Help support AFT 
 October 22, 2015

October 13, 2015
This letter is being distributed to members of the SCFA. 

We are forwarding you the letter below in support of UC-AFT.

Hi Folks
We are writing to ask for your support.  Can you join us October 22 1:15 at Quarry plaza, or 2pm on a bus to bargaining at Shaffer Road?

Bargaining as the UC-AFT (Union Council--American Federation of Teachers), the 4000 lecturers across the UCs are in the midst of negotiations aimed at increasing job security for the vast majority of lecturers who are "at will" employees.  This precarious position makes academic exploration risky, and has many of us working at 2-4 colleges to ameliorate the uncertainty of one contingent job.  As "freeway flyers," it takes extra effort to maintain connections to the UC community. 
We are trying to change this through bargaining.  But, as of yet, all of our proposals towards job security have met with absolute resistance.  However, just before the contract is set to expire on October 31, bargaining is coming to UCSC on the 22-23.  This is a great opportunity to show that we think quality teaching ought to result in quality work lives, and lecturer security is one way to achieve this.  You can join us on Oct 22 at 1:15 in quarry plaza and/or jump on a bus at 2 that will take you down to bargaining.
As a small and exceptionally vulnerable minority in this community, we need your support to help our voices resonate.  If you could come to our rally and invite your students to join us, we would be very appreciative.  Thanks so much for your interest and support.
Roxi Power, President
Chris Gray, VP for Organizing
Josh Brahinsky, Field Rep.
On Behalf of  UC-AFT