The tips below will make submitting your pending & closing files even simpler!

To submit your pending/closing files. . .
Click "Add" in Transactions in WolfConnect.

To add pending documents to your listing, simply search for your listing in the LoneWolf system.

Complete the information page for your pending file.

Be sure to accurately mark whether your file is "credit" or "non-credit", the definition is:

* Definition For Transaction Classification:        
Credit-Listing (or Selling/Dual): You pay our standard ($390-$150-$90) commission plan for this transaction.                      
None Credit-Listing (or Selling/Dual): You pay a special percentage split commission plan for this transaction.

Click Documents & Tasks to add your documents.  

Please note status colors across the top. Your document icons will turn yellow indicating they are ready to be reviewed by your manager.  Green means it is complete.  Orange means it is incomplete.  Red means it is overdue.  Icons turn red based on the dates on your info page.  Please adjust your closing date should your closing be delayed.  It is recommended that you date your closing to be 3 days past the contract date to minimize the overdue statuses.

Your file may require you to upload documents and you may not see their titles.  Simply click "add item" at the top to see an extended list of documents and click all that apply.  They will be added to your document list.

Upload your PDF file(s) into the Clipboard.

Open the PDF file in your clipboard, preview each page, and move the pages into the associated documents in the center.  Click each document title to open a window.  Simply click and drag documents from the clipboard into each document.  For documents with multiple pages, click the first page and then hold shift and click the last page for that document.  You can then drag the pages into the document title.  

It is easy to add additional documents! 

Should you find that you need to add additional documents to an existing file, click on "Manage" Transaction and simply open the file and add it from your clipboard.  
Add your closing documents to complete the file.

Simply follow the steps on adding your documents to add the closing documents to complete you file.  Once your file is deemed complete, your commission payment will be set up.  
Removing documents

You can remove documents at any time prior to management review.  Also, you may remove certain documents if they are not considered mandatory documents.  If, for some reason, you don't have an executed document and it is not available, please provide an explanation letter under that document  title.  It is important for us to have it noted.
Click this link to go to OwnerLand's Agent Training page.

This page contains a lot of good information to help you in your business.
A file will all green icons means your file is now complete!  Congratulations! Your commission will be direct deposited.
Remember, we require you to submit your files in a timely manner.  Our guidelines state that the file should be submitted within 72 hours of taking the listing.  Adhering to this guideline helps to eliminate any potential file issues down the road.  It is important (and mandated by Division of Real Estate) for management to have knowledge and documentation of every file that our agents are working on.  

By complying, you are helping us to better assist you!

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