October 2014

It's Inventory Time...
Take stock NOW to guarantee your 
success in 2015 & beyond!
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It's here again...the 4th quarter. What does that look like for you?  Many of us are pushing to deliver results--to make the numbers. Plus, two major holidays infuse these weeks...does that fill you with relief or fear?


I propose we REALLY take inventory for the 4th quarter of 2014. Inventory that involves pushing the limits of fear!  Lean into it!  Make yourself a little uncomfortable.


If you've heard me teach, coach, or speak, you know I like to give homework assignments. So here's your homework: Take some time--just a few minutes if that's all you have--and ask yourself these questions:

  • What did I contribute this year? Did I learn anything transformational?
  • How did I empower those I serve? Who else can I empower?
  • What was my impact? Can I name things that I had my fingers in?
  • What opportunities did I miss because of my fear? 

In my book, The Hybrid Leader, I challenge leaders to succeed by focusing on OTHERS rather than seeming like egotistical, self-promoting dictators. Look at yourself as honestly as you can. Trust me, I know it can be hard to focus your efforts positively on others, but I'm telling you...the rewards will go beyond what you imagined!


Here's what you need to know: 

How do you best serve yourself? By serving those around you! 
  • Get THEM the right resources to do THEIR jobs
  • Eliminate roadblocks
  • Transfer knowledge by teaching
  • Become vested in OTHER'S success
  • Market THEIR accomplishments
  • Provide honest and candid feedback (even if it's tough)

You can't lead anyone else until you learn to lead yourself. So take inventory in a holistic way. Take stock now. Review now. Examine now. Scrutinize now. Make one small change now. Empower yourself by empowering others.


Pause and think. Then be prepared for the possibilities and prospects you hadn't even expected by this time next year because you chose to be bolder, more courageous, and more authentic!


Go ahead! Lean into your fear and take inventory todayThat's how you:

Learn. Grow. Achieve. LEAD!


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So what does taking inventory look like for me? (That homework I talked about? I know I'm not beyond my own instruction!)  For me, I am challenged to be...


...more courageous,

...more faithful,

...more disciplined  

...more at peace.


How will I do that? 


When I left corporate America now some 14 years ago, it was the scariest thing that I had done--ever!  My family thought that I was crazy.  I just started with a lot of courage, a lot of faith and one big leap. 


I want to take more leaps like that in 2015.  

And I want to encourage everyone I know to take more leaps.


So, the first leap that I want to take is to appreciate the daily things that happen in my life that give me joy.  Real joy. This coming from a strong left-brained person (that's me).  But there IS an emotional side of me. I think that taking inventory requires us to feel. To run toward that and not from it.  This is the weakness I'm taking inventory of...   


I get so focused on the big items of life without giving appreciation for the ordinary moments that impact the big things on a daily basis. {Click to tweet}


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