October 31, 2016  HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Falcon Eye approved by FAA and EASA. 
Dassault's combined vision system. The system is called FalconEye for use on Falcon 2000s and LXS twinjets. FalconEye provides a HUD system and its modular architecture will allow for add on capabilities like Enhanced Vision System landings.

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RocketRoute Fuel App
Saving time, money and the environment

Air BP has partnered with RocketRoute to produce the RocketRoute Fuel app that allows users to offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with their fuel purchases. For users looking to save time, money and the environment, the RocketRoute Fuel app is an excellent starting point. Read more here.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones selects Airbus H145.
After a competition of other available helicopter models, Jones chose the H145 from Airbus of Grand Prairie TX.  What appealed most to the football team owner was the fast, smooth ride and cabin size that can seat up to 10 paxs.  It's been designed so the cabin floor carpeting and other luxury features can be removed so the H145 can be used on work trips at Jones' ranch.

Do you have cockpit keepsakes? On your flights what special photos, artifacts, souvenirs or symbols travel with you?
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Ghost of WWI Airman in Picture

Taken in 1919 this photo of an RAF squadron 
has a ghostly face hidden in the picture. Face is believed to be that of airplane mechanic Freddy Jackson who had been killed by a plane propeller 2 days before the photo was taken. His funeral took place the day of the photo shoot. Members 
of the squadron identified Freddy's face right away. It appears behind the airmen in the top 
row, 4th from the left.

G280 certified for steep approaches.

Gulfstream's midsized model G280 jumped the final certification hurdle from London City Ops 
& Control Dept by flying several takeoffs and landings at LCY (London City Airport, Newham England). Crews must be proficient at takeoffs on a 3937 ft runway and landings on a 4327 ft runway, and the jet must meet strict noise restrictions. G280 can reach speeds of up to 0.85 and altitude of FL45 with its 2 Honeywell HTF7250G engines. Aircraft can accommodate up to 10 paxs with generous leg and head-room. Cockpit avionics feature PlaneView 280 with an EVS option.  

Helicopter MRO provider Heli-One has received STC approval for its Universal Avionics EFI-890H advanced flight display upgrade from EASA and Transport Canada. 
The company has also received STC approval for its flight management system upgrade for the Airbus AS332L and AS332L1 from the 
same authorities.

Max-Viz 1400 EVS selected by Skywork Helicopters. New Zealand company Skywork is 
the 1st to fly the Max-Viz 1400 EVS on an Airbus AS350B3 helicopter. Dir/Chief Pilot Roger Stevenson said the decision to select the 
Max-Viz 1400 was all about managing risk for 
the company's low-level ops by choosing infra-
red technology over autopilot. This EVS system
is available for both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft, and  exceeds certification standards in enhancing visibility during adverse weather conditions such as darkness, precipitation, 
fog, dusk or smoke.

B Coleman is expanding at GYY.  Expansion will include construction of a 40,000 sf common hangar followed by additional 4 hangars in the future. Since opening in 2014 B Coleman has lengthened its runway from 7000 ft to 8900 ft.  

Save Nov 3-7 for Ft Lauderdale Intl Boat Show. At Sheltair FLL climb aboard ocean-going craft. Test drive a Bentley. And tour the base's 8 new hangars. Buy tickets online: www.flips.com.

It's not a blowup shark. This is 1 of those selfies taken when attention should have been spared for the surroundings. Hear the cackle of the witch?  
Stats courtesy of NBAA.

Honeywell and DARPA working on next-gen precision navigation tech.  With the many challenges going on in the world there is a need to develop reliable navigation technology if access to GPS data is not available. Working 
with DARPA, Honeywell is seeking to improve 
the functionality and accuracy of its existing gyroscopes and accelerometers which are 
small electronic sensors that measure rotation and acceleration. End result will be a smaller 
and more precise nav solution that enables 
users to operate in hostile GPS-denied environments with improved functionality and accuracy and at a lower cost.   

Piaggio ships 1st Avanti Evo.
Real estate and consulting company Al Saif Group has accepted delivery of this twin-pusher turboprop. It plans to use the aircraft in customer demonstrations in its role as a sales agent for Piaggio in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. Al Saif will take delivery of a 2nd unit in 2017 which will be configured for med evac. Piaggios are being assembled in Genoa Italy until teething problems with a new plant built 50 miles SW in Villanova D'Albenga can be worked out.  

Thomas Anderson named VP and GM of Gulfstream LGB.  
Anderson has been with Gulfstream for 14 yrs with responsibilities at Savannah and Long Beach locations. 

Scott Brooks joins 
Pentastar PTK 
as Dir of Avionics Solutions. Brooks  will be responsible for developing existing product partnerships along with the creation of new solutions. 

Work on twistable wings continues. 
In 2006 Mech Engineering Prof Sridhar Kota developed and tested a bendable FlexFoil wing. Internal structure was created so that putting pressure on specific points could change the wing's shape. Outer covering was an elastic mechanism. Testing indicated the FlexFoil could improve lift over drag by up to 10%, meaning a savings of about 8% in fuel usage. In a 2009 test on a Gulfstream III the team could manipulate the wings from 2° up to 32° down. Work continues on this valuable technology.

Universal Aviation expands to Dominican Republic at LRM. 
Mng Dir Rebecca Gonzalez is on hand with a trained staff to manage arrange-ments and facilitate changes or last minute requests. Dominion Republic has a fast 
growing economy and is an increasingly popular destination for business and tourism. Base at LRM marks the 18th location in Latin America and 65th location worldwide by Universal Weather and Aviation. Read more here.

RUAG has added the G550 to its MRO
service capabilities.

ExecuJet Africa has become the 1st Williams Intl approved maintenance facility on that continent for the FJ44-3AP engine.

Gulfstream is to cease production of the G450, paving the way for the introduction of its all-new G500. The final G450 will be delivered to a customer in early 2018. 

SmartSky 4G network is on track to provide nationwide in-flight connectivity svc by 2017.  SmartSky received FAA certification for its patented spectrum reuse radio technology.  It will unlock 60 MHz of nationwide unlicensed spectrum for aviation use. After investing money and R&D time, enough spectrum has been unlocked so there can be reliable use of a custom-designed 4G system delivering an office-like Internet experience in the air.

Bell signs 1st customer for CAP.   Bell Helicopter has signed the first VIP customer for its Customer Advantage Plan (CAP) support solution in Europe. Private customer operates a Bell 407GXP out of Belgium. CAP allow customers to have comprehensive coverage solutions for daily operations and are offered at a fixed-cost-per-flight-hour service options.

Avfuel introduces new training lessons.  Six new lessons have been added to Avfuel's Online Rampside Training Course with 4 additional courses arriving in 2017. Programs are designed to promote best fuel-handling practices and promote higher safety standards at Avfuel-branded locations. Learning management system is designed in an effort to complement hands-on training at FBOs.

Embraer has been awarded certification by EASA for the head-up display and enhanced vision system on its Legacy 450 and 500. The head-up guidance system has been developed by Rockwell Collins.


Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed in the Everglades on Dec 29, 1972 and 101 people perished. Capt Robert Loft survived the impact but died after he was removed from the aircraft.  Officer Donald Repo died 1 day later. Eastern Airlines  salvaged much of the L-1011 Whisperliner aircraft and distributed the parts among other aircraft in its fleet. 

Not long after the redistribution the sightings began. People reported seeing the ghosts of Loft and Repo in the planes that had received spare parts from Flight 401. Repo's ghost appeared in the cockpit and the galley and seemed to be very concerned about safety. He pointed out fire hazards and safety concerns to whoever was present to listen. Loft's ghost was also seen sitting in 1st class. A stewardess thought he was a stowaway and reported the situation to the captain. Captain recognized the apparition immediately and then Loft vanished before their eyes. 

T here were numerous reports like these from the dozens of planes containing 401 parts. Eastern Airlines rejected the claims and referred employees to counselors. When the stories didn't stop they threatened to fire employees who told ghost stories about Flight 401. In the end the airlines removed the salvage parts. No more sightings were reported. There's a book about this called "The Ghost Flight 401" by John Fuller.

EU and 24 countries sign agreement to create world's largest marine park.
Marine park will be 600,000 sq miles in size and located in the Ross Sea around Antarctica. For the next 35 yrs, a "no take, general protection zone" where no fishing is allowed will cover this pristine marine ecosystem. Scientists will be able to investigate how many unique marine species live and how climate change is affecting the planet.
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Cessna has completed the 1st flight of its super-midsize Citation Longitude. 
Powered by Honeywell HTF7700L engines, the aircraft offers a full fuel payload of 1500 lbs, a maximum cruise speed of 476 kts and a max range of 3,400 nm. It can be configured to carry up to 12 paxs. In the cockpit is the Garmin 5000 flightdeck with touch screen control of nav and communication systems. View cockpit in 360° at this link.

What manner of vehicles share your air? 
Britain's Roswell?

In late Dec 1980 there were a series of sighting of unexplained lights near Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk England which were linked to UFO sightings. These lights were sent just outside RAF Woodbridge which was used by the U S Air Force at that time. USAF personnel and the deputy base commander Lt Col Charles Halt claimed to see things they described as a UFO. 

Around 3 am on Dec 26 1980 a security patrol near the east gate of RAF Woodbridge saw lights apparently descending into nearby Rendlesham Forest. Servicemen initially thought it was a downed aircraft. Upon entering the forest to inveistigate they saw a glowing object, metallic in appearance with colored lights. 

Area where events happened.
As they attempted to approach the object it appeared to move through the trees, and animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy. Sgt Penniston later claimed to have encountered a craft of unknown origin while in the forest although there was no corroborating witness to this claim.

A fter daybreak on the morning of Dec 26 servicemen returned to a sma ll clearing near the eastern edge of the forrest and found 3 small impressions in a triangular pattern as well as burn marks and broken branches on nearby trees.  Radiation ratings were almost off the chart.

Flashing lights were seen again on the morning of Dec 28th in the same vicinity, and 3 starlike lights were seen in the sky about 10° above the horizon. Lt Col Charles Halt said the brightest hovered for 2 or 3 hrs. 

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