Notice to Our Customers:
Please be aware that we are not affiliated in any way with the company Alurent Products, Inc. (Alurent) which has been using the term "herbalalchemist" on its products. We have filed a Complaint against Alurent and an individual we believe is the principal of Alurent.
We have owned and used the trademark HERBALIST & ALCHEMIST (Mark) since 1981. The Complaint we filed in federal court alleges, among other things, that: (1) long after we "had prominently used and promoted our Mark, Defendants intentionally adopted the almost identical name "herbalalchemist" which they use for similar goods and services without [our] authorization or consent"; (2) "Defendants have been making unlawful claims concerning the products it sells. Defendants' false claims have caused...damage to [us] because the public has assumed that these false claims are made by and/or associated with [us]"; and (3) "Defendants have copied its 'About Us' section from [our] website and product literature with the intent to confuse customers".
Please always check our website to make sure a product you are considering buying is in fact our product, and made to our high standards.
We appreciate your loyalty and vigilance while we pursue legal remedies in this matter.


Beth Lambert
Herbalist & Alchemist

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