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Pastor's Letter

April 8, 2016
Dear Friends,
This Sunday we will look at the story of Thomas. Thomas comes with the description of "doubting" because he wanted proof.   But isn't that something we all want; proof that something exists, that it is true?   As people of faith, can faith and doubt co-exist?  
There are people in our neighborhood who do not have a church home. There are people around us who are in need of the healing grace of Christ. God is calling each of us to reach out to them.   Please be in prayer. How is God asking you to reach out? I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday.
Yours in Christ,


Weekly Announcements

What's Happening This Week

Worship @ 8:45am and 11:15am. Message: Giving Thomas a Break. 10:00am  Sunday school for children and youth
10:00am a class for New Members and Others
If you are...
  •  interested in joining Buckhall UMC,
  • or are already a member, but want to know more about United Methodists
  • or have questions regarding Buckhall
then this class is for you. For questions, contact Pastor Linda @ bumc.lmonroe@verizon.net.

April 10th - Prayer Vigil (3:00pm to 4:00pm) Join Linda in the sanctuary for either the entire hour, or for a part of that hour. Buckhall UMC is part of the Alexandria and Arlington Districts -wide prayer vigil; and 3:00pm to 4:00pm is our time to pray. A prayer guide will be available.
We will be praying for wisdom and guidance as the United Methodist Church gathers for its General Conference in Portland, Oregon. This conference occurs every 4 years and delegates from conferences all over the world gather to make decision regarding the ministries of the United Methodist Church.  
April 17th - Receiving New Members @ both services. If interested in joining, please contact Pastor Linda. 

Saturday, April 30th 9:00am to 3:00pm - Worship That Connects with Your Neighborhood; Mount Olivet, Arlington, VA.    This is an event that will allow those attending to leave armed with an action plan for the planning and implementing of better worship - relatable worship that will connect with the demographics outside the doors of your specific church's community.
Registration is $55 for church teams of up to 5 (clergy participation mandatory - plus up to 4 lay persons), additional laity can attend - cost $11 each. Please let Linda know of your interest.
April 30th - 9:00am to Noon - All Hands on Deck for the Church Spring Clean-up. Come spend the morning helping spruce up the grounds and church.

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