Brewed in Baltimore
A worker building casks at the National Brewing Company.
Long before Mary Pickersgill used the floor of Brown's Brewery on Lombard Street during the War of 1812 to sew the Star Spangled Banner, Baltimore was strongly connected to the beer industry. The city's first brewery was opened in 1748 by German immigrant John Leonard Barnitz at Hanover and Baltimore Streets near the Jones Falls and was used on and off to brew beer for the next 200 years. By the 1850s with an increase in demand from newly arrived beer-loving German immigrants, breweries began to add beer gardens and saloons as well as distributing their products more widely. Steam-powered pumps, refrigeration, and pasteurization allowed for year round production helping to transform small breweries into large-scale operations.
Before prohibition, Baltimore boasted nearly 100 breweries. In Baltimore Prohibition: Wet and Dry in the Free State, author Michael T. Walsh writes that Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a rallying cry against Prohibition on a 1932 campaign stop on Howard Street. When Prohibition ended and beer legally returned to Baltimore on April 7, 1933, crowds gathered outside the Gunther and Globe breweries as trucks began deliveries--more than 75,000 glasses of beer were poured at local watering holes that evening for all segments of Baltimore society. He writes, "The celebration continued over the weekend as thousands of glasses were poured in private homes and at the Lyric Theatre, Baltimore's first theater to open a bar for patrons who were attending a Bach sonata."
Natty Boh display in the BMI's Corner Store gallery.
One of the largest breweries, National, was located in an area that became known as Brewers Hill, and it became synonymous with its iconic Mr. Boh mascot. It made history by distributing the nation's first six-pack in the 1940s.

Today the Baltimore area boasts some of the finest craft beers available in the nation. Join us on Wednesday, December 5 to sample a few at
Baltimore Beer Night. Attendees will be immersed in Baltimore's brewing industry--past and present--during this panel discussion with five local brewers featuring tastings from Checkerspot Brewing Co., Monument City Brewing Company, Union Craft Brewing, Diamondback Brewing Co., and Heavy Seas. Cans will be available for purchase. 

The event takes place from 6:30 PM-9:00 PM. Cost is $40 members / $45 non-members / Advanced registration required Register here.
Baltimore Beer Night | December 5 | 6:30 PM - 9 PM

Enjoy an evening of local craft beer, live music, and a moderated panel discussion with the five participating brewers. 
Spotlight on Staff: Meet Justin Williams
Justin Williams, pictured in the museum's cold storage room, joined the BMI in August.
If you have requested materials from the BMI archives recently, there is a good chance Justin Williams has been of assistance during the process. Justin joined the BMI team back in August as the Archives Technician, after graduating this past spring from Hampton University with a degree in history. The summer before his senior year, he interned in the BMI's collections department, but his first visit to the BMI dates back to a school field trip that brought him here when he was in the third grade.
"I remember the field trip a little bit and seeing the big Domino Sugar sign across the way," he says. "Some things are similar like the oyster shucking activity--that part I remember specifically--and the print shop, but a lot of the stuff is different because that was a long time ago."
His motivation to get involved with the BMI grew out of a love for history which emerged while taking advanced placement (AP) history classes in high school. An appreciation for research developed in college where he was taught how to recognize good, credible sources. Justin's interest in helping people, combined with his knowledge and experience in historical research and records preservation, makes him an invaluable asset when it comes to assisting and guiding researchers on a quest for information and materials that reside within the museum's archival collections.
Both a native and current resident of Randallstown in Baltimore County, Justin often enjoys exploring downtown Baltimore with friends and visiting the plethora of good restaurants the city has to offer in his spare time.
Interested in Joining the BMI Team? 

The BMI accepts applications for educators, interns, and volunteers year-round, although hiring is done on an as-needed basis. 
BD Diagnostics' Milestones

BD Diagnostics exhibit on the Maryland Milestone Wall in the BMI's Decker gallery.
Nestled on the accordion wall that runs the length of the BMI's Decker gallery, the Maryland Milestone wall highlights the stories of game-changing contributions made by local inventors and businesses such as the creation of the first railroad, aluminum skis from Head, and power tools from Black and Decker. Amongst the milestones currently on display, visitors will find the interactive exhibit showcasing BD Diagnostics.
Founded in 1897 by Fairleigh S. Dickinson and Maxwell W. Becton, BD was a company ahead of its time which helped change the world of health globally but more specifically in the Baltimore area. BD had an eye for innovation which is what led them to Baltimore where they collaborated with local scientists and innovators to pave the way for innovations in microbiology, pharmaceuticals, and modern diagnostic medicine.
Interactive wheel and devices featured on the BD Diagnostics display.
Originally added to the BMI's milestone wall in 1996, the BD Diagnostics exhibit was recently refreshed and currently displays some of the new-age inventionsĀ­: the BD Veritor used for rapid point-of-care detection of infectious diseases such as strep and the flu, the BD Bactec Bottle used for blood culturing to detect the presence of bacteria in blood, and the plastic petri dish mass produced in the 1950s to culture cells. These instruments give shape to the origin stories of the medical advancements that have greatly impacted today's methods for detecting and treating infectious diseases.
"BD Diagnostics is a significant Maryland industry deserving a place on our milestone wall most notably because of their innovations in bacteria and virus detection instruments among many other medical devices and accessories assisting the medical community," says Jane Woltereck, the BMI's Director of Exhibitions and Collections.
Upcoming Programs at the BMI
BMI Stem Festival | Kids of all ages can enjoy hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math activities as part of the statewide STEM Festival.
WHEN  Sat, Nov 3 | 11 AM-2 PM
COST  Included with admission

Blue Collar Stem Conference | Connect with stakeholders in STEM careers outside the traditional four-year college path, including industry, government, education, labor, and the military. The conference will occur between 8:30 AM - 3 PM followed by a reception.  More details
WHEN  Mon, Nov 5 / 8:30 AM-9 PM
COST  Free / Advanced registration required /  Register

Wee Workers graphic
Wee Workers | Preschoolers will love this program just for them. Explore the museum's galleries through stories, songs, crafts, and pint-size tours with a weekly theme.
WHEN  T uesdays | 10:30 AM-11:30 AM
COST Kids: Free; Adults: $5; BMI Members: Free. Advance registration suggested, contact or 410.727.4808 x132
UPCOMING THEMES  NOV 6:  Paint and Colors  | NOV 13:  Hats and Ties  | NOV 20:  Herbs & Spices at Thanksgiving | 
NOV 27: Telephones

Weekend Workers | It's all about fun as you discover how things work. These engaging activities allow children of all ages to investigate the world around them.
WHEN  Saturdays | 11 AM-2 PM unless noted
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UPCOMING THEMES  NOV 3 STEM Expo - Maryland STEM Festival  NOV  10:  Earthquake Proof Houses  |  NOV 17: Design Your Own Clothes | NOV 24: Paper Circuits
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