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December 2016 E-Newsletter
The Effect of Equipping "Ripplable" Leaders

Spirit-Led Living workshop for church leaders in Falam, Chin Hills, Myanmar 
Every year, Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries touches thousands of students, faculty members, school administrators, missionaries, and other Christian leaders in various contexts around the world. This year was no exception. In fact, in 2016, we served the third highest total number of people (5173) in our nine years of existence through one day events (2000 reached), multi-day workshops and seminary courses (362), preaching and speaking (2460), coaching and advising (238), and pastoral care (113). In the categories we care most about (one day events and multi-day workshops and courses), we set a new record for total number of participants over the course of the year (2362). (For more information on this year's ministries, find links to this year's e-newsletters at the bottom of this page.)

Our numbers do not tell the whole story, though. As Gary Tygesson, one of our two new Board members, pointed out, 5173 is the number of people we reached directly this year. However, many of the direct beneficiaries of our courses, workshops, sermons, coaching, and counseling are teachers and leaders themselves, who will take what they learn and experience to teach many others. This means the ripple effect of our ministries is greater by factors of 20, 50, 100 and sometimes more, often immediately (within six months). Over time, the books, workbooks, extensive class lecture notes, and practical teachings we distribute in English and translate into local languages greatly increase the scope of our contributions. These resources are likely to be used multiple times, in multiple educational and ministry contexts for years to come.
Spirit-Led Living workshop participants, Kampot, Cambodia (March)
For fun, we call the theological students, pastors, and faculty members we serve, "ripplable." It's a made-up word that reminds us of the value and importance of equipping leaders and teachers, "who are capable of teaching others as well" (2 Timothy 2:2). Of course, the real fruitfulness of our work depends on what God does through the teaching, preaching, and coaching. God is the one who changes lives, while our part is to be good stewards of the gifts and resources God has given us to serve the church and the kingdom of God. We intentionally focus on "ripplable" leaders, and pray that the Holy Spirit will both enable them to receive God's message for their personal lives, and motivate them to take what they have received and pass it on to as many others as well.
Teaching Burmese evangelists and church workers

As we seek out "ripplable" individuals for our programs around the world, our priority is to serve and partner with indigenous leaders in under-resourced, developing countries, and secondarily those in developed countries. This past year our focus was again in Myanmar, with additional ministry in Cambodia, Pakistan, France, and the U.S.A. This coming year, we will be expanding to serve in Vietnam and Ukraine as well. (You can always find our scheduled ministries on our website, under the Ministries tab, on the Program Calendar.)

Gathering at Myanmar Institute of Theology with Kachin theological students and faculty from war-torn Kachin State, Myanmar

As we approach the end of the year, please  help us reach more "ripplable" leaders and teachers around the world by making a special contribution before December 31. Most of our partners in under-developed countries are unable to contribute much if anything to the cost of our ministries and workshops. In some cases, Faith, Hope, and Love must pay for the participants' expenses as well all the costs of translating our books and materials into local languages.

Whether you are an existing contributor or would like to join the support team for the first time, please follow this link to  make a contributionWe depend on the generosity of our supporters back home to keep the ministry going and growing. Thank you!
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Update on Jill's health
Jill continues to heal, but needs your ongoing prayer, understanding, and encouragement as she navigates the slow, tedious path to recovery from a serious concussion she suffered after falling off a 25 foot cliff in September. Health permitting, she's planning to join Tim for ministry in Southeast Asia and Ukraine this winter. Thank you for your love and concern for her.


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