As the Principal of Hyde Park Elementary School, I've seen Bernie's Book Bank light literacy fires for my students for 6 years now. Each student at Hyde Park will receive 72 FREE books during their elementary careers in Waukegan due to  generous donors  who contribute to this wonderful charity. 

Each time Bernie's Book Bank arrives at Hyde Park, the students' eyes light up and a synchronized cheer of "Bernie's!" can be heard upon entry at every classroom door. The students may not recognize the driver, but they do recognize the white bag filled with books and the  silhouette of Bernie Floriani Sr.

Without support from Bernie's Book Bank, many of the students at Hyde Park school would only be exposed to books when they are at school. The books provided by Bernie's Book Bank are for the students to take and keep at home. The students are encouraged to share the books with siblings or peers. Without books in their homes, it would be difficult for these children to have a legitimate opportunity to improve their reading proficiency and literacy skills.  Bernie's Book Bank is solving this problem.

I can truly say that Bernie's Book Bank instills a love for books and reading to every student who receives books. I see this in action first hand at Hyde Park, but I know it is occurring in hundreds of other schools and communities throughout Chicagoland for more than 250,000 at-risk children.

However, I can only imagine there are thousands of more children in Chicagoland in need and waiting for the incredible support Bernie's Book Bank provides.

Please join me today with a gift of $200 or more to assure ALL children are quality book owners; it's imperative in their quest to become proficient readers and their pursuit of a better life!

Most sincerely,

Brian Carr
Principal, Hyde Park Elementary School
Waukegan Public Schools CUSD60

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Learn more about Bernie's Book Bank
Learn more about Bernie's Book Bank


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