Our People Keeping Shipley Open December 2017
Shipley Volunteer Luncheon
Our People ... Shipley Volunteers

Our work depends upon donations from a large community of friends like you who care about our mission “to manage the nature center as an ecological sanctuary for California native plants and wildlife and to provide environmental education in an urban setting.”

Naturalists from Inside the Outdoors, Department of Education utilize the nature center to annually provide environmental education to over 12,000 elementary school students. Since 2002 when the Friends became a 501(c)(3), the support of each of you in volunteering, donating and purchasing has been phenomenal and led the way for last year’s accomplishments:

·      Developed critical habitat maintenance plan to address die-off of 50% of the trees inside the nature center affected by the invasive Polyphagous shot hole borer and the drought
·      Planted and maintained native trees and plants for wildlife nesting and nourishment
·      Attracted younger people who utilize media access for information to explore the birds and ecology
·      Provided preschoolers with weekly structured crafts for discovery of the cycle of life in our habitat along with outdoor experiences
·      Sponsored events and programs for the community to enjoy and learn - Cool Summer Nights, California Master Gardeners, Magic of Composting, Parent and Me, Spring Festival

Please consider this opportunity to provide a tax-deductible donation and provide us with funds to continue our work. If by check, MAIL to PO Box 1052, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Or, by CREDIT CARD, please log onto www.shipleynature.org OR click   Donate.

Get involved and lend a hand with your knowledge and become a volunteer. Any way that you wish to express your gratitude for preserving the nature center would be greatly appreciated. 
Kathryn E. Goddard
President, Friends of Shipley Nature Center

A Special Person
Alex and George the Critter Guy 2017
Some years back, a very special person came to the Shipley Nature Center to learn about the wilderness. Her name is Alessandra “Alex,” and would be accompanied by her Mother for the first several visits.
In her early high school years, Alex joined our habitat volunteers and very quickly became skilled in the work that is required to care for California native plants and wildlife habitats. Always expressing curiosity about the varied ecosystems within the 18-acres and natural pond. She worked well with all ages, and welcomed Shipley visitors upon arrival with enthusiasm and a big smile.
Alex spent a great deal of her free time volunteering at the nature center. Building character and experiences that she wrote of in her application to University of California Davis. Where she graduated with a special interest in exotic animals. We at Shipley are very proud of our connection with Alex and look forward to her special visits.
Cool Summer Nights 2017
National Charity League Volunteers
So. California Indian Center
Officer and Board Elections 2018
Board members manage the non-profit, and raise funds for management and operation of Shipley Nature Center. They are also involved in committees related to environmental education and native plant habitat preservation of the Center.
The Board members who served in 2017 have accepted their nomination to continue their service in 2018. Sharon Holland is retiring from the Board.
Members, in good standing, are permitted to cast their vote prior to, or at the election. Listed below are the nominees for election. To vote, reply and state whether you accept the nominees and/or wish to add a nominee name.

Five Officers serve for one-year term. The names of the Officers currently serving are listed below. Five Director positions serve for two-consecutive terms. [continued next column]
So. California Indian Center
Southern California Indian Center
Susie Yellowhorse Jensen, of the Navajo tribe, offered us a fascinating presentation about the history and traditions of the American Indians in our area and how they utilized available resources for their daily life. In addition, we were treated to a native dance demonstration!
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Officer and Board Elections 2018
OFFICERS       5         
President                    Kathryn Goddard
Vice President            Tom Livengood
Secretary/Treasurer   Denise Ruocco
DIRECTORS     10      
Director 2018 – 2019  Jackie Jones
Director 2018 - 2019  Shirley Dettloff
Director 2017 – 2018  Philip Ridout
Director 2017 – 2018  Luanne Cook
Director 2017 – 2018  Yarib Dherming
Director 2017 – 2018  Stephanie Sebach
Elections will be held at the Board Meeting on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. at the Huntington Beach Central Library.
Thanks to supporters like you, the Friends of Shipley Nature Center remain committed to preserve and operate the nature center through a relationship with the City of Huntington Beach.