KaMP (Kids and Mission Projects) planning meeting @ 7:00pm 


Thursday, July 23rd - All-Church Meeting @ 7:00pm.  Church leaders will provide a financial update and answer any questions you might have.   


Save the Date


Wednesday, August 19th - Hymn sing at Quarry Station

Monday, August 24th - Buckhall Baseball Night @ the Potomac Nationals.   

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