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Pastor's Letter

January 21, 2016
Dear Friends,
If you could have any superpower what would it be? We might dream about how nice it would be to have the power to become invisible or re-appear as we want; or to read minds (through that could be quite unsettling); or to fly. Maybe we dream about having the power to control certain situations or people; or to be able to hold our breath and explore underwater worlds; be impervious to cold or heat and explore a volcano or walk across Antarctica. What would it be like to have limitless power?  
As we continue our series, "Limitless Living," we'll look at how God uses God's "Limitless Power" and how that impacts our lives. I invite you to read Psalm 46 in preparation.  
We are anticipating a major snow storm. We don't know yet how that will impact our Sunday morning services. We will try to let you know, as early as possible, on the status of the services. However, please take steps to insure your safety.
Please continue to pray for people who do not have a church home, and how Buckhall UMC can bless them; please pray for how God is calling you to reach out.
Yours in Christ,

Weekly Announcements

What's Happening This Week

Coming Attractions
Sunday, January 24th worship at 8:45am and 11:15am. NEW! Series: Limitless Living.   The new year gives us opportunities to think about possibilities and how our relationship with God allows up to tap into limitless possibilities for our lives.  
This Sunday's message: Limitless Power.
10:00am Sunday School for Children and Youth
This Sunday, fellowship time for adults @10:00am. The Adult small group studying "The Story," will meet this Sunday.
Tuesday, January 26th 12:30pm to 3:00pm Pastor's Hours @ Panera's on Liberia. Join Pastor Linda for conversation and share what's on your mind!
                                           6:30pm Choir Rehearsal
Looking Ahead.......
Sunday January 21 KamP - making valentines
How will you observe the season of Lent?  
FASTING 101 - It not just about giving up eating.   There are many kinds of "fasts." Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is meant to help us focus more on our relationship to God. To gain a deeper understanding of this discipline and ways to practice, join Pastor Linda in a
1-session class - Fasting 101 -  Wednesday, February 3rd @7:00pm
February 10th - The season of Lent begins with an Ash Wednesday Service @ 7:00pm.
6-session Lenten Study, "The Way: Following in the Footsteps of Jesus "  
We will look at Jesus' ministry, see via DVD the places he walked, and place ourselves in the crowd. Discover for yourself: What do Jesus' teachings mean for me and my faith journey?
Offered on Tuesday mornings beginning February 16th @10:30am
AND Offered Wednesday nights beginning February 17th @ 7:00pm.
Cost of book is $12.00.
February 17th at 6:30pm - Hymn Sing at Quarry Station Remember to park on the road

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