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Kathy Caprino, M.A. - Breakthrough Expert for Women

Do you long for answers, guidance and insights that will help you move forward today in your career and biz?

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Ellia Communications, Inc. is a career coaching and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping women achieve breakthrough - in their lives and work, relationships, and in their businesses - to create the success and fulfillment they truly want.  Ellia offers transformative coaching, seminars, marketing consulting and resources that help women achieve their highest visions of passion, power, and purpose.
Kathy's book, Breakdown, Breakthrough offers a powerful, holistic guide to overcoming the 12 hidden crises women face today.

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In virtually all the career coaching work I do, there is a core element of helping folks gain deeper clarity about what they REALLY want in their life and work.


It's a fascinating thing, life today  - we work so hard, juggling our work, families, hobbies, play, financial pursuits, wellness activities  -  but in the end, most of us remain unsure of what we're working so hard to create.  Is it life purpose?  Is it security?  Integrity and authenticity?  Is it joy?  Creativity? Is it a combination of all of these?


The first step you must take in crafting a fulfilling, successful life and career is to know what you want, deep down to your toes.  What will you give up anything for? What will you risk? What is the legacy you want to leave? How have you fallen off the path?


If the answers to these questions are elusive to you, I'd love to help.  We can't solve a problem on the level it was created, and we can't do brain surgery on ourselves - we need outside help when we're unclear and unsure. 


To help you figure out what you want -- in your job/career and in your life -- and what you need to do differently to get it, I'm offering a specially-priced one-hour Figure Me Out! Career consultation in March - that will help you gain clarity on what you want, and determine the best next steps to get you going toward your heart-felt visions.


Figure Me Out! Career Consultation - $199.00

It's hard to see what we're doing wrong/right when we're in the middle of creating our lives.  This consultation provides an honest review of where you are today in your life and/or career, and an exploration of where you want to go in the future.  I'll explore your candid responses to my in-depth Career Path Assessment, and give concrete suggestions on how to shift what you're doing to create more success, fulfillment and reward in your life.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.


To get your juices flowing, here's  a blog post I wrote some time ago on  What Do You Really Want - a Job or a "Calling."   Hope you find it useful!


Here's what people are saying:


"Kathy is a highly effective career breakthrough coach. Her coaching is truly a collaboration that promises clear and powerful discoveries about one's self. She has an exciting and well organized approach that identifies my passions, goals and unique talents. Her ability to zero in on these key values has energized me to discover a fresh and deeply satisfying vision for my career as a photographer." - Martin Menocal, Photographer


I look forward to conducting a Figure Me Out session with you! You'll be glad you did, and there's no better time than now. 


Many happy breakthroughs,


P.S. Download my FREE Professional Breakthrough Toolkit to get you started.

P.P.S. Please forward this to anyone you know who might be interested in greater clarity on their life and work. Thank you!


Kathy Caprino, MA 
Ellia Communications, Inc.
Phone: 203-834-9933
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