Help Your Clients Find a Charity They LOVE This Valentine's Day!
An expert in estate and tax planning, Oklahoma City attorney Dawn Hallman believes that the Oklahoma City Community Foundation's best attribute is "their dedication to the fulfillment of the donor's intent." Dawn knows that we don't just want to find a solution her clients will like, but one they will love!

The founder of Hallman and Associates, P.C., Dawn received both her bachelor's degree in accounting and juris doctorate from the University of Oklahoma. She has earned many accolades throughout her professional career, including being named chairman for the Oklahoma Bar Association's estate planning, probate and trust section, a top estate planning attorney in Oklahoma by the Five Star Program and a Super Lawyer for Estate Planning in Oklahoma. She also provides lectures on estate planning issues for major corporations and organizations including Mercy Hospital and the University of Oklahoma.

Dawn has partnered with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for more than seven years and says she benefits from the resources, talent, education and assistance to aid her clients in creating a true legacy plan. While she enjoys every aspect of charitable planning the Community Foundation has to offer, her favorite tools are donor advised funds and the Charitable Organization Endowment program.

One of Dawn's most recent clients is an excellent example of the Community Foundation's dedication to donor interests. The client came to Dawn with a desire to help provide food for individuals who are forced to choose between using their limited finances on either food or medicine. Dawn introduced her client to Joe Carter, director of development at the Community Foundation, and the client immediately made a major gift of $700,000 to support senior care initiatives with the intent of a larger testamentary gift in the future. The gift has allowed the Community Foundation to create a program specifically aimed to fulfill the client's charitable passion. 

"Not only are we getting the chance to work with the client on his immediate gift, but we are also building a trustworthy relationship," said Joe Carter. "By witnessing the impact of his gift during his lifetime, he can also develop a sense of comfort knowing that his charitable wishes will be fulfilled through his estate gift." 

"The Oklahoma City Community Foundation truly takes the time to learn about a donor's passions and interests," said Dawn. "I always relate the services of the Community Foundation to that of a dating service for charities. The Community Foundation matches the donor with the perfect charitable organization - and they always make a love connection!"

Let the Oklahoma City Community Foundation help your clients find the perfect charitable connection to fit their planned giving interests by visiting our website, or contact Joe Carter to learn more today at 405/606-2914.

As we approach the fourth week of 2017, the New Year's excitement is beginning to wear thin, leaving most everyone in anticipation of the tax-filing season. To aid us in the sometimes daunting task that awaits us all, the IRS recently published a detailed summary of seven tax changes that occurred in 2016 to remember when filing a 2017 tax return.

In the latter part of 2016, millions of baby boomers began to reach the age 70 ½ milestone, activating the required minimum distribution from traditional individual retirement accounts. We found these six tax-smart ways to help your clients lower these taxable withdrawals from their IRAs, including donating them to charity. To help your clients prepare for the coming years, take a refresher course on donating an RMD to charity, and discover how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation can offer IRA charitable giving solutions with maximum tax advantages here

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