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Helping a member of our community
Dear SOJC, 

If Judaism stresses one thing, it is the importance of the community.  We require a minimum number of community members to pray- a minyan.  We are commanded to give charity to our neighbors in need, to visit the sick, and to make shiva calls to those in mourning.

It is with the community that we celebrate a bris, b’nei mitzvah, and weddings.  These are values that serve as examples of the meaning behind the phrase Tikkun Olam/healing the world.  It is by living these values that we heal our community, and make our synagogue, and the world in general, a better place. 

Today, our congregation has the opportunity to help one of our SOJC families.  Yeseima Alvarado has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  This has caused not only a financial hardship, but because of a lack of transportation, Yeseima faces difficulty in getting to doctor and treatment appointments.  

We are asking our community to help a family who has given so much to our SOJC family- from cutting apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah, to cooking latkes on Chanukah - that now needs our assistance
Here is how you can help
- As It will be difficult for the Alvarado family to cook in the coming weeks.  If you are able to help with food for the family, please click the button opposite sign up.   You'll notice on the web page that there are two different options for providing a meal.

Option 1 is to purchase a meal for them through the website.
Option 2 is to make something on your own which will be delivered to them.  If you choose to make something on your own, please make arrangements with either Rabbi Hillel or Michele Fischer to drop the meal off at the synagogue several days in advance in disposable containers and we will arrange for the delivery of the homemade meals to the Alvarado home.  

We will be placing the meal in the freezer and would appreciate it if you could please freeze the meal before bringing it to SOJC.  Whether you choose option 1 or option 2, please be sure to sign up via the link provided so that the schedule remains clear and consistent. 
- Life has taught us all how expensive a simple doctor's visit can be, let alone when numerous procedures, surgeries and treatments are involved.  If you are able, we appreciate any financial assistance you can provide to the family. Donations can be made directly through the SOJC website. All donations made through this link will be given completely to the Alvarado family. 
Community Help
- In the future, we will ask for volunteers to help in transportation to and from doctor visits. If you are able, and will be in the future, please send an email to Rabbi Hillel -  - who will be compiling a list of potential drivers and will send out emails when assistance is needed. 
The following is difficult to say, but true - this will not be the last time someone in our congregation needs this kind of assistance.  As our congregation grows in numbers and in years, more members will find themselves diagnosed with terrible diseases and in moments of hardship.  It is our intention to be there for any future need, offering similar assistance to all our member families.  

And so we ask of you two things:

  1. If you find yourself in a similar moment of crisis, please let us know.  We want, badly, to be able to help.  

  2. When the next letter comes along - whether it is in the coming days, weeks, months or years - please open your hearts the same way we know you will now. 

Let us live the values we cherish.  Now is the time to show our children, and our community, that Am Israel Chai- that the Jewish people lives, that we are strong and that we stand together as one!


Rabbi Hillel Skolnik
Cantor Doug Ramsay
Michele Fischer, co-President
Vivian Kerstein - co-President

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