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North Park has a great opportunity to win $150,000 in grant funds from the Partners In Preservation Program to help restore the historic Stevens-Hartley Building at the corner of 30th and University and the annex to the west.
Since 1980, communities participating in this program have leveraged more than $71.35 billion in new public and private investment, generated 583,869 net new jobs and 131,974 net new businesses, and rehabilitated more than 267,800 buildings.
Time for San Diego to get some of the love!
For more than 100 years, the intersection of University Avenue and 30th Street has been the "Busy Corner" where public transit meets and the Stevens-Hartley Building (now home to Western Dental) with its 1920s-era annex still reigns as the neighborhood's first and tallest multi-use commercial building. The grant would help uncover this century of history for San Diego. The property owner will match the grant funding to ensure successful project completion!
"The three-story Stevens-Hartley Building established the heart of commercial North Park in 1913. The annex to the west, its arcaded Mediterranean facade now hidden, was built in 1926, creating one of the earliest multi-unit shopping centers in the community," says Katherine Hon, Secretary of the North Park Historical Society.
The Stevens-Hartley Building is competing with 24 other historic building projects across the country.
"Restoring the building's original features and revealing the annex architecture has been on the radar of the North Park Historical Society for years," noted Bruce Coons, executive director of SOHO, "The NPHS  is one of our city's historic preservation forward organizations, and it would be very rewarding to see this long-held dream come to fruition for the community, so please vote now."
You can vote up to 5 times every day until October 31. Vote HERE
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