How many more of the "presidential portraits" 
pictured on the left would you like 
in your pocket?

Let us help you, 
with this brand new collection of audio features you can  sell!

Presidential  Portraits 
...a new series of FORTY :45-sec.* vignettes  on America's presidents 
a nd their place in our history.

Is it right for you? Why not let your advertisers help you decide? 
Download the  free demo  and pitch it to a few prospects; it's completely risk-free! Offer sponsorships to current advertisers as well as NTR prospects that aren't already spending money with you.  If you like, you can use the :32-second video below to introduce your presentation.

SALES TIP: Consider selling  Presidential Portraits  as a premium signature campaign to one exclusive or two category-exclusive sponsors , like a community leader or major employer in town.

Act now and save $100. Own a lifetime license to broadcast these features in your market for just $299, if you order by Election Day, November 8th. After that date, the regular price of $399 will go into effect.

I'm confident you're going to  enjoy airing Presidential Portraits! Thanks for your consideration.



*EASY to customize as self-contained :60's for your sponsors!
Just  add a 5-second Intro and  10-second Close to each :45-sec. feature.

Presidential Portraits - short promo

Your listeners will enjoy learning about:
  • the president who doubled the size of the country for $15 million 
  • the president whose idea of "rule by the people" meant
    firing more than 900 federal workers and giving their jobs to his friends
  • the president whose supporters gave us the expression "O.K."
  • the president who served without ever having been elected or appointed
And that's just for starters. 

Order  Presidential Portraits for your station today! It's available for immediate downloading on a first-come, first-served, market-exclusive basis.
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