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Dear Friends
This Sunday, we begin a new series: GODTalks.  It is an homage to TEDTAlks that you may have watched on-line or on Netflix.  TEDTalks are short talks about some aspect of life.  These talks get us thinking about or looking at things in a different light. 


This week, our first GODTalk will ask the question:  Why am I here?  Or another way to ask that question, What is my purpose?   How would you respond to that question? 


I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday.  Please continue to pray that we at Buckhall continue to share the love of Christ among people in our community. 


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Linda


PS - On Sunday, August 16th the worship services will be a hymn sing.  I would like your input.  What are some of your suggestions/preferences?  We may not be able to use them all, but those we don't use will give me suggested hymns for following worship services.  Please send your suggestions to pastor@buckhall-umc.org
Weekly Announcements


Sunday, July 12th @ 8:45am and 11:15am.  NEW! Series:  GODTalks:  Discovering Our Purpose. 

Sunday School for Children and Youth at 10:00am

Adults Small Groups at 10:00am


CONTINUING!  THIS SUNDAY -  An Adult Small Group

"The Lives of Great Christians" -   This series focuses on the lives of people who offer examples of faithfulness.  This is what we discover, the more we learn of their faith stories, is that they, like us, had their struggles, yet kept seeking God.   This Sunday:  John Hus and the Hussites, one of the first protesters against the Roman Church.

Come and join in the discussion, led by Reed Reavis. 


    and Women's Bible Study


VBS is almost here!  VBS is almost here! 

July 13th to July 17th   9:30am to 12:00pm.     Potluck and Program on Thursday evening, 7/16.  There is still room for more children. 


There are still opportunities to be involved!  Please look at the "supplies needed" list and see what you might donate.

Volunteer your time and caring in order to help a child learn the stories of our faith. 


Sign-Up Your Child or Volunteer!!!


Tuesday, July 14th - Pastor's Hours @ Panera on Liberia, 12:30pm to 3:00pm.  Join Pastor Linda for coffee and conversation.  What's on your mind? 

  • 6:30pm   Choir Practice


July 15th Covenant Bible Study @ 7:00pm.   Our last class of the series.  Join us as we discuss the book of "Revelation."      Explorers, the curious, and the questioning are welcome.   

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