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    Help Eliminate The IRC Corruption

Dear Friends of Arizona,


The 2012 election will be the most crucial election. Not only for America but for Arizona too.  We will be voting on a new President, U.S. Senate, Congressperson, and the State Legislators (House and Senate). Arizona is faced with redistricting and how the lines are drawn will determine the course of Arizona for the next 10 years.  


It is no secret that Strategic Telemetry works with Democratic organizations to inlcude: SEIU, Labor Unions, Progressive Majority, and Obama for America to name a few.


If Obama can do the damage that he has done to this country in the little time he has been in office, image what they can do to Arizona in 10 years. 


Redistricting will determine the course of our lives, our businesses, and our future. Please help save Arizona from Washington D.C. 


We have until August 12th for leadersip to call a Special Session- We can't do this without you!


Terri Proud 

                  How YOU Can Help

                             4 Easy Steps 

1. Send an email to 10 of your friends to sign the petition  from my website home page or at its original site HERE .


2. Share the Petition with your friends


3. Post on your facebook and on your friends page to have your friends sign.


3. Send an email to your favorite groups for more signatures.  For example, your Tea Party organizer, your LD chair, PC's, women's group, your men's group, your own email list.


4. Forward this email to your friends.


The average person needs to hear the issue at least 5 times before it sinks in. Don't give up!


Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!  

                       The Corruption

                                 Key Points                      
  • Colleen Mathis lied by omission on her application to get onto the commission by not disclosing that her husband was a paid staff member of Democrat Nancy Young Wright's campaign when she submitted her application. She admits that this was a mistake, says "she forgot". It is likely that would have disqualified her  from getting on the commission.
  •   Destroyed documents which are subject to public records request- this is a violation of open meeting laws. These were the scoring sheets that eliminated three firms from being considered in the award of the mapping consultant contract. All 7 score  cards were shredded and there is an affidavit of that by a witness.  
  •  Bid Rigging admitted to by Commissioner Herrera - that he intentionally scored Strategic Telemetry high (all three gave them a perfect score even thought they did not meet the RFP requirements, did not have the experience, and were twice as expensive as any other bid). The  reason given by Commissioner Herrera was that he was afraid that had he not scored them so high, some other company would have gotten the contract.
  • Vote Trading Ms. Mathis called Republican commissioners to get them to vote for Strategic Telemetry in exchange for her votes for something they might want on the mapping portion. This conversation happened on cell phones in the parking lot after the end of a meeting. This violates, at the least, open meeting laws. An affidavit was filed with the County Attorney attesting to th
  • State Procument Officer walked out and submitted a letter stating that the selection process for Strategic Telemetry was in violation of state procurement operations.
  • Proposition 106 was passed to keep from backroom deals but that is exactly what has happened on the commission. More than half their time has been spent in Executive Session so the public could not see these back room deals being made. This is in violation of the open meeting laws that say that decisions must be made in the open so the public can see what is going on.
  • The people have gone from paying legislators to draw the lines to paying 9 million dollars to 5 people who are not accountable to the taxpayers. 


To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last--but eat you he will. - Ronald Reagan




For more about the corruption Listen to Senator Frank Antenori 


Forward to 26:00


Contact your LD Rep




Contact the Governor


Contact AG Tom Horn




Help spread the word!


Take back Arizona from Washington D.C