Back-to-School Edition
CAIR-WA is here to help ensure this is the most successful school year yet!
This month's newsletter brings you easy-to-remember anti-bullying tips, one family's success story in handling bullying at school, an alert about an ongoing FBI phone scam and basics you can tuck into your back pocket before heading to the classroom.

Your Monthly Tip!

1. Talk about the school day: D on't assume your child will tell you if they are being bullied at school. Ask your kids about school and their classmates, and if they have any problems with other students.

2.  Get to know your child's teacher: Explain to your child's teacher that you are concerned about religiously-motivated bullying. Ask the teacher to contact you if they notice harmful activity in the classroom.

3. Tell your children they have the right to feel safe at school:
Make sure your child knows that religious slurs, name-calling, shoving, hijab-pulling should not happen at school. Your child may disregard these actions as harmless jokes; teach your child how serious religiously-motivated bullying is.

Why we CAIR:
Sch ool Case Success Story
This past school year, a Muslim student in Washington was harassed by a peer, who called him offensive names referring to ISIS. The boy's parents contacted CAIR-WA to express concern that enough wasn't being done to address discrimination at the school, and CAIR-WA retained an attorney for the family. The attorney sent a demand letter including a request for clarification on the school's non-discrimination policies, further investigation into the discriminatory comments made to the boy, and asking that the school conduct staff training on culturally responsive behavior. The school complied with the demands, and with the help of the boy's parents, CAIR-WA, and the attorney, he and his family now feel safe and respected in the school. 
Take Action! If you or someone you know has been targeted in school for being Muslim please click here so that our Civil Rights Department can contact you and find the best way to help. 

In a recent survey by CAIR Washington and The Muslim Community Resource Center (MCRC), Almost 62% of students surveyed reported they feel more unsafe in public since the presidential election. Over 64% said they fear more for their family's safety.

Check out KUOW and Public News Service for stories on local bullying and what CAIR-WA is doing about it. 

Request a speaker:  Is your school interested in hosting a CAIR-WA speaker? Speakers can can focus on rights, American Muslim contributions in the community, the basics of Islam and many more topics. Fill out a request form
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Community Alert: Be Aware of 'FBI' Hoax
CAIR-WA has been receiving increased reports of individuals receiving calls from people falsely identifying themselves as representatives of various governmental organizations. These scam callers state they are from departments such as the ICE, FBI, IRS, the US Marshal, etc. If you receive such a phone call, don't give out any personal information and call CAIR-WA for help reporting: (206) 367-4081. Click here to learn more about this hoax.
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