"Raise the Roof" Campaign
First Congregational Church
of New Milford
Why we need to "Raise the Roof"
All of us in New Milford's First Congregational Church are beneficiaries of a marvelous legacy.  For three centuries, those before us worked to create and protect the beautiful meeting place that is the foundation of our faith and our church community.
We all honor their great gift every day through our artistic praise and worship, fellowship, and civic good works. Today we are urgently called upon for a higher stewardship for our historic church home.  Winter storms severely damaged the aging timbers resulting in a failed truss and roof repairs are estimated at over $400,000 to replace and repair.

To preserve our ongoing mission and programs and insulate them from this financial impact, we are launching a special funding effort to gather the needed capital.  Our
"Raise the Roof" Capital Campaign has commenced. We are reaching out to our members, friends and the larger community for contributions in the form of pledges, grants, and gifts.  Donations may be made in memory of or to honor others and will be documented in our Memorial Book.

Many minds, hearts, and hands are needed to meet this challenging goal and we are counting on your participation in our campaign.  Most important, please consider contributing whatever monies you can for this cause. This need is so crucial to the life of our church that it warrants each of us making a personally significant sacrifice, at whatever our circumstances allow.  Your participation, no matter your means or motivation, is what counts.
If you have a special question, idea or concern, we would be pleased to discuss them confidentially.
We hope you will join us in being a proud partner in replacing steel with our strength of spirit.

Why are you not repairing the House of  the Lord? II Kings 7
Your Gift is needed to restore our sanctuary!
This project will ...
* Repair the failing ceiling beam and restore the church's structural integrity
* Remove the steel support marring our sanctuary
* Preserve an historic Village Green landmark
* Allow us to continue our 300 year tradition of stewardship

Make a one-time donation or make a
payment against a pledge commitment.
E-mail church@nmchurch.org for more details.
Checks welcome!
Make payable to FCC-Raise the Roof
Send to : First Congregational Church
36 Main Street, New Milford CT 06776