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Helping Students Overcome Insecurity
The Enemy wants our children to feel shame: here's how to defend against it.

by Dr. Andrea Ramirez via Christianity Today

Yvette Santana is passionate about women's ministry and education. She holds a Master's degree in Educational Psychology and has served as a counselor for at-risk youth in an urban public school. Today Yvette serves as Women's Discipleship Coordinator for the Church of God Southwest Region and as a leadership adviser for the Faith & Education Coalition.

Andrea Ramirez, executive director of the Faith and Education Coalition-NHCLC, recently interviewed Yvette on a common challenge for students: overcoming insecurity.

Why is insecurity, as it relates to education, important to address as Christians?

The issue of shame has plagued God's children since Genesis -when Adam and Eve hid from God in the garden. Perhaps it's the adversary's way of breaking us down, not allowing us to move forward toward our purposes in God.

Siembra: more than an application, a digital community that fosters generosity in churches  

Miami, FL, June, 2017 (The Message Communications) -  Siembra is a mobile application that connects the church with its members; fostering generosity in a modern, instant, and secure way. 

Siembra was born two years ago as a collective effort among a credit card payment processing expert and two pastors, who decided to work together to find a great solution to the cost and inefficiency faced by churches when collecting the donations. 

After investigating different alternatives in the market, they realized that these options were extremely expensive, or that they were simply, too generic. "Siembra wanted to change that and build an application that was mora than a payment platform, but a robust digital community platform that enables new alternatives of communication and generosity," says Marcelo Paladini, co-founder and CEO of Siembra. 

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The Power of Earned Respect

I was recently invited to an exceptional event in Washington D.C.

I arrived at the Renaissance hotel at 3:30 in the afternoon and discovered a glitch with my room arrangements. I had to dress for a black tie reception and banquet at 5:30 and I had no room.

One important lesson I had learned early in my career was to maintain a great attitude regardless of circumstances. This was an opportunity to use that lesson.

I took a brisk walk through downtown Washington to wake up (I had started traveling at 5:30 that morning). When I returned to the hotel I ate three power cookies Amy had prepared for me from a special high energy recipe to boost my stamina and located a restroom where I changed into my tux while smiling at all the surprised men who came and went from the facility.

Article by Ron Ball. Ron Ball has spoken live to over 8 million people in 24 countries. He is the author of 12 books that have sold 2 million copies worldwide. 


Tears for Generations
by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

That night all the members of the community raised their voices and wept aloud. - Numbers 14:1

The Torah portion for this week is Shelach, from Numbers 13:1-15:41 and the Haftorah from Joshua 2:1-24.

There is a story told about the famous French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. He was traveling through a Jewish town in Europe when he entered a synagogue. There he saw men, women, and children, all sitting on the floor, weeping and reading from ancient texts. The room was almost completely dark and the atmosphere was gloomy.  

"What great misfortune occurred?" Napoleon wanted to know. He assumed that something terrible must have just happened to the Jews. The Jewish officer with him knew otherwise. He explained, "It is the ninth of Av on the Hebrew calendar. On this day, every year, Jews around the world gather to mourn the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem." Napoleon asked, "When did that happen?" The officer replied, "Two thousand years ago." Napoleon was shocked and said, "Any people that still cry for their land and their Temple after two thousand years will surely merit seeing both returned to them."


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Do10 Life Campaign

We're intensely focused on feeding and educating 10,000 children in Nicaragua by 2017 and 50,000 by 2020. 

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EO Educational Opportunities Tours

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