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Your help is needed today to keep the Second Harvest Mobile Food Bank rolling. Fresh, healthy food is ready to be delivered to hungry people in your neighborhood - it just needs to travel the last miles to their tables. You are a vital part of the Mobile Food Bank team, and we're counting on you to help raise $45,000  and get this food to local children, families and seniors this spring.

Kathy appreciates the produce from Second Harvest, which she can't afford on her own. "Both my husband and I are diabetic. The fresh fruit and vegetables are very important to us, because they're very expensive to get in the store."

She says people may look like they're doing well financially because they have a running car or a house, but in reality, they are running on financial fumes. "You don't know what's inside. You don't know who needs food, because all you see is the surface. My husband lost his job, and our cupboards were bare,"
she said. 

Your donation today will help people like Kathy eat a healthy meal. Please be as generous as you can to keep the Mobile Food Bank truck moving!    

Thanks so much,

Jason L. Clark
President and CEO

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Fighting hunger, feeding hope: Second Harvest brings community resources together to feed people in need through empowerment, education and partnerships.

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